15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

The stereotypical protagonist in anime and manga is a guy with some hidden potential or some sort of talent to acquire strength.

Rarely do we see a protagonist who is powerful without much training at all and manages to win in any possible scenario.

For our readers, we have decided to compile a list of all mangas that have these rare protagonists that can be called overpowered and have no trouble fighting the villains in their stories.

We are going to rank the mangas considering their popularity, plot, characters, and much more. While thinking of overpowered main characters we are considering all kinds of powers and talents, such as the common on

Let’s get it started!

15. Sora from No Game No Life

Sora from No Game No Life 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

The protagonist of No Game No Life, often compared to the likes of Light and Lelouch is one of the most intelligent anime characters ever written.

Although he might not be intelligent in the normal sense nonetheless he is amazing at gaming. Along with his stepsister Shiro, he is called into another dimension when he manages to defeat Tet the One True God in an online chess game.

As a combo Sora and his stepsister, Shiro are quite unbeatable at any game they play and so they deserve a spot on this list of overpowered main characters.

Also, Press “F” to pay respects for the second season.

14. Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins

meliodas elizabeth m9cq.1280 1024x576 1 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

At the beginning of the series, I knew that Meliodas was powerful but I did not know exactly how much, and well it didn’t take him long to surprise us all.

With his exceptional skill Full Counter, he can quite easily overpower any opponent he faces by reversing their attacks on themselves and when you consider his sin, I cannot even imagine the destruction he can cause.

His Dragon’s Sin of Wrath is supposed to come into full effect when he becomes angry. This is probably why we rarely see a serious Meliodas, all we see is a happy-go-lucky Meliodas.

13. Shiba Tatsuya from Irregular at the Magic High School

Shiba Tatsyua 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

Shiba Tatsuya, the protagonist of Irregular at the Magic High School is just a teenager at first glance. The Magic School he attends classifies its entering students into “blooms” and “weeds” A really bad way to judge the potential and skills of a student.

Shiba is classified as a “weed” owing to his low scores, whereas his sister Miyuki was able to get into the first course. Even though Shiba is classified as a “weed” he is skilled at other things rather than magical abilities.

Don’t underestimate my man Shiba just because he got low scores on the practical test because it was soon revealed that there are several other skills that those tests don’t account for making Shiba an anomaly at the Magic High School.

12. Light from Death Note

Light Yagami in Death Note Anime Wallpaper 12 From WallpaperHook.com For Free scaled 1 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

Hands down one of the most intelligent characters to be ever written in literature. Light Yagami was intelligent but he was also full of pride and self-righteousness.

The way he took pride in killing criminals on his own without a trial, without any form of official or unofficial hearings, and without even considering the reasons for their crimes showed how self-righteous he was.

I don’t know whether it was the notebook that made him self-righteous or was he always the same and just happened to stumble upon something which elevated him to the next level.

Nonetheless, having DeathNote made him quite powerful on his own. All he had to do was figure out the names of his opponents, and that’s it for them.

11. Momonga from Overlord

overlord episode 1 momongas mask 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

In the final moments of a video game, as it had announced the shutting down of its servers, Momonga wanted to spend these precious moments in the game but he soon found out about how the servers shut down but the world never closed.

He ordered all his guildmates to take control of this newfound world and so he could rule it and make it his own and so the Sorcerer King of the Sorcerer Kingdom was born.

Momonga is the most powerful wizard in the game and so he easily takes over vast empires in the world of Yggdrasil, the game. I cannot imagine an overpowered mc list without this name on it.

10. Mob from Mob Psycho

Rimuru from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

I enjoyed watching every moment of this series. I loved Mob’s personality and his relationship with his “mentor,” Arataka.

Mob deserves a spot on this list because he is the definition of a prodigy! He is very skilled at exorcising ghosts and spirits and even uses his powers against other exorcists trying to harm him.

But his real power appears when he goes berserk due to emotional overload. When he reaches a breaking point after which he cannot handle his emotions, one of his strong emotions takes over and makes Mob rage which mostly results in him destroying absolutely everything.

9. Rimuru from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime!

Rimiru Tempest In The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

Rimuru Tempest is seemingly a “lowly” monster, Slime, yet the protagonist of the show, who got reincarnated upon his death in his world, definitely belongs on this list.

While being incarnated into the new world, Rimuru was given the ability of the Great Sage. It is like a companion that helps Rimuru analyze different types of magic and opponents Rimuru faces.

