Ryomen Sukuna, better known as the King of Curses, is probably one of the strongest creatures to ever exist in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Since the beginning, the concept of the source of Sukuna’s power has been introduced to us, as his fingers.

During the golden age of jujutsu over 1,000 years ago, Sukuna was a human sorcerer who beat all other sorcerers of his time.

After his death, he became a cursed spirit since his curse was too strong for his body to be fully destroyed.

Thus, his remains of 20 indestructible fingers, sealed in grave wax, stood the test of time and traveled through the ages as cursed objects.

In the present, Sukuna has been incarnated into Itadori Yuuji due to the poor high school kid eating one of his cursed fingers to save his friends.

Why were they sealed away?

Sukuna was formerly a human; his innate talent made him a cursed spirit after his death. (Jujutsu is 80% based on innate talent after all!)

The power of his curse did not allow his body to completely get destroyed. Fractions of his cursed power and spirit remained indestructible in his fingers.

These were then sealed away to prevent misuse as they provided direct upgrades to anyone’s cursed energies. Each of the fingers possesses enough cursed energy for it to be declared a special grade cursed object.

If these were kept out in the open, the mayhem caused by cursed spirits would have been uncontrollable.

How did Sukuna manifest in Itadori?

Sukuna's fingers

During the attack on his school, Itadori Yuuji found that the only way to protect his friends was to consume one of the fingers that had accidentally been unsealed.

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His natural abilities helped him retain his consciousness and did not let Sukuna take over into a complete berserk killing spree.

Itadori is now himself regarded as a threat, as he is the vessel of Sukuna, to the Jujutsu world and is on death row.

So, is there any end to Sukuna, if his body is indestructible?

Yes, there is.

Any cursed object that gets its vessel destroyed is inevitably destroyed itself.

This exactly is Gojo’s plan for Itadori. Essentially, Gojo plans to have Itadori consume all of Sukuna’s fingers since there’s literally only a 1 in a million chance to find a vessel for Sukuna’s finger that hasn’t died instantly.

Once, Itadori has done that, the Jujutsu sorcerer’s would execute him in order to ‘destroy the vessel’.

This will lead to the destruction of all the fingers inside this vessel which will put an end to Ryomen Sukuna for good.

What happens of all 20 of them gather?

At this point, in the manga, Itadori has already eaten 15 fingers. 4 of which he ate in the 1st season of the anime itself, 1 in chapter 111 of the manga, and then another 10 by Jogo.

Let’s say that Itadori consumes all of 20 fingers.

Currently, we have no idea of how many of those fingers can he consume without having any side effects. However, it is for sure that this will lead Sukuna to completely manifest in him completely.

There is a high chance that it might have Sukuna take over Yuuji’s body. Sukuna would go on a killing spree, murdering thousands of people, especially women and children.

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In this case, we will get to see a full-blown death match between Sukuna and Gojo as we were led to believe at the beginning of the series.

If Itadori, is able to keep his senses and still able to reign Sukuna in, he would be executed, finally putting an end to Sukuna’s 1000 year-long fun adventure.

Instead of having a battle outside in the real world, we may get to see Sukuna and Itadori go at it inside Sukuna’s innate realm inside Yuuji.

This will be a symbolic psychological turmoil and a point for Itadori where not only is he able to stand up to Sukuna, but he’s also able to win against him from the inside.

The manga clearly states that it is possible for Itadori to keep his conscience alive if he eats 20 fingers, one finger a day.

However, since Jogo and Nanako together already fed him more than half of them in less than a few hours itself, the result has become quite unpredictable.

Let’s get into power scaling. How strong exactly is one finger of Sukuna?

We know that each of the signals’ fingers contains a fraction of his powers and to regain his full strength he will need his current host to consume all his 20 fingers from his four hands.

Each of these fingers is classified as a special grade cursed object. This means that it requires at least a semi-A grade or an A grade sorcerer to exorcise it.

Sukuna however having regained only two of his fingers was able to completely decimate a special grade curse using Sukuna’s finger as an upgrade.

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Megumi had to cross all his limits and create his domain expansion in order to defeat a special grade curse that he was fighting. This battle was an extended one with any of the parties having a possibility to come out on top.

A 20 finger powered Sukuna has enough combat prowess for the embodiment of God complexes, Gojo Satoru, to feel honored by being targeted.

What do they taste like?

Sukuna's fingers

In a recent fan book, Akutami-sensei mention that the fingers taste like soap. This is due to them being sealed in wax for a long time of over 1000 years.

How to find them?

Sukuna’s fingers resonate with each other. Once you have one of the fingers in your hand unsealed, the rest of the fingers will also start resonating and releasing their cursed energies.

This makes it easier for anyone who can sense cursed energies, to determine exactly where the rest of the fingers are.

Itadori has the potential ability to be able to pinpoint exactly where a finger is present due to the fact that he is the vessel for 15 himself at this point in time.

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