21 Coolest Tattoos for Every Anime Fan

So you say you like anime and tattoos? Well, you have come across the perfect article to choose your next or maybe your first tattoo.

In this list, I am gonna show you the 21 coolest ideas for an anime-themed tattoo. I have kept an open mind and have included mangas, anime, and of course anime movies.

I haven’t added a full character tattoo because that’s fairly obvious and very simple-minded, don’t get me wrong but these tattoos are amazing but in this list, we are discussing the coolest tattoos for all anime fans.

The list is not necessarily organized in any order. So I hope there is something on this list that you are a fan of. If you think you have a cool tattoo idea share it with me in the comments!

21. Little Soots from Spirited Away

My Spirited Away Sootball by Deanna at Endeavor in Barrie Ontario 1 21 Coolest Tattoos for Every Anime Fan

Let us start off our list with something simple and a beginner’s tattoo but kinda a subtle reference to the Hayao Miyazaki masterpiece Spirited Away. This movie is not for everyone! It is most enjoyed by daydreamers like me.

The little animated soots from the movie are seen carrying coal over their head and then throwing it in the fire for Kamaji-san.

These are so cute! Also, they make a perfect colorless beginner tattoo. The best place to get this tattooed would be your wrist or maybe forearm.

20. Devil Fruit from One Piece

Devil Fruit from One Piece

Next up on number 20, a tattoo of a Devil Fruit from One Piece. A simple idea but definitely a cool tattoo.

If you’re getting a Devil Fruit tattoo, I suggest you get a tattoo of your three favorite fruits with a separator in the middle like a full stop in a row.

In my opinion that would look pretty good, and on top of that if you add some color to those fruits with good shadow effects, now that is a cool tattoo idea.

19. Dragon Balls from Dragon Ball Z

Devil Fruit from One Piece

I absolutely loved this anime growing up and have always been a fan. The anime has a set of seven balls which when gathered together summon a Dragon.

The summoned dragon grants the summoner three wishes.

I think the four-star dragon ball would make a pretty good tattoo, for those who haven’t watched the anime the four-star ball has significance thus it is more important than the others, at least in a measure of sentiments.

18. Cowboy Beepbop Ship Tattoo from Cowboy Beepbop

On number 18, another cool, subtle and minimalistic beginner tattoo for Cowboy Beepbop fans out there.

I think this tattoo is best left colorless cause the black view of the ship from the top looks kinda cool.

You could also write the, “See you Space Cowboy” alongside the jet of the ship but personally I think the ship alone looks cool, it doesn’t really need the text.

17. Fairy Tail Guild Stamp from Fairy Tail

Site Suspended This site has stepped out for a bit 21 Coolest Tattoos for Every Anime Fan

This is the tattoo, I have been pining to get on my shoulder after I saw Natsu’s. Why wouldn’t you wanna be a part of Fairy Tail?

I think all Fairy Tail fans, at one point must have thought about getting this tattooed on their shoulder and all the ladies can get a similar one on the top of their hand, just like Lucy.

Also if you getting this tattoo, you could also get it where your favorite Fairy Tail character has theirs and in the same color!

16. Straw Hat Crew Flag from One Piece

The flag of a pirate ship their most important mark. A crew of pirate should always have a symbol which is special to them, it should ignite the spirits of all the crew members when they look at their flag waving on the high seas.

Luffy’s symbol is the skull wearing the straw hat with a red stripe near the bottom.

The best places for this tattoo would be your shoulder, forearm or if you are a big One Piece fan you could get a big straw hat on your entire back.

15. Naruto Seal from Naruto

Another cool intermediate-level Naruto Tattoo for the fans. The seal which keeps the Nine-Tailed Fox imprisoned inside Naruto on his stomach looks so cool.

Almost all Naruto fans would’ve thought of getting this on their own stomach.

The seal is quite aesthetic, it looks like a spiral with the belly button in the center of the spiral and few words like stuff etched on the boundaries in all squiggly format.

14. Sailor Moon Silhouette from Sailor Moon

This silhouette tattoo is perfect for all the female weebs who love their favorite Sailor Moon scout, Sailor Moon of course.

This tattoo has Sailor Moon posing in front of a sleek moon.

Personally, I would get this tattoo with a pink black shading but the black one looks kinda cool too.

13. Hisoka Eyes from Hunter x Hunter

This is one of the coolest ideas for HXH fans. Hisoka, well I really don’t know how I should describe him. He is one of the strongest characters and definitely the creepiest character on the show.

So this tattoo is basically Hisoka’s eyes and the symbols under his eyes. He has a red star under his right eye and a blue teardrop under his left.

I think this tattoo would look pretty cool on your leg or maybe on your forearm. Maybe you could also put that design boxed in a card, Hisoka style!

12. Ichigo Mask Tattoo from Bleach

Bleach Fullsleeve Finished by marielleroyseth on DeviantArt 21 Coolest Tattoos for Every Anime Fan

This tattoo idea is one of the coolest face mask tattoos an anime fan can get etched. Personally, the best spot would be shoulders but it might work pretty well on the back as well.

A colored face mask of Ichigo from Bleach would be perfect!

The half mask with the yellow eye and red stripes on the cheeks and over the eyes, that is badass ask anyone!

11. Sharingan from Naruto

AmazingL LifeUploads 21 Coolest Tattoos for Every Anime Fan

All the Naruto fans ever have definitely wanted to get some Naruto-themed tattoo and what could you get other than Sharingan, the coolest Kekkei Genkai in the anime.

One of the best Sharingan tattoo ideas is getting you three favorite patterns in the circles of the three “coma” shapes and then making those three coma shapes into a bigger Sharingan!

