18 Delicious Anime Foods Of All Time

With improvement in the animation, anime has showed us some of the most drool worthy dishes that looked super life-like!

From the creamy soups in The Secret World of Arrietty to the ramen in Your Name, anime gave us spectacles of dishes that will make your heart crave for these delicacies instantly!

So, let’s take a look at the top 18 anime foods that will make your mouth water!

18. Suzuki Mankanshoku Mystery Croquettes (Kill la Kill)

Suzuki Mankanshoku Mystery Croquettes (Kill la Kill)


Peaches of Immortality?

Golden apples?

The Holy Grail?


No. Nope. Nada

Here’s the real food that will make you immortal!

The Mystery croquettes!

The series never explains what it is inside these croquettes or how they are made or anything at all, but these are the only food along with rice that the Mankanshoku family eat all the time and their rate of survival in the world of Kill la Kill is unbeatable!

Mako and her family survived essentially everything! Gigantic thorn and traps, almost being deep-fried in oil, being chased by huge rolling stones, being targeted by other schools, almost being nuked, surviving in a school with competition like that and so much more!

These croquettes provide the family with all the life force that they need to survive the slums of Kill la Kill.

17. Ban’s Cooking (Seven Deadly Sins)

Ban’s Cooking (Seven Deadly Sins)

This anime with overpowered main characters is one of the best anime to handle this concept! 

The story revolves around the Seven Deadly Sins who are the strongest warriors of the Kingdom and their fight against the Holy Knights.

Laid back and cool, Ban has everything that he needs to attract a woman, but in addition to that, Ban is also an excellent cook!

He often makes fun of Meliodas for the lack of his cooking skills.

He regularly makes meals for this band and his dishes range from various meat dishes to cakes and desserts!

16. Brock’s Cooking (Pokemon)

Brock’s Cooking (Pokemon)

In addition to being a great pokemon breeder, Brock is a great cook!

He is often seen cooking for his companions through the series!

This domestic side of his humming and cooking wearing his usual pink frill apron has appealed to fans for a long time!

It comes from his dark past though where Brock had to take care of his 9 young brother and sister after his parents saddled and left him with all of the responsibility of the kids to pursue their own dreams and wishes!

Brock also had to e full-time gym leader at just 15!

Well, now that he is travelling with Ash and Misty they can be sure to never run out of delicious healthy food!

15. Itachi Uchiha’s Meals (Naruto)

Itachi Uchiha’s Meals (Naruto)

What is Itachi’s best ability?

Mangekyou Sharingan? Sunasnoo? Fire Style?


Itachi was a perfect and his genius extended beyond just combat!

Itachi was an excellent cook even at a very young age being able to prepare crabs, seafood and many other dishes.

He prepared a feast for Sasuke and there is also an OVA where he prepared breakfast for Sasuke.

Sasuke, enjoying the mouth water meal to his heart’s content was later sitting his stomach full and a nice smile on his face.

This tells us more than it would ever have in words that Itachi’s cooking is something to definitely try some time!

14. Teo and Furio’s Cooking (Ristorante Paradiso)

Teo and Furio’s Cooking (Ristorante Paradiso)

This series primary focus is a restaurant.

Thus, obviously the focus on these bespectacled gentleman chefs.

Teo and Furio are the chefs for Castella Dell’Orso and they make sure to serve their customers only the best dishes.

They are famous for their antipasto among other things on the menu.

13. Azuma Kazuma’s Bread (Yakitate Japan!)

13. Azuma Kazuma’s Bread (Yakitate Japan!)

If you had to have a super power, which one would you have?



Read minds?

Well… Kazuma seems to have pulled the short end of the stick.

He had to settle with Solar Hands which give him the ability to cook bread to perfection!

It’s perfect for him because he wants to bake the tastiest bread in Japan!

And he is getting there! Kazuma’s bread is definitely one of the best breads that you have ever seen or had!

In addition, this bread also has to overcome challenges like taste good with staple Japanese breakfast like natto (fermented beans) or miso soup.

With every challenge that bread goes on progressing to become better and better to taste!

12. Panz Fry’s Volcano Cooking (One Piece)

Panz Fry’s Volcano Cooking (One Piece)

He is a giant, okay?

Cut him some slack!

If you were a giant, would you be able to cook on a regular human-sized stove?

No, you wouldn’t! Obviously you’ll need something bigger… like a volcano!

Panz Fry is a made delicious food for the Straw Hats which had giant calms, lobsters and even oysters!

He is well known for his volcano cooking recipes like the Sea Animal Churrasco and Thousand People Paella.

11. Charmy Papittoson’s dishes (Black Clover)

Charmy Papittoson’s dishes (Black Clover)

Charmy’s cooking is special because it recovers mana for everyone that eats it!

Charmy uses her cotton magic to create sheep cooks who obey her and cook all her favorite dishes for her.

Her magic has been pivotal in a lot of moments as it recovers mana of other magic users.

Vanessa often teams up with Charmy to keep Rouge intact for a longer amount of time in order to protect her friends!

Her cooking is here since it not only is useful and tasty but also unlimimted!

Charmy’s cooks will cook no matter what!

10. Ichiraku Ramen (Naruto)

Ichiraku Ramen (Naruto)

How can someone eat something their entire life and not get sick of it?

Ichiraku’s ramen has been one of the cornerstones of Naruto’s life.

His reward where he spent time with his friends and teachers!

The delicious miso char siu ramen also introduced an ingredient, Naruto in it’s menu.

