31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

If it’s about adult-oriented anime, you’re in awe of the variety available. 

The world of anime hasn’t been afraid of violence, horror, gore as well as depictions of sexual sex. 

Additionally, the industry has never been afraid of exploring psychological dramas and more artistic fare that will only be appreciated by mature viewers.

Although the anime on this list is targeted at the older crowd, young fans can find plenty to look forward to once they turn. 

Updated by Garima Singh on June 7th, 2024.

The selections include a variety of well-known, underrated, and obscure gems. 

But, they’re each standout titles worth looking into.

Here is a list of 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans:

31. Hellsing

hellsingultimate 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Hellsing is developed partly in part Madhouse studios. Two versions are available, including Hellsing Ultimate being the most “genuine” adaptation.

It’s about a religion-based group of vampires that you could imagine as a police force to kill vampires in particular.

If a woman is bit by a vampire they’re transformed into a vampire. If they’re not virgins, they turn into Ghouls.

It’s an incredibly violent anime with pure violence horror, gore, and lots of action

It is reminiscent of the film Black Lagoon (when it is about The MC).

30. How To Not Summon A Demon Lord

MaouDorei 00 1 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is a mature series that is known for its Ecchi aspects, nudity, and much more. It’ll allow you to experience it for yourself.

Fan service is a key aspect If that’s important to you it’s a great alternative.

It’s about a person who is taken into another realm as the demon Lord Diablo and a harem appears from there.

I had a lot of fun, more than I expected to or expected to. The comedy isn’t too bad.

29. Golden Kamuy

Ejku4iuVoAI0rNS 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Golden Kamuyis an anime series that appears unappreciated and underrated. 

It’s a good series however it’s not that popular.

It simply’s about gold, and the primary persona: Saichi Tsugimoto wants to acquire it due to its value.

There are more than one and many soldiers fighting for his cause. 

This is where the violence, as well as adult themes, come from and mature content.

The animation is much more than that, however. It also reveals the past and culture of Ainu.

28. Jujutsu Kaisen

Mahito threatens Haruta Shigemo Anime 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Jujutsu Kaisen is a horror series that debuted in late 2020. It’s a great show for an anime.

In the very first episode, the show has a ton of s**t going down, and the show does not hesitate to give readers the details about what’s going to transpire.

With its literal ratings of 17+, the level of violence in this anime is evident. 

Even more so when you dig deeper into the show itself.

27. Monster

monster 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Monster is an anime that is so unappreciated these days but in my opinion, it’s the best anime ever created.

Produced in collaboration with Madhouse Studios, Monster is a film by Madhouse Studios about Kenzo Tenma who is a physician. 

The mistake he makes during surgery is saving the life of a child who later turns into a mass murderer.

The burden is much on the man who is compelled to search for him to stop the man.

There’s no realism, mature anime, and well-rounded character (and antagonists) If you haven’t watched Monster.

It is due a lot more credit.

26. Ishuzoku Reviewers

12623104 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Ishuzoku The reviewers caused controversy because of a particular reason. 

It’s an animated series about prostitutes of monsters and protagonists who “get sexually involved”.

In addition, they are constantly reviewing these brothels to entertain themselves and enjoyment.

Every bizarre fetish you could imagine is included in this show in terms of sexual fetish and monster girls in general.

The creators deserve a top-five since it took the balls to create this.

25. Mirai Nikki

tumblr pd7ne33Tao1wcctmmo1 1280 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Mirai Nikki is an anime that you either love or hate in the eyes of the community of anime. 

For me I enjoyed it.

Starting from the very first episodes you will see how mature and violent the show is. 

Stalkers, murder, Stockholm syndrome, this show is a great example.

It’s among the most popular psycho-synthetic series available.

24. Parasyte

1240940 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Parasyte starts are released with the help of a parasite that tries to control the main character’s brain. 

However, it fails and can take over an arm instead.

Shinichi forms a bond with the parasite, however, the parasite becomes a target parasite.

That’s where things start to get violent.

Beyond that, the anime deals with mature topics as well as some seriously messy scenes that follow.

23. Akame Ga Kill

475530 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Akame Ga Kill is certified in regards to the level of violence, maturity, as well as brutality level in the show.

