15 Anime You Can Watch With Your Parents!

The worst nightmare while watching anime is your parent catching you at an embarrassing moment and getting a completely wrong idea about what you watch and why you watch it.

Murder, perverted moments, fights could create a very big misunderstanding.

Now most anime from the Kodomo, Shounen and Shoujo genre are going to be family friendly for the most part.

However Shounen anime are usually characterized by perverted jokes and over romanticized ideologies which may not sit right with everyone while Shoujo anime can have drastically emotionally heavy or dark material.

So, if you want to get your family into anime, here’s a list of 15 Family friendly anime that every single person in your family will enjoy.

15. Doraemon


Most people’s first introduction to anime is a robot from the future here to help a boy.

This boy cries fountains of tears upon being bullied and tries to find shortcuts to life.

Doraemon, however, always ends in a good note giving either a message about how one mustn’t try and take shortcuts or how one must try to help people.

Not only is this show a super hit among kids it is also likely to be popular among the older crowds due to its nostalgic value and quirky personalities of all different characters.

14. Pokémon


Pokémon has been around for ages.

It has been the introduction to anime for a lot of people. Creative abilities, fights, a worthy goal to chase and all the different friends we make on the way.

Pokémon, not only has a fun storyline but it also has engaging characters and creative concepts.

Catching and evolving Pokémon, how they should be treated, what they should be used for, beautiful nurses and policewomen, strong trainers and impressive fights.

Pokémon has everything it needs to be a perfect family friendly Shounen anime.

13. Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori

Stories of a ninja trying to make his best in the city.

Creative characters and abilities, a full fledged, his learning younger brother with an obnoxiously loud cry, his hungry ninja dog and a little too violent but musically talented friend from his village.

The story is made even more interesting by a ninja and his ninja cat from a rivalling village.

This anime although pretty basic can have surprisingly sweet and heavy moments sprinkled throughout it.

Even without employing the usual tropes, Ninja Hattori is bound to be a complete family entertainer.

12. Kiteretsu


Special glasses that only a descendant can use.

Super smart brains.

Really good heart but bad at everything else.

Kiteretsu is the kind of guy who will always help people that are in need of his help, no matter what.

He often makes the best out of what he has.

Various creative inventions like a device to cancel out gravity to help shift furniture easier, save people from falling and so on,

A submarine that travels through soil as if it were water and so many other inventions that make this school student inventor a great help to his friends and family.

Kiteretsu is a wonderful anime that focuses on using your abilities to the fullest to help people as much as you can.

11. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Who will have the audacity to deny the importance of Sailor Moon is anyone’s childhood?

This show is such an amazing show that focuses on the group of girls fighting crime while men take the side route of being love interests.

Their friendships, sense of humor, abilities and balanced personalities makes this such a relatable show even in today’s times.

Sailor Moon is entertaining.

Sailor Moon is badass.

Sailor Moon is a must watch for the entire family.

10. Sweetness and Lightning

Sweetness and Lightning

This anime focuses on the sweet relationship of widowed father, Kohei who tries out all sorts of different recipes for his sweet little kindergarten-going daughter, Tsumugi.

This anime doesn’t really have a power system or battles or anything, but how can you not watch the antics of this sweet ball of cuteness?

It shows all the ups and down Kohei faces trying to raise his child without her mother and how he eventually makes it through the day.

9. Snow White with Red Hair

Snow White with Red Hair

This is Snow White…except there’s no dwarves…and the poisoned apple is kind of eh…and she’s a herbalist and independent…and is forced as a concubine…

Well, there’s a little difference here and there but Snow White with Red Hair is actually a much much more family friendly story than the original snow white is where there’s a lot of hate and killing and jealousy and stuff involved.

She forms loyal friendships, makes deadly enemies, tries to fit in the court life and a beautiful story of two people supporting each other to walk their own paths.

8. Tamako Market

Tamako Market

If you ever see a talking mochi addict bird that isn’t a parrot and claims to be royalty from a distant land seeking for a bride…

You really need to stop watching anime and start being real with yourself.

