12 Best Anime Like Fire Force

Do you adore the Fire Force? Then perhaps some of these other anime like Fire Force will pique your interest as well.

You are in luck if you have just lately immersed yourself in the flaming world of the Fire Force and are yearning for more hot action.

There are a lot of different anime out there, and many of them have the same fascinating energy, blazing capabilities, and intertwined tales.

In the same way that you followed Shinra Kusakabe on his trip as he battled supernatural Infernals and manipulated flames, there is a plethora of other series that are just ready to take you on journeys that are just as dramatic and fascinating.

Because of this, you should get ready to completely submerge yourself in the universe of protagonists who valiantly stand against supernatural threats while wielding flames, as this will match the intense excitement of Fire Force.

Updated June 19, 2024, by Shagun Singh: With the second season of Fire Force already underway, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore other action/adventure anime series that share a similar vibe. There’s an endless array of captivating anime series to explore, each one leading to another exciting adventure. So, when it comes to Fire Force, what should be the next step?

Here Are some of the best Anime like Fire Force

12. D.Gray-Man

12 Anime like Fire Force 12 Best Anime Like Fire Force

Fire Force is a really cool anime that follows the adventures of characters who have special skills and weapons.

They go on exciting quests to hunt down and defeat all sorts of creatures like monsters, demons, spirits, and even robots!

It’s like a thrilling “monster hunter” anime in many ways.

D-Gray-Man is definitely a show that’s packed with awesome fantasy action scenes throughout its numerous episodes and is one of the anime like fire force!

The main character of this story is Allen Walker, a brave hero living in a fascinating late-1800s gothic world.

In this world, unexpected monsters called Akuma appear from people, causing trouble.

Meanwhile, there is a wicked group called the Millennium Earl and his Noah family who are determined to reshape the world according to their own desires.

It’s Allen and the other exorcists’ responsibility to put a stop to them.

11. Bleach

11 Anime like Fire Force 12 Best Anime Like Fire Force

The fantastic shonen anime Bleach, which Tite Kubo created, combines elements of monster hunting with a distinctive twist.

Instead of gothic vibes, the show focuses on spirits and the undead. In this exciting story, a high school student named Ichigo Kurosaki has a chance encounter with a soul reaper named Rukia Kuchiki.

This meeting leads to the awakening of Ichigo’s incredible powers.

Get ready for an epic adventure!

Ichigo and his amazing allies bravely battle against all sorts of evil, ranging from ravenous hollows to the unjust laws of the Soul Society and even the formidable Sosuke Aizen and his fearsome Arrancar army.

The manga also introduces the Wandenreich, which is the empire of the archer Quincy.

10. Black Clover

10 Anime like Fire Force 12 Best Anime Like Fire Force

In Black Clover, we follow Asta’s exciting adventure. He’s a young person who doesn’t have magic powers, but everything changes when he finds the incredible five-leaf clover grimoire.

Asta is determined to make his dream come true and become the Wizard King.

Get ready for an amazing journey! Fire Force is all about those intense infernal battles, while Black Clover takes us on a thrilling journey through the world of magic!

In line with classic shōnen tropes, the anime showcases intense adversaries, unwavering friendship, and determined main characters.

Even though they might have a bit of a bad reputation, both series focus on squads made up of close-knit families.

9. Deca-Dence

9 Anime like Fire Force 12 Best Anime Like Fire Force

Hey there! Just wanted to mention that in the awesome post-apocalyptic world of Deca-Dence, you might notice some similarities to the world of Fire Force.

Pretty cool, right? Both series explore the theme of a world that has been forever changed, and they do so by telling captivating stories through unique main characters.

Both protagonists are seen as anomalies, but they embrace their unique abilities while uncovering a reality that is even more complex than it appears.

This exciting adventure is a must-watch for fans who love unique characters and mobile fortresses!

8. Firefighter! Daigo Of Fire Company M

8 anime like fire force 12 Best Anime Like Fire Force

Did you know that Daigo of Fire Company M, which started as an old manga-turned-movie, is making a comeback with a brand new anime series?

