18 Best Anime S*x Scenes of All Time

Through the years, anime has built up incredibly loyal fans. Although there are some shows for youngsters, such as “Sinchan” and “Doraemon.”

Many animes are targeted toward adults and teens. This is because we’ve often seen humorous jokes about breasts in shows like “Bleach” or “Naruto.” 

Of course, children can enjoy these shows since the characters and plot are enjoyable. However, to offer something more for young people and adults, some adult humor is added. 

We are, at present, focusing on anime with adult themes.

We’ve all seen s*xual scenes in these adult-oriented anime, and a lot of people have loved the experience. 

We have compiled a collection of the most popular anime s*x scenes for all you anime lovers. 

Remember that filming s*x scenes is not easy, whether in television shows or movies. 

The anime has accomplished a remarkable job of making sure that the s*xual scenes are professionally performed. I don’t think you’re seeing a s*x scene. 

These aren’t films that are hentai or anime porn.

They are s*xual scenes. 

You can view several of these top anime s*xual scenes via Crunchyroll, YouTube, or even Netflix.

Updated by Garima Singh on June 10th, 2024.

Here is a list of the 18 Best Anime S*x Scenes of All Time:

18. 11eyes


11eyes is unexpectedly made in the hands of Doga Kobo, the studio that is famous for its adorable and funny anime like Umaru Chan.

It’s one of the supernatural films in which a group of characters get together and, surprisingly. It’s more accurate to say that they all meet in the same spot.

This mission aims to fight and survive together as a team. That’s where the anime is set, and it gets more brutal and serious.

The s*x scene from the series occurs later in the line. However, even though it is a fact that it does happen in the series, I’ll let you discover what you want to know.

17. Sword Art Online

sword art online alicization kirito god power war of underworld 1234631 18 Best Anime S*x Scenes of All Time

Sword Art Online is an online VR game series. After the characters get stuck in their favorite game. They are then confronted with fighting to the end.

The virtual world is the same as dying within the physical world. similar logic is evident throughout the three seasons in SAO.

As Kirito and Asuna’s romance grows from the first season As the relationship develops, you receive “almost” scenes, though not much.

It’s implied.

Of course, there are some of the more controversial episodes, where characters may be violated however that’s an entire story of its own.

It’s important to mention it since many people are quick to make it clear.

16. Wicked City (1987)

Wicked City

“Wicked City” is an action-oriented, horror film that was released in 1987. 

While the film isn’t great about the plot and characters, when it comes to the direction, the style of the film is fantastic. 

The film has that 80s look and feel of erotic horror. 

The style of the characters as well as the settings are retro.

The film is based on two worlds: Earth and a planet in a dimension that is known as the Black World. 

Peace is maintained between the two worlds by a treaty that is often signed. 

However, this time it appears like there’s a faction that doesn’t wish to see peace last forever. 

Therefore, two agents are assigned to protect the peace agreement. 

There are a variety of s*x scenes in the film. 

The one I’m focusing on here is the one where Makie is r@ped by demons. 

The scene was shot in red and black.

15. Kiss x Sis (2010)

Kiss x Sis

I tried to not include any incestuous material, however well…let’s simply say that I was unable to resist myself. 

There’s too much material that is impossible to avoid. 

While researching for this list, I came across several scenes that just involve siblings. “Kiss x Sis” is a show that completely is based on intimate love. 

It’s not the complicated romantic version, rather it’s a more fun model. 

The main character in the show is Keita his father who remarries after his mother’s demise. The result is two new step-sisters. The sisters soon are in love with their brother and begin to compete for his attention and love.

It’s even more alarming that even their parents appear to agree with the notion. The result is a variety of s*xual situations that involve Keita along with his twin sisters. 

Some scenes involve other characters too. However, the one we’re going to discuss does not have Keita. The scene involves his sisters, who are grinding on the teddy bear thinking it’s Keita. 

To add more fun one of the grinds on the nose of the teddy while another makes use of a marker to create a penis-like device and grinds it. To enhance their enjoyment, they also start to flirt with one another. 

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you, but do not watch this show with the doors open.

14. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (2015)

Kiss x Sis

If you’re looking for exotic female-animal hybrids such as snake women, mermaids, and so on. Then this show is ideal for you as it tackles those. 

Is anime set in a setting where monsters and human (human-animal) hybrids exist? The government is becoming more liberal and has permitted humans to live with monsters. 