This restaurant has seen Naruto’s journey from a lonely boy to the legendary 7th Hokage.

The soup, noodles, ham, eggs, nori sheets and obviously, Naruto complete this dish into a heart-warming bowl of goodness!

9. Hachiken Yuugo’s cooking (Silver Spoon)

Hachiken Yuugo's cooking (Silver Spoon)

Most of the times, cooking starts with collecting ingredients, but this time it is going to start from making the ingredients.

Yuugo raised a pig and saw it all the way through until it became ham, then until it was smoked and then stacked it up all the way on his rice and eat until he’s stuffed.

He also gathered and prepared all ingredients for a pizza having a pizza party with all of his friends!

With the popularity and reaction of his friends and teachers, there’s no mistaking the mouthwatering taste of Hachiken’s cooking!

8. Hachi’s Takoyaki (One Piece)

8. Hachi’s Takoyaki (One Piece)

Hachi’s takoyaki, according to Caimie, is thebest takoyaki in the whole world!

Sanji can also be seen begrudgingly admitting that the takoyaki was indeed delicious.

It might look simple but Hacchan’s takoyaki does pack a punch!

Also, you don’t’ have to wait in the queue since he is able to prepare so many simultaneously with all of his six hands working at the same time.

Also it is kind of ironic that he is selling such delicious takoyaki…being an octopus himself.

7. Cho Hakkai cooking (Saiyuki)

Cho Hakkai cooking (Saiyuki)

If you have to feed a stomach as big as Son Goku’s, you have to be adept at cooking!

While they do enjoy a nice meal in a restaurant from time to time, Hakkai is almost always the in-charge of cooking for the quartet.

He also has attempted to teach other people cooking and mind you they have also become quite the cooks!

Hakkai is particularly famous for his stew and hotpot dishes!

6. Ryuuji Takasu’s desserts (Toradora)

Ryuuji Takasu’s desserts (Toradora)

What do we remember Toradora for?

A short angry girl?

Or desserts made by a certain blue-haired student?

The short angry girl, obviously but the desserts are not something to be underestimated too!

Ryuuji is takes great joy in making and feeding his desserts to people.

His orange tart and biscuits are treat just to look at!

With th reactions of his peers, it definitely makes you wonder what they taste like.

5. Sanji’s Seafood Risotto (One Piece)

5. Sanji’s Seafood Risotto (One Piece)

Sanji is a true chef at heart and everything that he makes is truly delicious, but the very first glimpse of his true character as a cook is displayed when he feed Gin.

Gin had been starved for 7 days and had been insulted and beated up by the other staff of the baratie.

Despite all of that, Sanji cooked and fed Gin his famous Seafood risotto.

Topped with shrimp and octopus, this risotto is one of the mainstays and baratie and one of Sanji’s and Zeff’s signature dishes.

Later on in the series, when Sanji finally reunites with the Straw Hats he cooks the same seafood risotto for them!

With some white wine, flambé and letting it simmer a delicious plate of sea food risotto is waiting for you!

4. Okumura Rin’s cooking (Blue Exorcist)

Okumura Rin’s cooking (Blue Exorcist)

One of the most overlooked aspects of Blue Exorcists is Rin’s cooking!

Rin may be bad at everything else.

He might get into troubles and fights, leave his stuff lying around, get bad grades in school and not study but, cooking is something Rin excels at!

He has shown in the show again and again when he made an entire 3 layered birthday cake that made Mephisto go bonkers and a delicious omurice for Usamaro which just melted in his and Kuroo’s mouth!

Everyone knows and loves anything that Rin cooks and it isn’t without reason.

3. Susanoo’s cooking (Akame Ga Kill)

Susanoo’s cooking (Akame Ga Kill)

Susanoo was something that Najenda brought back home from the Revolutionary Army HQ.

Being a Teigu, Susanoo is adept at combat and can do any task that he is commissioned to, including cooking delicious meals!

He is a perfectionist and can’t stand even the slightest inaccuracies.

He immediately fixes Mine’s and Tatsumi’s hair.

He is unbeatable in chores and can even make literal fortresses from scratch!

He excels in executing any command that he is given.  

This perfection extends to his cooking as well!

Susanoo is perfectly capable of making delicious meals within seconds all while sporting an apron and his horns!

2. Yukihira Souma’s Fried Rice (Food Wars!)

Yukihira Souma’s Fried Rice (Food Wars!)

The ultimate food war!

The challenge was to make one dish that encompasses all the 5 Grand cuisines of the world!

India, Italian, French, Turkish and Chinese, all of these cuisines specialize in completely different areas and stand out in their own departments!

Souma’s answer?

Fried rice.

But not just any fried rice, the ultimate friend rice that was made by the taste of his mother.

Souma was able to integrate and bring out various specialities of the grand cuisines like the spices meats, seafood and vegetables.

The balance and bringing out the tastes of all of these heavy hitters is what makes this dish so special and tasty!

1. Sanji’s Wedding Cake (One Piece)

 Sanji’s Wedding Cake (One Piece)

This wedding cake was originally made from so mmnay special ingredients gathered from various islands from all over Totto Land.

Sanji was able to decipher all the ingredients based on the aroma and was able to recreate the cake with the help of Chiffon and Pudding.

Whipping up smooth frosting to just melt in your mouth, chocolate so silky it had to kept covered or else it would spill and a gigantic soft and fluffy chiffon cake.

This cake was made by experts to satisfy a raging giant called Big Mom.

There’s no down that something that could show Big Mom her childhood is delicious enough to top this list!

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