Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release Date & Plot

Everything you should be aware of about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Three years later, just three months following the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Toei Animation announced that the new Dragon Ball Super feature film will hit theaters in 2022.

The Dragon Ball Special panel at Comic-Con@Home 2021 announced the official title for the film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

There’s not much information regarding Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero yet. However, during the SDCC panel, which included the executive producer Akio Iyoku as well as Hirihiro Hayashia and Goku voice actor Masako Nozawa, we had some interesting details to reveal about the anime film that is coming out.

We will update this post with additional information when Toei Animation releases more details regarding Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, so make sure you bookmark this page for any updates in the future.

This is everything you need to be aware of concerning Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Plot

dragon ball Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release Date & Plot
Dragon Ball Super

Toei Animation hasn’t revealed an official synopsis or any important plot information regarding Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero as of yet.

However, Akiyo Ikoyu who is the director of the film from Shueisha has said they wanted to stress the fact that the movie is about the superhero spirit. 

Could this mean that Gohan’s alter-ego as a superhero, Saiyaman, will be returning?

Goku and Vegeta got the chance to shine in earlier Dragon Ball Super films, and, according to the information that Toei Animation presented at the Comic-Con panel, it’s very likely for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will also allow key characters such as Piccolo, Krillin, and Pan to shine.

Based on character concepts that have been revealed to date, it appears like the story for the next Dragon Ball Super film will be set shortly and in NYCC 2021.

It was confirmed that the film will occur after the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film but before the day of the Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament.

DragonBallSuper.jpg Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release Date & Plot
Dragon Ball Super Characters

Another picture of Krillin shows the Z-fighter wearing the police outfit, helmet as well as a hoverbike.

The panel also showed Akira’s original art the artist, which features new characters. The new characters are revealed to be the newly created androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

Toei Animation has posted a poster of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero before this year’s NYCC 2021 panel of Dragon Ball Super, and the poster showcases the two new characters.

So so far, only Bulma, Kirin, Dende, Piccolo, Krillin, an adult Pan, Goku, Broly, Gamma 1, and Gamma 2 are confirmed to be characters in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

However, we’ll encounter more familiar characters such as Vegeta, Gohan, and the rest of their companions on Earth. Below are some new character designs that were revealed during NYCC 2021:

At SDCC the studio also unveiled an important artwork by Toriyama which features an aerial view of a waterfall as well as Piccolo’s residence visible in the area however, the studio hasn’t disclosed the potential events that could take place in the area.

Based on the information provided, it appears like the home of Piccolo will be an important place in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. More information has been made public about Piccolo’s home.

A brand new photo that shows Pan as well as Vegeta was also released:

It was revealed that the NYCC 2021 panel that was slated for the show also revealed that Broly and the Red Ribbon Army and Broly will be a part of the plot in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The trailer also showed the character of Pan’s Super Saiyan training.

The trailer’s first look also revealed Goku, Vegeta, and Buu were depicted as villains while being the Saiyan Prince wearing the “Badman” T-shirt.

The trailer showed the fact that Gohan will be in a thrilling fight with Gamma 1 in the rain, a scene that was rearranged for alteration at the last minute.

You can watch a short clip of dialogue in the film that features characters like Gohan, Piccolo, Gamma 1, and Gamma 2:

The video was uploaded by DBHype of Jump Festa. It seems like the movie will shine a spotlight upon Gohan as well as Piccolo as they attempt to take on the most deadly Red Ribbon Army androids so far.

Also, look over the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero V Jump Special feature of the March 2022 issue which summarizes the main plot of the film.

Why is the Next Dragon Ball Super Film Called ” Super Hero”?

As per Dragon Ball Super manga’s director of the manga Akio Iyoku, this movie will bring more “superhero feelings” than previous entries, and the creator Akira Toriyama is more focused on the superhero aspect of this movie. 

The Z-warriors of Dragon Ball are typically not depicted as superheroes in a traditional way, even though they have extraordinary capabilities, which is why the title has fans wondering what kind of film the movie will portray the “superhero feelings”.

There is a Z-Warrior who was in a role of a superhero during the time. After seven years of the Cell Games, Gohan embraced the superhero life by adopting the alter-ego of “Great Saiyaman”.

maxresdefault 2 Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release Date & Plot
Dragon Ball Super Hero Official Trailer

Piccolo and Pan. Two of the most significant characters in Gohan’s life have already been confirmed to be in the film, which means there’s a high chance the film’s “Super Super Hero” title is referring to Gohan’s return as his Great Saiyaman persona.

In December 2021, the poster for the film with the main characters from the film went out ahead of an event called Jump Festa 2021, which features Gohan wearing his signature purple gi costume.

Dragon Ball’s official Dragon Ball website also posted a blurb about Gohan’s biggest battle in the film.

With their capes flapping, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are looking at striking some elegant poses! 

Additionally, there are new characters that we’ll need to wait to discover more about, regardless of how hard that may be! 

The man in his uniform, and occupying the center of the stage is Gohan who seems to be preparing for the battle of his life with Piccolo, Goku, Vegeta, and Pan!

The blurb is clear the fact that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is superhero-themed. We are aware that Gohan has a super-hero alter-ego, known by the name of Great Saiyaman.

However, it seems like Gohan is returning to his roots, as Gohan is wearing a garish purple gi.