To allow the interaction of two species, the government has developed an initiative that allows humans to take on a monster as a kind of guest and allow them to interact with the human world for a while. 

Kimihito Kurusu is the host of the snake-like woman after the agent is mistaken. He now has to take care of the lady, however, there shouldn’t be any s*xual interactions.

As the story grows, he is the host of numerous stunning creatures. The scene I’m discussing here is from the first episode.

Kimihito awakes to discover him snared in the hands of Miia (the snake-woman) who, while asleep, is wrapped around him. 

Kimihito is trying to break free by pulling her coils out but is unable to do so without getting caught in the middle of the tail. 

It turns out that it’s an equivalent to a “clitoris. There are a variety of things that occurs in which he kind of is jerking her tail off when she gets to the point of climax. 

It’s a fun show If you’re looking to enjoy some ecchi anime.

13. Oruchuban Ebichu (1999)

Oruchuban Ebichu

“Oruchuban Ebichu” is a story that centers on the Hamster Ebichu, who simply wants to satisfy her owner. Her owner is known as the official lady or OL. Ebichu is a very good Hamster. 

She is the most excellent of all hamsters. It is because she can accomplish a variety of tasks. She can cook your meals clean your clothes, sweep your home, and even take care of your shopping. 

What else would you like for your pet? Yet, a variety of incidents happen every day that see Ebichu penalized. However, she isn’t worried as long as her master is happy.

The s*x scene from “Oruchuban Ebichu is when Ebichu begins to give her owner advice on s*xual relations. The scene is a bit explicit but more than that it’s hilarious. 

It demonstrates the way a Hamster sees s*xual activity in humans and provides suggestions through becoming an expert on s*xuality. 

There’s a hilarious moment in the scene when the couple attempt to have an affair and Ebichu gets agitated and tells the guy that the man shouldn’t put it in the hole because there’s a hole where all the crap is sucked out of.

12. Afro Samurai (2007)

Afro Samurai

Indeed, the list is not in order, but as far as s*x scenes are concerned the film in question includes one of the most effective s*xual scenes. 

“Afro Samurai” is an account of an Afro who aspires to be the greatest fighter. When he was a kid, Afro was a witness to the murder of his father by an individual known as Justice. 

He resolved to take revenge for the murder of his father and climbs to the headband that is number two to take on Justice, who was wearing the number one headband following the murder of Afro’s father. 

The s*x scene happens after Afro recovers from his injuries, and then becomes romantically involved in a relationship with the lady who helped save his life. 

The scene is hot and well worth a few views. Enjoy!

11. NANA (2006)


NANA is a drama show that was also aired. It premiered in 2006 and consisted of 47 shows. I enjoyed the show. I don’t usually watch drama series and decided to check out this one as I wanted to watch some drama that was based on characters. 

The plot centers around two women. Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki The former, Nana, is a modest girl. She’s easily enticed to be in love and becomes attracted to certain people. 

She is aware that this could be not a good thing and would like to be independent. But she gets caught up in the pursuit of her boyfriend and then boards an express train to Tokyo.

She is also a punk singer. She is very proud of herself and would like to be a popular singer. She breaks up with the group she was part of, although it was well-known, to pursue her goal of becoming a famous performer. 

Nana takes the same train heading to Tokyo and so the two characters get to know each other. This is the first meeting of their relationship and as the show progresses, their relationship is testified. 

Although there are numerous sexually explicit scenes throughout the series, the one we’re discussing is the 34th episode, where Takumi compels Hachi to become sexually active. 

Nana’s heart is broken while the love relationship between Hachi and Nana is sour.

10. White Album 2 (2013)

White Album 2

It is a romantic anime series. It was taken from a Japanese visual novel with the same title. 

The story is geared toward adults only. 

The plot is a kind of love triangle. Haruki is currently in a relationship with Setsuna, but when the girl Kazusa declares her love for him, he says the same. 

As time passes, complications slowly begin to emerge, but how long will this triangle continue to rage on? There will be an occasion when you need to pick one option while letting the others go. 

The scene we’re discussing here is towards the end of the show in which Haruki must choose between two girls. 

Warning: spoilers ahead. 

He picks Setsuna, and they become very close to one another.

9. Koi Kaze (2004)

Koi Kaze 1 18 Best Anime S*x Scenes of All Time

As we move down the list, there is another option from the genre of incest. 

I’m not sure the reason this genre is so well-known. 