It’s been almost thirty years since its last release, so it’s really exciting to see the flame being reignited!

The story is all about Daigo Asahina’s exciting journey to become an amazing firefighter!

Since he was saved from a fire when he was a child, Daigo has always dreamed of becoming a firefighter.

This anime beautifully showcases his journey to make his dream come true and the challenges he faces along the way.

7. The Fire Hunter

7 anime like fire force 12 Best Anime Like Fire Force

The Fire Hunter and Fire Force have similar premises and an anime like fire force, but they take different approaches in how they tell their stories.

Both The Fire Hunter and spontaneous human combustion are central themes in this captivating historical fantasy.

The series may have a limited animation budget, but it makes up for it with an engaging storyline that provides a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

The style brings back a feeling of nostalgia and will make you want to watch all ten episodes in one sitting!

6. Soul Eater

soul anime like fire force 12 Best Anime Like Fire Force

Hey there! I wanted to mention that Soul Eater and Fire Force are both awesome shonen-fantasy anime series.

They actually have the same creator, Atsushi Ohkubo. Isn’t that cool?

Both of them have some similarities in their character designs and the epic supernatural battles they showcase.

While Shinra takes on Infernals, the awesome protagonists of Soul Eater battle against Shinigami.

Both anime share similar storytelling, humor, exciting action, and fantastical settings, making them perfect examples of Ohkubo’s incredible world-building abilities.

5. Promare

6 anime like fire force 12 Best Anime Like Fire Force

Promare has got you covered if you’re looking for some awesome visuals and intense action, just like Fire Force!

Both anime are set in fascinating worlds where supernatural fire creatures pose a threat to the world.

You get to join the exciting journey of Burning Rescue, a team of brave firefighters who are determined to defeat these extraordinary enemies and bring peace to their world.

Promare also showcases an exciting rivalry and a special bond that develops between a new firefighter and the leader of a group that some consider to be terrorists.

4. Blue Exorcist

4 anime like fire force 12 Best Anime Like Fire Force

Blue Exorcist is also a super cool show that delves into supernatural stuff in a modern setting!

Fire Force is all about brave firefighters taking on infernal entities, while Blue Exorcist follows the thrilling adventures of demon-slaying exorcists!

Both of the main characters have special abilities that they inherited from their connections to the infernal world.

The series does a great job of combining exciting action with meaningful character development.

It really delves into their personal journeys of self-discovery and finding redemption.

Blue Exorcists actually places a greater emphasis on themes of heritage and destiny rather than teamwork and conspiracy.

3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

3 anime like fire force 12 Best Anime Like Fire Force

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a fantastic show that explores similar themes and tells a captivating story.

Both series explore fascinating worlds where people have incredible powers.

In Fire Force, the characters have the amazing ability to manipulate flames, while in Fullmetal Alchemist, they use alchemy to shape and transform the world around them.

The protagonists’ unwavering quests for truth, justice, and transformation are similar to each other.

However, what really makes Fullmetal Alchemist stand out is its captivating blend of alchemical exploration and political intrigue.

2. Demon Slayer

2 anime like fire force 12 Best Anime Like Fire Force

I think it’s really cool how Demon Slayer and Fire Force both have amazing supernatural battles and interesting character journeys!

They definitely have a lot in common. In both series, the characters bravely face off against otherworldly threats like Infernals and demons.

The main characters, Tanjiro and Shinra, really show how determined and strong they are as they work hard to protect their worlds and the people they care about.

A captivating world with roots in rich Japanese folklore and historical fantasy is the setting for Demon Slayer.

1. My Hero Academia

1 anime like fire force 12 Best Anime Like Fire Force

My Hero Academia and Fire Force both delve into the fascinating world of extraordinary abilities and unusual phenomena.

They have a lot in common! One of them is all about fire-based powers and dealing with infernal threats, while the other explores the fascinating world of quirks and unique abilities.

Both series feature amazing individuals who are determined to use their powers for the greater good!

However, their narrative tones are quite different!

My Hero Academia is not as dark as Fire Force. Instead, it takes place in a school setting and explores a broader superhero theme.

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