This isn’t a show that attempts in the direction of violence. 

It’s more in line with the character of the show as well as the plot and the principal concept that makes it so.

It’s real and one of the most realistic examples in anime.

22. Gantz

gantz 638 1 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Gantz is more savage than Haganai’s “I Don’t Have Many Friends” because of its profanity.

It’s more offensive than Black Lagoon (or at least on par) because of its offensive language.

This isn’t the best popular series but it’s dark enough, and not too violent for kids to enjoy it.

21. Jormungand

HorribleSubs Jormungand 23 720p.mkv snapshot 00.06 2012.12.22 22.12.59 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

This show will educate readers about the sinister side that is an arms dealer someone who can finance the war industry to earn a living.

It’s also a true depiction of what’s happening when you live it. 

This makes the Jormungand experience even more painful.

If you’re looking for an even more “realistic” depiction of the world of the underworld, then check out Jormungand. 

It goes one step further than Black Lagoon However, they’re both unique in their unique way.

20. Black Lagoon

3165395 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

The gangster-themed anime series is a no-brainer. It’s dark, and gritty, and was bred right out of the mud.

The main character, too, has been born and raised in the sewers in New York City.

If the deepest dark depths of the night are something that makes you want to know more, Black Lagoon won’t disappoint. 

And it looks great for it.

19. Danganronpa

b7f5518d075ea406ff10dbc4b1bdead4 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Danganronpa isn’t for those who are 18+ due to its bloodshed, or for the violence.

It’s the psychological aspects that make Danganronpa too old-fashioned for children.

The anime takes pleasure by entrapping innocent kids in a prison-like school, then having them battle for the lives of their fellow students to endure.

In the process, you observe the mental breakdowns of more than a handful of characters. 

Then, death is their ultimate goal.

18. God Eater

god eater 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Graphical action/fantasy with violently violent scenes shown with CGI animation.

Out of all 18+ shows I’ve seen, God Eater is hands down among the most difficult series to sit through. 

This isn’t surprising given that there are only 12 episodes in length.

The violence is sure to cause you to scream the further you go.

17. Btooom!

1154673 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Btooom! isn’t my favorite. I don’t even like it. 

However, the unsettling violence and shocking scenes are worth mentioning.

Certain scenes are violent and intense for children. It’s not right to think otherwise.

We’re discussing r*pe and other related things of this nature.

16. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

tumblr ljo6t1SvR21qdidsso1 1280 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Fullmetal Alchemist is an example of self-control. 

If you fail to maintain self-control and you make a mistake, you’ll do things that put you in danger.

The show smacks this reality through the initial few times. 

Later, as the story becomes more complex you begin to realize the darker side of the Military struggle between humans and similar themes that are too mature for children.

15. Fate Apocrypha

FateAcro 05 1 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

If you’ve ever watched one of the Fate series, you’ll know the extent of violence they exhibit (except Fate Stay Night).

Fate Apocrypha is the most recent series from the universe of Fate. 

Like Fate Zero, it doesn’t make any concessions. 

Also, expect beheadings and episodes that are difficult to swallow as well as some depth that makes it fascinating.

14. Bungou Stray Dogs

dazai 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

One thing I’ll be saying regarding Bungou Stray Dogs is that It’s bizarre!

Many of the characters are bizarre, odd, or even mysterious. 

It’s interesting to note the amount of violence as well as the depth of certain parts of the story.

is not for kids!

13. Elfen Lied

6f530a7fa19101cf91afb32f76d3799e 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Are you interested in watching the torture of a dog, beating to death, and the perpetrators laugh as they’ve just watched the latest comedy show?

It’s not even one of the icebergs’ toenails in regards to what Elfen Lide has in the store for you.

It’s a sad and disturbing show and it’ll cause you to think about how horrible some human beings can really be.

12. Eureka Seven

15034961 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

The first impression of this series appears to be all Mecha. Also, romance is a common theme in this show.

However, once you get some momentum and dig an understanding you begin to comprehend the other aspect.

This is what we mean by:

  • Eureka Seven is surprisingly violent.
  • It is more in-depth than many shows of its kind and forces you to ask various questions.
  • The rating of 13+ given the show’s rating is not accurate.