Do people want to get together with their friends or are they interested in the concept of forbidden love? I’m hoping it’s one of the latter, don’t you? 

“Koi Kaze” was an anime series that debuted in April 2004. The show consists of thirteen shows. 

We follow the main character Koshiro becoming attracted to Nanako, his younger sister. 

At the end of the show Koshiro confesses to his feelings, and they share an intimate conversation.

8. Kara no Kyoukai 3: Tsuukaku Zanryuu (2008)

Kara no Kyoukai f improf 1280x720 1 18 Best Anime S*x Scenes of All Time

In my research, I discovered a r@pe sequence that is so horrific and dark I was forced to be amazed at the direction that the scene takes. The scene is part of the anime film ‘Kara no Kyoukai 3, Tsuukaku Zanryuu’. 

The film shows a character named Fujino Asagami s*xually assaulted by a street gang. 

To control her supernatural powers, Fujino’s parents provide her with medication that has the side effect of taking the sensation of touching off. 

The r@pist is annoyed because Fujino is unable to feel anything and becomes more violent.

The reason I was amazed by the sequence was that it was perfectly shot. 

We can see Fujino’s face empty of expression, as she is feeling nothing. 

The producers do not attempt to make the scene inappropriate and s*xually explicit. 

They present it as it is: an alleged r@pe. This scene is crucial to the film because after that we discover that bodies mangled scattered throughout the area the following day. 

The scene of the crime is so horrifying that it resembles something from the beast or monster. The animation is pretty excellent as well. 

It’s a supernatural thriller. Take a look.

7. Boku wa Imoto ni Koi o Suru (2005)

Boku wa Imoto ni Koi o Suru

We’ll now hop from one forbidden love-themed anime to the next. “Boku wa Imotu ni Koi o Suru’ is an anime that explores issues of incest. It’s similar to the previous episode because in this anime too, there are twins

Yori, as well as Iku, were twins. They were close and spent time together. In recent times, Iku feels that Yori is acting uncivilly with her. 

However, the truth is that Yori has been in love with his twin sister and is trying to avoid her for as long as possible to minimize the chances of him doing something that isn’t allowed. 

However, as you’ve suspected, he is unable to keep himself from becoming involved.

An anime that focuses on romantic love and s*xual incest could likely have some steamy hot scenes, and you’d be right. 

We get to witness some intense scenes between fraternal twins, Yori and Iku as part of an OVA

The twins are seen getting into a physical relationship that is intense even while they are aware of the taboo they have committed.

6. Yosuga No Sora (2010)

Yosuga No Sora

“Yosuga No Sora” is a romantic anime show. The first show aired on December 10, 2010, and consists of 12 shows. The story itself is complex and filled with a lot of emotions. 

The main characters in the show include Haruka, Sora, and Nao. The show is based on relationships. It’s sort of a romantic, erotic show.

The material that inspired the anime is an illustrated novel. The story was made into an anime in the year 2010. “Yosuga no Sora” also is a discussion of the taboo topic of romance between siblings. 

The story revolves around Haruka as well as his sister Sora. The series features multiple s*xual scenes (five in all) that have a significant influence on the story. 

In one of these scenes, we witness Nao trying to entice Haruka as Sora (who has an obsession with Haruka) is watching in secret.

5. Nisemonogatari (2012)


“Nisemonogatari” is the 3rd installment of the series ‘Monogatari. Koyomi Aragi, the main character of the series is a subject of strange or supernatural interactions. 

In this particular series, the protagonist’s girlfriend kidnaps him and binds him to shield him from a swindler. It turns out that the conman has been looking to get Karen, his younger sister. 

There is a lot of drama and two female characters also appear. They appear to know a lot greater than Koyomi than they ought to.

Let’s talk about the toothbrush scene that is infamous in the series. When we were children, our mother would often clean our teeth. 

When she wasn’t around, an adult who was responsible, such as an older sibling, could take over the task. If you’ve ever been in this situation, and it’s part of your fond childhood memories prepare to have it erased. 

In episode 8 of Nisemonogatari, we watch Karen Aragi moaning with delight while her sister Koyomi brushes her teeth. This scene seems so bizarre and s*xually enthralling that one must watch it to experience it. 

Make sure to wear headphones.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)


“Neon Genesis: Evangelion” is among the most-watched anime. When you examine the latest statistics, the series is worth 700 billion dollars. 

For those who see everything in terms of dollars, that is a staggering 6.3 billion dollars. The reason for the popularity of the show is its characters. 

