15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

Simply put, Netflix is the most famous streaming service in the world today. A lot of the best TV shows and anime are on it.

Netflix has even started making anime, which is a sign of how popular it is.

So, today we’ll talk about some of the sexual anime for adults or mature audience that you can watch on a streaming service.

Please keep in mind that we have only looked at anime that is rated R and is for adults.

This isn’t Hentai.

Let’s also be clear that the fact that some of the anime on this list are sexual or show people in their underwear doesn’t mean they are bad.

Here are some of the best anime shows for adults on Netflix.

15. Gantz:O

Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

Gantz:O shows the future as an action-packed place where the dead fight monsters instead of sleeping in peace.

Whether you’ve already seen Gantz or want to see it again, this short shows some of the most interesting parts of the story’s setting in incredibly clear CGI.

The anime is mostly about big fights and dramatic deaths, but it doesn’t have much else to say.

So, it’s not as thought-provoking as it could be, and fans of manga may be upset by the changes to the subject matter.

But by the end of the day, this anime will satisfy your need for a tough main character with weapons and women killing aliens.

14. B: The Beginning

8. B The Beginning 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

The story takes place in the island country of Cremona. It takes place in a time when technology is changing very quickly.

But in Cremona, violence and unrest were on the rise, especially because a serial killer named Killer B was a threat.

The most important people in this best anime series are Koku and Keith. Koku works in a shop that sells violins.

He can’t tune them, but he can build them and fix them if they break. Keith is also a very good detective. The story is fun to read and will keep you interested for most of it.

The pictures and animation are great, and the stories are interesting. If you like crime mystery thriller anime, you’ll like this one because one of the main characters is a great detective.

It’s also the best anime on Netflix.

13. Expelled From Paradise

Expelled From Paradise 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

This video is made with CGI instead of the usual 2D anime, which could be a deal breaker or a welcome change, given how detailed and colorful the anime’s graphics are.

Expelled from Paradise is not a strange book, but it also won’t change your life or challenge your mind.

But it has a lot of action and more amazing robot weapons, which is all you can really ask for.

Angela and Dingo’s back-and-forth is funny, and seeing them grow closer despite their different views is sweet, if a little boring.

12. High-Rise Invasion

High Rise Invasion 1 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

A teenager gets away after seeing Yuri Honjou, an unknown attacker, kill someone.

But she quickly realizes that she is stuck and that the rooftop is the only safe place for her to go.

She knows her brother is nearby because she is surrounded by tall buildings. He may need her help.

Yuri has to fight against the murderers in disguise who are shooting innocent people to meet their perverted needs and get to him.

This is the dirtiest anime on Netflix. There are some sexual scenes and some private scenes.

11. Yasuke

1. Yasuke 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

‘Yasuke’ isn’t the only show with creative plots and action-packed moments.

The historical fiction drama, which is similar to the great anime series “Samurai Champloo,” takes place in a parallel world and is about the only black samurai fighter in feudal Japan in the 16th century.

In its accurate portrayal of the time, the show doesn’t shy away from a scene where everyone is naked.

10. Baki

baki saison1 dvd screenshot1 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

Look, I’ve seen the first few runs of “Baki,” and they were fun. It’s a normal shounen manga about a teen named Baki Hanma who wants to be the best fighter in the whole world.

But since his dad Yujiro Hanma already has that title, Baki will have to work even harder to get it. Even though I don’t like the most recent part of the series, it’s the only one on Netflix.

After seeing it, I think it’s entertaining enough to be on this list, but if you liked “Baki: The Grappler” and other anime from over 20 years ago, you might think this is a step down. The art is better than it was in the first few episodes.

This Original Net Animation has a total of 26 shows, and each one is 24 minutes long. It does not follow the manga.

In this series, too, Baki works hard to improve himself so he can become the best fighter in the world. But because of his fame, he gets some people who aren’t welcome who want to test his skills.

These are the five most dangerous thieves in the world. Because no one can beat them, they find their lives boring.

So, they go to fight Baki. Get ready for an action-packed anime where Baki and his friends fight the most dangerous crooks on Earth.

9. Japan Sinks: 2020

02 sub1 JapanSinks 01 033.0 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

After an earthquake shakes the whole Japanese islands, the whole southeast Asian country is on its knees within a few hours.

People run for cover as the country slowly sinks, and the peaceful Mutou family is among the many people who make it out alive.

One terrible thing after another keeps happening to the needy family, making it hard for them to stay alive.

As people around them die from hunger, tiredness, and accidents, can the Mutou family stay alive through the worst of nature’s disasters?

The show answers the question in a very interesting and unique way, which makes the anime is very fun to watch.

In spite of all the chaos, there are a few scenes where things get back to normal for the characters. One of them has a scene of passionate kissing that should only be watched by adults.

8. Fruits Basket

fruits basket 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

“Fruits Basket,” an anime based on Natsuki Takaya’s manga series of the same name, is not a very sexual show.

Instead, its story is subtle, full of important ideas, and full of hints. The story is about Tooru Honda, a high school girl who lost her parents and is now living on the land of the wealthy Souma family without their knowledge.

When her classmate Yuki Souma and his cousin Shigure find out about this and find out what has happened to her, they ask her to stay with them.