Dragon Ball Super Character & Who are the most important Characters in the Movie?

The official character descriptions for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero characters have been published to give us a better idea of what key characters the film will be focusing on. Take a look:

  1. Goku is a Saiyan raised on Earth. He’s continuing to improve after the battles he had in the battle with Jiren as well as with Broly! He is currently training with Whis.
  2. Gohan is the eldest child of Goku. Despite his abilities that are superior to those of Goku and Vegeta He doesn’t prefer to fight and lives an easy life as an academic.
  3. Piccolo is Piccolo-He’s a Namekian and is the son of Piccolo, the Great Demon King Piccolo. He was once Goku’s adversary. He was a trainer for Gohan and is now a trainer for Pan.
  4. Vegeta is The most regal of Saiyans as well as Trunks, his father. The trainer trains alongside Whis to eventually take on Goku.
  5. Pan Pan Gohan was Videl’s first daughter. Even though she’s only three, she’s been working under Piccolo and has shown indications of having a lot of potential.
  6. Gamma 1 – The first of the brand-new Android series developed by Dr. Hedo. He is dressed in a red cape and has a strong sense of loyalty, with a calm and calming character.
  7. Gamma 2 – The second of the brand new Android series designed by Dr. Hedo. He is dressed in blue caps and is often criticized by Gamma 1 for his slightly uninvolved behavior.
  8. Dr. Hedo is a genius scientist who is employed in the Red Ribbon Army. Dr. Hedo possesses highly advanced Android technology.
  9. Magenta is the President of Red Pharmaceuticals, the current public image of the Red Ribbon Army. In order to build the army, He gets in touch with Hedo.
  10. Carmine Magenta’s confidant and his driver, distinguished by his pompadour.

According to a new update on the cast of voices for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Takeshi Kusao was added as a voice actor to the cast. 

For those not familiar, Kusao is the voice of Kid Trunks as well as Future Trunks. The filmmakers behind the film haven’t yet officially announced the presence of any of the versions of Trunks.

However, the fans have been anticipating the possibility that Trunks who are from the timeline of their origin will appear. 

Because Pan and Gohan have been confirmed to be appearing on screen in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, it makes sense that the son of Vegeta will be in the film, and Goten is likely to be in the film too as he’s the favorite of Trunks.

Dragon Ball Super Hero 2 Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release Date & Plot
Dragon Ball Super Hero Gamma 1 and Gamma 2

Shenron The legendary green wish-granting dragon was confirmed to be in the movie on film and his new appearance was revealed in a promotional.

Version 1.0: In the month of January 2022 pictures from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero merchandise surfaced on the internet and revealed the new Gohan’s look as well as tease two mysterious characters. 

Who might they be?

A brand-new promo from the latest edition of Shonen Jump also showcased the main characters from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, showing Gohan in the center of the screen. Look at this scan by Twitter user @DBSHype

Are There Teasers or Trailers for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Released?

A brief teaser trailer to promote Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero premiered at the Comic-Con panel, however, it doesn’t contain any footage from the film. 

The trailer only depicts Goku (in his basic form) getting pumped up and ready for battle and tease the film’s animation style, which is said to employ new technology to deliver an experience, unlike anything we’ve seen in a Dragon Ball film before.

In the panel at New York Comic-Con 2021, the Dragon Ball Super panel unveiled the trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which teased a new danger and an evil organization from the shadows. 

The trailer was filled with 3D animations and also gave us a glimpse of new alien characters that will be appearing, including Gamma 1 and 2 as well as the return of Broly. 

The trailer also showed the power of a Pan and we may get to see Gohan and Videl’s daughter unleash their Super Saiyan powers in the film.

On the film’s November 20, 2021, producer Norihiro Hayashida revealed the film’s amazing visual effects. 

“Now as you are aware, the highly anticipated new film Dragon Ball Super: Superhero is scheduled to be released in 2022.”

Producer Norihiro Hayashida wrote. “This film will showcase innovative production techniques and will be packed with stunning images, so keep an eye out for it!”

On December 17th, 2021, the panel dedicated to the anime during Jump Festa 2021 debuted a new trailer that confirmed Son Gohan’s role as the main character in the film. The trailer is below:

When will the film be released?

The first teaser has been revealed, Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is scheduled to release sometime in 2022. The release date could differ based on the region and the country. 

Toei Animation hasn’t released the exact date of release for Japan or any other nation but the movie will likely launch in Japan first before it reaches U.S. cinemas.

In the anime’s NYCC 2021 panel, the creators announced that the movie will be made available to Japan in 2022.

However, they have yet to decide the release dates of the film in North America and other regions.

At Jump Festa 2021, Toei Animation confirmed that Dragon Super: Super Hero will be released on April 22nd, 2022 in Japan, but it’s not known what date it will be released in cinemas across the world.

On January 6, it was confirmed that the film would be released at theaters across Thailand on the 2nd of June.

It is hoped that season 2 of the Dragon Ball Super anime series will be released with this new feature.

Manga Adaptations Of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

If you’re thinking about whether Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou have developed a manga for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, you might want to examine the reasons behind why the manga differs from the anime

At the moment, Shueisha, the official publisher of the Dragon Ball manga series, hasn’t announced if they’ll release manga-based adaptations of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

But considering that the film will follow the same pattern as the previous ones, the chances are that there won’t be any manga adaptations.

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