If you view the show as a bunch of huge robots operated by humans, fighting aliens and you overlook the main point of the story. 

Naturally, the primary story is about fighting aliens, but it’s much more. It’s also a coming-of-age story and self-realization as well as self-acceptance.

Shinji isn’t sure of his place in the world and isn’t valuing himself. When he’s approached by his father to become a mecha pilot, he assumes that it’s out of admiration and love. 

However, he discovers later that this isn’t the case. As the story progresses, characters like Shinji develop, and he discovers who he is. 

Anyone who has watched the show will recognize Misato’s character. Although, often the plot does not put focus on nature. 

However, this time it did, and it was done in a hot, steamy manner. We are shown Misato suffering from emotional trauma following Shinji’s being unable to live his life in the battle against an angel. 

She decides to cope with the grief by embracing her former love interest Kanji. 

The scene isn’t long. 

It’s an intense experience.

3. Black Butler (2008)

Black 18 Best Anime S*x Scenes of All Time

“Black Butler” is an enjoyable anime. I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys fantasy and mysteries and other genres of anime. The plot follows an innocent young Ceil selling his life to the demon. 

The demon is in the shape of a servant Sebastian who takes care of Ceil and shields Ceil from danger. Ceil is quite intelligent. 

He is currently the head of the household Phantomhive. The Phantomhive family is famous and is famous as the Queen’s guard dog. 

The dog has been assigned the task of solving criminals connected to the Underground.

The reason Ceil traded in his body was sole to protect himself. 

Ceil sold his soul to seek revenge on those who killed him and ended the lives of his parents. 

The demon that accepts his offer and begins serving as his butler is Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian will guard Ceil against danger for as long as he can complete his mission. 

Then Sebastian can devour his soul. 

Where does an S*x scene occur from this? 

In the novel “Black Butler: The Book of the Circus”, we are shown Sebastian seducing and even getting physically involved with a woman to obtain details regarding her father. 

Yes, classical demon trait.

2. Scum’s Wish (2017)

Scums wish f improf 1280x720 1 18 Best Anime S*x Scenes of All Time

“Scum’s Dream” is a film that falls into the genre of romance, but is a sad and dark subject matter that is a part of the film. It tells the story of two lovers, Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka, who at the surface seem to be perfect couples. 

However, things aren’t so straightforward. The couple has a sad secret. They don’t want to be with each other, instead, they indulge in fantasies of other people. 

Since they don’t meet their ideals, they try to drown their sorrow with each other in a variety of ways. Even s*xual.

The female lead in the screenplay will be Hanabi Yasuraoka. Hanabi is deeply in love with a teacher from her homeschool, Narumi Kanai. Narumi was once her childhood friend from the beginning. 

Then she finds out she is Narumi has fallen in love with a music instructor named Akane. She is depressed and comes across Mugi who is the male protagonist and is loving Akane who was a teacher while the two were in high school

They decide to be friends and, as we mentioned earlier, meet each other’s needs. They also agree not to get married and if the person they love deeply is a lover of theirs, they’ll send the “arrangement”. 

This idea may be unsettling to some, however, the s*x scenes are enjoyable as is the animated excellent.

1. Wolf’s Children (2012)

Wolf children f improf 1024x576 1 18 Best Anime S*x Scenes of All Time

“Wolf’s children” is a fantastic anime film. I highly recommend it to every anime fan. It’s a great film with a good idea. 

The story follows the lives of two half-wolf humans, Ame as well as Yuki as well as their mom Hana. This is a good film to watch. Hana will be the main female main character of the film. 

I believe she’s one of the most memorable anime characters. She’s smart, beautiful, and courageous as we meet her. She is a wonderful mom.

She was a student who was devoted to her studies. In the course of her studies, she’s attracted by the mysterious man who is taking only one class. 

The man appears to be keeping a secret Hana isn’t aware of. They start a romance, but on an evening with a full moon, the man transforms into the form of a Werewolf. 

Hana is loyal to her feelings and decides to stay together and create a family of their own. Soon after, Hana is a mother (process explained in the following paragraphs) and gives birth to two of the mentioned children. 

The question is, what happened to Ame and Yuki come from? 

If you’re a kid who reads this, you can find out that they were sent by Hana as a present by a half-stork, half-wolf. For adults—Hana Bones is a werewolf, and you can see it in the film. 

However, it’s in silhouette.

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