I don’t care about your favorite waifu or your taste in anime but I would be judging you a lot if you say mermaids aren’t sexy!

Movies and Books don’t do enough justice to mermaids thus the job had to be done by the anime industry and it sure did an excellent job.

There are a few amazing-looking mermaid anime and in this list, we are gonna explore those anime.

Mermaid stories were the only good pass time for sailors who spent most of their lives on ships with no women with them at all.

Mermaids can be all nice and good or they can be scheming and two-faced, they’ll invite you in and then probably eat you alive.

Let’s dive into the sea to find some amazing mermaids!

13. The Prince and The Coral Sea

Let us start off with a simple tale of a prince and mother nature. Sango no Umi to Ouji (The Prince and The Coral Sea) is a tale about a little prince who wants to do something about the destruction of nature and life around him.

the prince and the coral sea

The message of the movie is basically how humans should take responsibility for the destruction of mother nature that happens because of them. Our protagonist meets a cute mermaid on his adventures who helps him understand more about the seas.

The plot of this 30 minute movie is pretty straight-forward, though it is still enjoyable to some extent.

12. Muromi-san

Imagine one day you go to the pier because you’re from a beach town and there is literally nothing more interesting than the sea and you fish out a mermaid. Well, that’s exactly what happened to our protagonist from Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san.

Takurou a teenaged boy fishes out Muromi, a troublesome mermaid with a dull brain and crazy attitude. Them meeting for the first time out on the pier is both very comedic and kinda wholesome.


We see his life get more and more interesting as Muromi-san hangs out with him whenever he’s at the pier fishing.

The anime is an amazing watch if you’re looking for a slice-of-life comedy with no overarching story elements as such.

11. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

This is a shoujo-ai anime with mild nudity and element of sex, romance and general ecchi.

Valkyrie Drive is about a teenaged girl Mamori who has a very timid and shy nature at school. She is always teased and bullied because of her last name, Tokonome, which can also be read as, “virgin”.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

We follow Mamori on her adventures on the Mermaid Island after she awakens her inner powers all due to this one passionate kiss from Mirei.

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Watch the anime to find out about their adventures on Mermaid Island.

10. Umi Monogatari

Starting off our Top-10 with this supernatural romantic drama about the tales of the seas. Umi Monogatari literally translates to the Tale of the Sea or Sea Story.

The story is about two beautiful mermaid sisters Urin and Marin. One day both of them find a shiny silver ring at the bottom of the sea, Marin comes up with the pure-hearted idea of returning the ring to the owner.

Umi Monogatari

The anime has a lot of beautiful and sexy girls and mermaids and we sometimes get incredible sweet eye candy from the animators.

Watch this adventure anime to see what happens when Urin and Marin travel to the sky world and find the owner of the ring, Kanon Miyamori.

9. Mermaid Forest

Next up on number nine, we have this suspenseful horror with a little drama and elements of fantasy and the supernatural.

The plot revolves around mermaids and how a legend states that eating mermaid flesh will grant a person immortality.

Mermaid Forest

Yuta, the protagonist of the show once ate mermaid flesh by pure accident, fast forward 500- years in the future, Yuta travels across the country all alone on a search to find a mermaid hoping he can live a normal life again and die in peace.

The anime has an interesting premise and an even better story with some romance, mystery, and horror. Watch it to follow Yuta and his adventures.

8. Orenchi no Furo Jijou

Merman in my Tub, coming in at number eight on our list is an episodic story about how one day Tatsumi the protagonist on his way back found a beautiful merman washed up on the bank of a river.

Wakasa the merman cannot live in the waters anymore because of the pollution caused by the humans in his area. Tatsumi gladly offers his bathtub as a refuge for Wakasa and that’s how Tatsumi ends up with a merman in his bathtub.

Orenchi no Furo Jijou

The episodes of this anime are short and sweet. The anime is perfect for fans of the shoujo genre. It has loads of amazing scenes for shoujo lovers.

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7. Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

This anime is so cute and fluffy you cannot hate it! Impossible to hate such cute mermaids who can sing so beautifully.

The main character of the show Lucia Nanami, the princess of the North Pacific, which is like one of the seven mermaid kingdoms goes on the adventure of her lifetime.

Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

She entrusts her ring to a boy when he falls overboard and now must go retrieve the ring as the evil powers continue to grow.

She fights off the evil with the strength of her music and melodies. Watch this wholesome anime to find out how she protects her kingdom.

6. Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid

Anderson’s The Little Mermaid tells a story about how love has no right place, its place is everywhere and inside everyone’s hearts.

The Little Mermaid follows the story of a beautiful princess of the merman family who has always been fascinated by life outside of the oceans.

Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid

One fine day a ship gets wrecked in the ocean because of a wild storm and a handsome man falls overboard into the sea. Marina the merman princess saves this man and brings him ashore.

The plot is beautiful and very romantic. We see the hardships Marina has to go through to be human and be with the man she adores so much.

5. Hekikai AiON

Up next starting off with our top 5 list we have Hekikao no AiON, a classic mystery with demons and supernatural along with elements of drama and a tinge of romance.

The anime is about a boy named Tatsuya, the son of a millionaire who inherits all his parent’s property upon their death. He is a timid boy who doesn’t completely believe in himself but he has the thirst to prove himself in any situation.

Hekikai AiON

After meeting the mermaid-like girl, Seine Miyazaki, he decides to help her no matter what and tags along with her everywhere.

The plot is suspenseful and thrilling along with some romance and school-set drama. This anime has it all.

4. Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure

Next up on number four, we have this fantasy drama with magical elements. It is an amazing watch for the shoujo audience.

The plot follows an upbeat teenager by the name of Manatsu Natsumi who moves to a big city and through some incidents, her life in the new city becomes more interesting than it should have. She finds an actual mermaid, Laura, and befriends her.

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure

Both of them look for a group of saviors called the Precure, when Manatsu awakens something special and becomes one of the Precure.

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Watch the anime to find out what they do to save the oceans from evil that lurks around.

3. Lu over the Wall

Starting with the Top3 on this list we have an amazing movie about a teenage boy named Kai and a mermaid named Lu.

The movie starts by introducing Kai as a sad and pessimistic teenager who has some very complicated feelings about his parents, school, and everything in general. He loves writing songs and putting them up on the internet.

Lu over the Wall

One day he tries joining a band with two of his friends and goes to Merfolk island and meets Lu, the beautiful and cute mermaid.

Watch this amazing movie about how they bond together over music and melodies. The movie is worth watching for sure!

2. My Bride is a Mermaid

The anime title kinda explains the plot but there are definitely many twists along the way. It is not always so easy as you think.

The anime follows a teenage Nagasumi Michishio on his summer vacation. While swimming in the sea, suddenly Nagasumi’s legs get a cramp and he starts drowning. As he is sinking down into the ocean he loses conscious but he is saved by a mermaid!

My Bride is a Mermaid

The anime turns incredibly interesting when Seto, the mermaid has to be executed because her identity was revealed to a human. So to avoid this, Nagasumi has to marry Seto!

Watch this anime to see how they manage to keep their marriage a secret. The anime has romance and loads of comedic scenes.

1. Ponyo

This adventure fantasy Ghibli movie just has to be the best anime or movie about mermaids. The movie is just one and a half hours long but it will give you so many intense emotions all at once.

Ponyo the main character of the movie is the Goldfish Princess, who meets a boy named Sosuke and wants to become a human after meeting him.


The movie has a very interesting plot and an amazing set of characters. This is an absolute must-watch, like all Ghibli Movies this one has an amazing art style with an even better story.