Also please get this is color. Seriously, like if you get a black tattoo of Sharingan, no Naruto fan will talk to you ever again.

10. Alchemy Circles from Full Metal Alchemist

As the name suggests the anime is about Al and Edward two brothers, Al short for Alphonse being the Alchemist.

So basically Alchemy is a science that can transmute objects or substances. The process of transmutation requires a circle, called the Transmutation Circle. These circles look pretty cool.

In my opinion, you could get this tattooed on your forearm, or maybe your clavicle spreading to the shoulder and down towards the chest. It will be like you are transmuting yourself into something different.

9. Pokeball and Pokemons from Pokemon

It is one of the coolest long-running anime of all time, I think there are hardly any people living in cities that don’t know about Pokemon.

The anime and the games developed from the anime have such a wide range.

This tattoo is definitely a cool idea, it is basically a Pokeball in the center surrounded by your favorite pokemon in a circular fashion aligned outwards from the center.

Personally, I would get this tattooed on my forearm or maybe a shoulder and definitely in all colors.

8. A Clan Symbol from Naruto

This this is what I want 21 Coolest Tattoos for Every Anime Fan

What is your favorite clan from the Anime? There are so many to choose from, just from the top of my head, I can name a few good ones that have cool clan signs like Uchiha, Nara, Uzumaki, or maybe Senju.

I think you should get your favorite clan symbol tattooed, its as if you joined the clan and are now fighting alongside them and your village in the wars, pretty cool.

My favorite is the big red and white Uchiha clan symbol tattooed on my back. There are many places a symbol would look cool like the forearm or the chest and shoulder combined or just on the shoulder.

7. Kaneki Mask from Tokyo Ghoul

Next up we have another mask tattoo this time from Tokyo Ghoul. Kaneki’s mask designed by Uta looks like a fake mouth with creepy and scary teeth where Kaneki’s actual mouth is supposed to go.

His mask also has two knob-like protrudes stemming from under his cheeks. His mask is pretty badass and thus I like one of the coolest tattoos on the list.

A perfect place for the tattoo would be your clavicle or maybe on your shoulder and this tattoo absolutely needs to be in color for it to look amazing.

6. Sasuke’s Curse Marks from Naruto

Next up is the curse marks that appear on Sasuke’s body originating at the bottom of his neck on the back, they’re super cool.

In the anime, Sasuke gets power when he uses these curse marks, so if you feel that you wanna show people your curse in life, it could be anything, you should think about getting this tattooed on your body.

This is kinda a big tattoo, so maybe not a beginner but it isn’t that complex and has an obvious position so not much to think about there.

5. Symbols of the Sins from Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins Temporary Tattoo Sticker Set of 2 1 21 Coolest Tattoos for Every Anime Fan

If you have watched Nanatsu no Taizai(Seven Deadly Sins) you must know that all of the seven sins have their own symbols that kinda represent them or their sin.

So now the question arises which one of these should you get? There is the idea that you could have all seven tattooed on your back in a circle or maybe on your forearm in a line but I am not a big fan of these ideas.

I think you should pick one sin. Ask yourself, “What is the worst quality I have out of the seven?” and get that symbol tattooed.

I think I have the Bear’s Sin but I don’t like the symbol. If you wanna pick the most badass symbol, might I suggest the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath?

4. Survey Corps Logo from Shingeki no Kyojin

heyyy simplement des SMS debile entre les personnages de SNK deso… fanfiction Fanfiction amreading books wattpad 21 Coolest Tattoos for Every Anime Fan

Next up is the Survey Corps Logo! It looks elite, I mean if you are already in the AOT world might as well be a cool survey corps member who knows maybe you’ll fight alongside Levi one day and hopefully not die.

I think all AOT fans would love this tattooed on them. If I ever get this tattooed it’s gonna be a bigass full-back tattoo with amazing detail and of course in full colors.

If you are getting this tattoo definitely get it in full color, just go all-in on this cool tattoo idea.

3. Luffy’s Chest Scar from One Piece

luffys scar 21 Coolest Tattoos for Every Anime Fan

Scars are reminders of the important or sometimes more disturbing moments in our lives. A scar is always wired to a memory from your past.

Luffy got this arc in one piece in one of the fights, I don’t wanna spoil this! This scar makes him look very cool, it is as if he has been through a lot, seen some shit and yet he stands there tall and proud.

If you think you resemble such a life of misery and have an unfortunate past go for this tattoo, it will remind you to stand tall and keep on smiling.

2. Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo from Hunter x Hunter

Phantom Troupe tattoo from 21 Coolest Tattoos for Every Anime Fan

Okay, maybe I’m biased because HxH is my favorite anime but isn’t this like the coolest tattoo anyone can have? Nothing actually comes to mind when I think of something cool to get permanently etched on my body.

If you have watched the show you know where to get this tattooed and if you haven’t please go watch HxH. Spoiler alert, get this tattooed on your back, best full-back tattoo ever.

Also, each member of the Phantom Troupe has a number assigned to them, which goes in the middle of the spider’s body so I suggest you pick your favorite number and go with that.

1. Colossal Titan Sleeve Tatto from Shingeki no Kyojin

I have saved the best for the last! This is my favorite idea for a sleeve tattoo. Remember the Colossal Titan from season 1 of Shingeki no Kyojin? Well, what do you think if you had the arms of this titan? Pretty cool right?

Basically, the idea is to get the muscles of the Colossal Titan’s arm tattooed on your arm. It might seem like a normal muscle tattoo to all the normies but you and the elite know what it really about!

You could also get any other body part tattooed like maybe the back muscles or one of your legs or if you are an AOT fanatic maybe your entire body. I mean who is stopping you?

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