I would not suggest this to a 13-year-old. 

Don’t even think about little kids. 

It’s just too deep (but that’s the reason it’s one of my top songs).

11. Witchblade

243248 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Witchblade can be considered too adult for many reasons than violence. It’s also beautiful Ecchi as well.

Think of an animated show like Kill La Kill, or even Darling In The Franxx. 

Then add a greater amount of violence into the mix. You’ll end up with Witchblade as the result.

It’s been forgotten in 2018, but I’d still recommend it if you’re looking to do something new.

10. Code Geass

shot0009 8 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Does this really require an introduction?

Code Geass starts off with a brutal introduction to the tale. 

And that’s NOTHING as compared to the chefs of desperation who will be waiting to serve you.

It’s disgusting, bitter unsavory, crude, and delicious all simultaneously. 

You’ll be in an intense love-hate relationship as you experience the different episodes have to provide.

9. Full Metal Panic

15042560 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Full Metal Panic is among the most enduring Mecha anime shows from the history of anime. 

The new season of the show is airing beginning in 2018.

The show starts slow and then it ramps up the violence and brutality. 

However, it’s there and it’s not pleasant to watch. Particularly once you’re to the end of season 2 FMP.

This is when things can get seriously messed up.

8. Attack On Titan

6e147ef1d858d75bfea0e9179d1522ca 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Attack on Titan is a fact.

The first episode is awe-inspiring. 

The soul-sucking violence will dissuade any child who will watch it.

It may be excessive at times it’s not necessarily making it any more adorable than it already is.

7. Shikabane Hime: Aka

134889 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Shikabane Hime refers to Makina Yoshimura. She’s known as a “corpse princess” because she’s dead but alive.

The themes, the atmosphere, and the characters are by nature dark. 

Therefore, if you’re hoping to see all that “hero of justice” things, you won’t get it in this film. 

Except for one character that’s caught in the midst of all the chaos.

6. Chrono Crusade

chrono 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Chrono Crusade released in the year 2000, is an anime that is religious and demonic with deeper meaning beneath the top.

Once you’re hooked, you can see the reasons why it’s not suitable for children. 

From a violent standpoint, and from a psychological point of view. It’s thought-provoking, deep, and brutal.

5. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

2841971 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Similar to Owari No Seraph and AOT, Kabaneri is a supernatural anime

It is a show about humans and monsters (basically).

It’s nothing revolutionary but how it manages itself is impressive. The gore is brutal.

This shouldn’t come as a shock until you discover that AOT is part of the same studio for anime as Kabaneri.

4. Owari No Seraph

1408388 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Owari No Seraph is one of the few demon/monsters shows with a good plot. 

Much like Attack on Titan, the first episode squeezes the emotions right out of your body. It also draws you in.

Then what follows isn’t at all appropriate for kids.

It all boils down to your attitude.


rory 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

GATE centers around a different world that are revealed in Japan at random. 

This leads the story in a direction that involves the two sides (Japan and the rest of the world) agreeing to an end to the war. 

Instead of attempting to kill one another, the two sides agree to a truce.

Believe me, when I tell you that that GATE is violent. It’s too violent for children (later into the show it is).

2. Food Wars

food wars 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

This is a series about food and Ecchi that includes plenty of “almost naked” scenes, as well as some absurd animation.

Additionally, Food Wars isn’t shy about its fan service either. 

You can witness both girls and boys in person (almost).

13+ is too generous an overall rating.

1. Haganai “I don’t have Many Friends”

haganai i dont have many friends ova 4316 1 31 Sexual Anime For Mature Fans

Haganai is one of the few collections of this kind. 

Do you ask how many other slices of life show nakedness, as well as extreme sexuality?

The story revolves around getting friends and dealing with loneliness. 

However, what they are involved in is within the realm of Ecchi/what I just read about.

Not for children.

Other Mature Anime Series: 

  1. Tokyo Ghoul.
  2. Taboo Tattoo.
  3. Another.
  4. Prison School.
  5. School-Live.
  6. Shiki.
  7. Higurashi: When They Cry.

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