Not long after, she meets Kyou, another cousin of Yuki, and learns that some members of the Souma family are cursed with the Zodiac curse, which turns them into different Zodiac animals when they are feeling weak, stressed, or are being held by someone of the opposite gender.

As the series goes on and her bonds with different members of the Souma family get stronger, Tooru decides to break the curse to help them.

7. Great Pretender

great pretender 7 1 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

The main group of crooks in “Great Pretender” are what makes this anime hot.

The ONA is an original anime about a group of con artists who follow the rules set up by the group’s boss, Laurent Thierry, and scam people all over the world.

Laurent was born in France, and he is charming, persuasive, and a great thief. It’s good that Laurent has chosen to use his skills for mostly good things, because if he hadn’t, he could have destroyed society as we know it.

Makoto Edamura, a Japanese con man who was brought into the group by Laurent, is the main character of the story.

Makoto meets Abigail Jones, whose parents died in the Baghdad bombing, when she is on Laurent’s team. Throughout the series, Abigail and Makoto’s friendship becomes more complicated.

6. Beastars

beastars 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

‘Beastars’ is based on a manga story written and drawn by Paru Itagaki. It takes place in a world where animals that look like people have learned to be civilized.

The way hunters and herbivores live their lives is very different. Meat can only come from vegetarians, so it is against the law to eat it.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get it by doing something wrong. The story is about Legoshi, a big gray wolf, and his complicated relationships with Haru, a tiny rabbit, and Louis, a red deer.

Legoshi falls in love with Haru, who was dating Louis at the time. In a world with so many different groups, Legoshi and Haru have to work hard to be together.

“Beastars” is like an adult morals play because it shows social problems through animals that act like people. There are also a few sexually-themed scenes in ‘Beastars,’ which add to the story’s depth.

5. Dragon’s Dogma

dragons dogma 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

A man is brought back to life as Arisen after being killed in a horrible way. He wants to get back at the dragon that stole his heart.

But as he faces one monster after another on his long road to revenge, he risks losing his humanity.

The dark fantasy anime shows his journey as he comes back from the dead and tries to get his honor back.

But can he reach his goals, which seem impossible?

Even though the drama that happens is definitely worth watching, there are also some scenes of suggested lovemaking and other fanservice that you might find interesting.

You can watch all of the anime here if you want to see how the story of payback goes.

4. Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy

bastard hcyft 1 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

The Netflix original net animation ‘Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy’ or ‘Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakaishin’ is based on the same-named Japanese comic series written and drawn by Kazushi Hagiwara.

Dark Schneider, the most powerful wizard in the world, is at the center of the story.

After Dark Schneider was defeated 15 years ago, he was trapped inside Lucien Renlen, who is Schneider’s reincarnation.

When his former subordinates start their own conquests, humans understand that the only way to save themselves is for Schneider to be set free.

So, they let him out of his cage in hopes that he will beat his lower-level workers. But how people’s lives turn out rarely matches what they want.

“Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy” is a raunchy, sexy anime with a lot of suggestive scenes.

3. Devilman: Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

“Devilman: Crybaby” is an anime that was made by Netflix. Even though this franchise has an older form, the new one is much better.

The animation and style of the characters are better. This anime is full to the brim with violence, blood, and sex.

This anime is easy to watch all at once. It has a total of 10 shows, and each one is about 25 minutes long.

Devilman is a person who has a strong will and can control the devil that took over them. So, they took over the power of the devil.

Akira Fudou is kind and always ready to help anyone who needs it. So, when his friend asks him to go to a party with him where he plans to find proof of devils, he doesn’t think twice.

But soon, things go wrong when devils start taking over people and killing them.

To save his friend, Akira lets the devil Amon take over him and then uses Amon’s power to beat the other devils. Now that Akira is a devilman, he and his friend are going to protect people from magical threats.

2. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Screenshot 2022 09 13 183325 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’ is based on the video game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ by CD Projekt Red. It takes place in the future city of Night City, California, which is known for its violent crime and corruption.

David Martinez, a youth who seems to be just like everyone else, finds a military speedware.

David gets the speedware implanted in himself after his mother dies, which could have been avoided if David had better means.

This makes the mercenaries interested in him. David meets a strange girl named Lucy, who shows him how edgerunners live.

There are many scenes of nakedness and sex throughout the story of the show.

The sexual themes also add depth to the main story of “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners,” which is how David and Lucy’s relationship grows and changes.

1. Castlevania

castlevania wkw 15 Sexiest/Sexual Anime on Netflix

Even though “Castlevania” was made by American and South Korean animation companies working together, Japanese animation and the art of Ayami Kojima were big influences on the style of animation and art in the series.

Based on the same-named Konami video game, “Castlevania” is about three people: Trevor Belmont, who comes from a family of monster hunters, Adrian “Alucard” epeș, who is a “dhampir,” or a child born when a human and a vampire get together, and Sypha Belnades, who is a witch from a nomadic group called “Speakers.”

They join forces when they find out that Vlad Dracula epeș, who is Alucard’s father, wants to kill his wife to destroy humanity.

There are many passionate and sensual scenes in the show, but they reach their peak in season 3, when a lonely Alucard lets two twins from a faraway place stay at his house.

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