However with Kitashitakawa Tamako, this is exactly what has happened and now the bird resides with her.

Her and her friend’s fathers being mochi rivals, he has hidden his true feelings for her the whole time but with the arrival of this new rival, would that still be the case?

Watch this slice-of-life comedy to learn more about talking birds, love rivals and of course, mochi!

7. Re:Life


What would you do if you could do life all over again?

27 year-old Arata has been given this opportunity to start his life at 17 again.

It’s going to be easy right?

No. Tests?



Not good.

New school policies?

Have no idea.

Moreover like a helicopter parent, Ryuo has to watch over him as he does everything…for research purposes of course!

Will he able to make it? Will he be able to do anything different?

Will he end up the same hopeless man as he was before?

Will he be able to actually learn a lesson or just live these years like he did the first time?

Follow Arata as he takes another shot at life.

6. Flying Witch

Flying Witch

Black haired girl riding on a flying broom with a black cat.

Reminds you of Kiki’s delivery service, doesn’t it?

Well, here, as the witch practitioner turns 15 they have to become independent, leave their parents house and study and train witchcraft.

Makoto is an otherwise normal high school-going teenager if you leave out the witchcraft…and her training by her sister Akane… and her andromorphic dog fortune teller… and her flying broom and just all the other witch stuff in general.

This magic however does interfere in her daily life quite often and her eccentric tendencies do get the best of her some times, but it wouldn’t be fun if it was just a normal, right?

5. Magic Kaito 1417

Magic Kaito 1417

Kuroba Kaito is a school student. He aces his classes, his smart, charismatic and always gets into fights with his neighbor’s daughter.

His father was a great magician known throughout the performing arts world.

Kaito Kidd is a thief and a magician, who returns jewels that he steals.

So, he’s basically not a thief, but he steals things, after giving the police a notice about what place and time is going to come.

So they can prepare but he still ends up stealing what he wants to steal. He is a gentleman thief with a specific purpose in mind.

Magic Kaito is the story of how Kaito has to balance his work life and finding his father and school and his neighbor and being Kaito Kidd.

Also, don’t forget his trusty butler by his side.

4. Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon is an anime about a high-schooler who learns that just because expectations and pressure in different area are different, doesn’t mean they are any less.

After Hachiken is done with the expectations of his parents, he enrolls in an agricultural school in the countryside as a way to run from pressure.

Here, however, he learns that he is going to have to work just as hard to keep himself in the run since people here know everything about agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry and so on.

Hachiken, however, is a complete amateur and struggles here too, but in a much better mindset since he chose it.

3. Barakamon


Step 1: Go to school and become a calligrapher.

Step 2: Attack a famous critic who insults your artwork.

Step 3: Come back to the village because nobody wants to anger the critics.

Step 4: Become a teacher and teach kids calligraphy.

Do you know who manages to do all of these steps perfectly?

Seishuu Handa.

Although really proud of his art, Handa learns quite a lot with his overly nosy neighbors, fujoshi middle schoolers and how could you ever forget about the old men barging through the doors?

2. Hinamatsuri


You see a cute little girl in your house. And you decide to adopt her.

Well, the only problem, like usually in anime, is that this girl has super powers.

She can use a very very strong telekinesis to do whatever she wants.

How does a Yakuza fare against a young girl running away from her previous life?

Hinamatsuri focuses on Hina and her friends finding a new life in the city, how her relationship with a Yakuza member develops and he faces all the challenges of fatherhood.

Hinamatsuri is a beautiful versatile story that integrates comedy, slice-of-life and enigma in a perfect balance.

1. Haikyuu!


A volleyball based sports anime that has a team of a cocky blonde beanpole, a hyperactive orange, a milk obsessed tsundere.

A simple dedicated and loud baldie, a super cool genius sortie with their parents and some additional parents and teachers and coaches. Haikyuu is a must watch for a lot of reasons. Characters.

Plot. Matches. Abilities. Match ups.

Everything packed in an exhilarating bunch of action packed series where not even one episode disappoints.

Couple that with bomb animation and sound?

You’ve got yourself the best family friendly anime that you can ever watch!

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