Why Does Tanjiro’s Scar Change?

Tanjiro’s scar isn’t hidden because it plays a significant part in his appearance. I’m sure that your eyes have noticed that Tanjiro’s scar continues to change subtly throughout the film.

Without much effort, they must find out why Tanjiro’s scars change. It’s a mystery designed to create intrigue in the tale.

The manga is now complete, Koyoharu Gotoge has answered our questions and provided some life to some theories floating through the community forums.

We’ve been able to figure out the reason and the how of the supernatural scar on Tanjiro. The answer is a spoiler for those who love anime However, the heart will want to know what it is looking for! 

You can satisfy that desire.

The tattoo on Tanjiro’s forehead is today is known as the “Demon Slayer Mark”.

 It’s a tattoo-like marking or a birthmark in a few cases that grants incredible power to those who wear it. Demon Slayer possesses it.

This Mark is directly linked or is a result of individuals who are practicing the Sun-Breathing method like, (spoiler alert), Tanjiro Kamado.

The Demon Slayer Mark

The Demon Slayer Mark 1 Why Does Tanjiro's Scar Change?

Tanjiro’s Demon Slayer Mark is no simple birthmark or accidental mark anymore, as he believes. 

It’s a mysterious mark that is visible on the body of a mighty Demon Slayer.

It could be referred to as a tattoo, scar or birthmark, or Demon Slayer insignia! because it looks just like the rest of them.

However, its most important characteristic is its connection to the power of.

Every Demon Slayer is unique in appearance and is designed to suit the breathing style of the wearer.

The real origin of the mark is not known and will probably never be revealed to the public. But, certain people are birthed with this mark.

For instance, the original Sun Breathing user, Yoriichi Tsugikuni was born with the mark. 

According to Chapter 177 by his brother Kokushibo his mark seemed so alarming or unusual that his father was willing to murder Yoriichi. 

It’s quite remarkable that the mark was believed to be the result of a curse.

The thing that’s even more remarkable is the fact that Amane Ubuyashiki reveals the manga earlier in the manga that the swordsmen who led Muzan to the brink of death were all carrying that mark

Curious, isn’t it?

In regards to how Tanjiro gets this mark, the fascinating thing is it was never a mark in the first place

It was just a mark resulting from an accident that occurred when the man rescued his brother from the path of the falling brazier.

However, soon after, as Tanjiro begins his quest to become the greatest Demon Slayer, his scar turns into an image. 

Apart from power one of the other possible associations for the mark is Sun Breathing users such as Yoriichi and, more likely, Tanjuro Kamado.

Like Shinjuro Rengoku says the symbol is associated with Sun Breathing users

Because of Tanjiro’s direct connection and his practice to his Sun Breathing technique, he can access his Demon Slayer Mark. 

Amane Ubuyashiki herself claims the fact that the first person to be able to access that mark would be Tanjiro (presently).

However, with immense strength comes tremendous responsibility, and in this instance, there is a curse. People who awakened the Demon Slayer Marks passed at the age that of.

Based on Kokushibo’s theory the enhanced powers will come as a result of their age. Although, two people manage to get around the curse.

Kokushibo chooses to exit mortal existence to become an immortal demon, while Yoriichi by means that are not known has a life span of 85.

Why Does Tanjiro’s Scar Change?

The Demon Slayer Mark 2 Why Does Tanjiro's Scar Change?

The most important factor in this question is Tanjiro himself. The mark is a mark that can grow as well as resonate. 

At first, the mark on Tanjiro’s forehead was just a minor burn caused by his brother’s rescue from the fall of a brazier.

As Tanjiro increases his power and strength and strong, we can see the scar turning into the shape of a mark appearing on his forehead.

We can see four distinct kinds that are of him throughout the narrative. The first one was his first flayed area of skin

The second one is the result of the transformation of the scar following his battle against his hand Demon. Hand Demon.

The development in this third form takes place in the battle with Rui and is now more evident. 

In the end, Tanjiro awakens his Demon Slayer Mark for the first time against Upper Moon 6, Gyutaro, and then again against Hantengo.

It is clear that the mark awakens when it meets certain requirements, i.e, persisting throughout a life-threatening condition, such as heart rate of more than 200 beats per minute and body temperature above 39 degrees Celsius.

Another condition and one of the most important is the direct connection with the Sun Breathing technique

When he awakens the Demon Slayer Mark, we witness him gaining powers from other realms like The Transparent Universe when he fights Akaza.

The mark is a boost to the bearer’s physical capabilities It allows for hyper-perception (termed to be Transparent World) and turns their Nichirin Blades to that hinders the ability of regenerative powers of demons.

The power-up can make them battle on the same level as those of Twelve Kizuki.

Another intriguing aspect of The Demon Slayer Mark is its capability to sound.

Similar to the Sengoku Era, where multiple Demon Slayers could use this Demon Slayer Mark, a similar situation occurs where Hashiras that have nothing to do with the Sun Breathing technique awakens their Demon Slayer Marks.

The mark’s originality can be a catalyst for change and be passed on among other Demon Slayers capable of meeting the requirements through resonance.

This power was the reason for the demise of Muzan Kibutsuji as well as his Twelve Kizuki. The Hashiras are akin to Tanjiro’s markings and access capabilities that are comparable to the Twelve Kizuki’s.

Other Users of the Demon Slayer Mark

The Sengoku Era, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, along with several swordsmen who established the Demon Slayer corps possessed this mark. It is speculated that Tanjiro’s father Tanjuro Kamado also had access to the mark.

According to the main storyline, Tanjiro Kamado and the Hashiras – Giyu Tomioka Mitsuri Kanroji, Obanai Iguro, Sanemi Shinazugawa Gyomei Himejima, and Muichiro tokito have reactivated the Demon Slayer Marks.

Is Tanjiro the strongest of all?

If the question were phrased differently, like “Is Tanjiro the greatest demon slayer ever if so, the answer is no because Yoriichi Tsugikuni can smoke Tanjiro in a battle.

However, Tanjiro isn’t a disappointment because Tanjiro is certainly the most formidable demon slayer of his time, during the Taisho period. 

Tanjiro goes through a gradual but dynamic change throughout the story. At the end of the story, Tanjiro has defeated Muzan.

At this moment, Tanjiro possesses enhanced physical capabilities and a high level of mental strength. 

Before fighting Muzan, Tanjiro masters the Hinokami Kagura and reaches the 13th version of the technique that helps him extend his capabilities that including Selfless State, Transparent World, and the Crimson Blade.

Not requiring any more clarifications the slayer awakens to his Demon Slayer Mark placing his powers at the top of the line.

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