Rimuru also has a powerful skill called Predator, which lets him eat up stuff and analyze it and gain its abilities for himself. Thus making him more powerful with every battle.

8. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji from Classroom of the Elite

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji from Clasroom of the Elite 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

Life in Kudou Ikusei Senior High School is seemingly very relaxing and the students enjoy a lot of freedom and luxury but the reality is often disappointing when compared to the lies we make up.

The school has four divisions, out of which only the top division receives luxurious treatment, whereas the lowest division is treated with disgust and consists of all the students who scored low on the leaderboard.

Kiyotaka belongs to the lowest division, where the competition to climb up is cutthroat and any method can be used to achieve this feat.

The anime is a combination of sweet high school drama along with action and some wildly competitive characters like Suzuke Horitaka, an ambitious girl that believes she was put in the D division by mistake and wants to climb the ranks as fast as possible.

7. Midoriya Izuku from Boku no Hero Academia

MHA Midoriya 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

Boku no Hero Academia has become one of the most popular anime, especially in America. I think one of the major reasons for the popularity is the world that it is set in where everyone can become a hero and the other reason begin the dynamics of all the characters aka. the students of UA Academy.

Izuku was chosen by the famous hero and the hope of all justice, All Might inherit his power, “One for All” and become the next person to represent all heroes and go up against “All for One”

The fact that he has One for All makes him potentially the strongest hero at the academy but he still has to unlock all that potential and become the man he idolizes so much.

6. Gon from Hunter x Hunter

Gon hunter x hunter desert 9 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

Hunter x Hunter is hands down my favorite shounen anime of all time. In my opinion, the Chimera Ant Arc is the best shounen arc of all time in all anime.

Gon the main character is shown to be playful and good but there has always been a hint of darkness within him and that took over in the last arc. Gon was not overpowered in the usual sense but he was always given a trait or a quality that made him tackle his obstacles.

He was not overpowered in the beginning but he had the potential and we saw that potential unleash and exactly what happens when you let your rage take over.

5. Lelouch from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

LelouchviBritannia 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

Amongst the top of the most intelligent anime characters list, Lelouch has the potential to top this list as well.

A student who passes his time betting and winning chess games against oldies in a secret place, probably for thrill more than the money.

When he stumbles upon the power of the Geass he becomes unstoppable. He dawns on the persona of Zero and plans a rebel against the kingdom that has occupied his country.

Even without the Geass, he should be feared for this strategy and intelligence and thus he deserves a spot on this list for sure!

5. Itadori Yuji from Jujutsu Kaisen

yuji itadori 1 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

Jujutsu Kaisen rose to popularity as soon as it aired on TV. JJK features some of the most likable characters you can relate to and admire at the same time.

Isadora has such a charismatic personality that he might just make you fall in love with his cute pink hair and his playful attitude. He has the potential to be the most powerful person on the show, maybe even more powerful than Gojo.

The fact that Itadori can ingest Sukuna’s fingers and live and inherit the powers of Sukuna is a big sign that he is the special one and is amazingly powerful.

4. Eren Yeager from Shingeki no Kyojin

attack on titan final season eren yeager 1222950 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime series and is the next season of the series is always anticipated by its fans worldwide.

The series is amazing so far and it is going to be lit (I’ve read the manga). People are gonna go crazy when the final season gets out. Eren is one hell of a character, the development he has undergone is just unbelievable.

I don’t wanna spoil anyone’s experience of watching this anime but we all know what the Attack Titan is capable of and what Eren is planning on doing in the final seasons so he deserves a spot on this list

2. Goku from Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z Goku Kaioken Super Saiyan 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

Probably the most household name when you mention powerful main characters. Goku is not just a character; he has become the inspiration for several characters and an iconic figure.

Goku, a Saiyan among humans on Earth was powerful but that is not what made him win over Frieza or the Androids. Goku is powerful because of his spirit and his ever-ambitious character.

Also. probably then only anime character ever to become an ambassador of an international event held in Japan, I mean how cool is that.

1. Saitama from One Punch Man

One Punch Man Saitama 15 Best Manga with Overpowered MC

I mean you should’ve seen this from miles away. One Punch Man is solely based on the fact that the main character defeats his opponents in one punch!

There is no other manga or anime that stood a chance when I thought about the number one spot on this list.

Saitama trained so hard and with so much dedication that none of his opponents could fight him. All he had to do to defeat his opponents was land a punch and then BOOM!

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