Sims 4: Blowing Out Candles & Birthday Cake

One of the most thrilling aspects of the game is watching your virtual characters mature.

You are about to enter a new phase of life that brings with it new opportunities and experiences, but first, you need to celebrate another year of your life by having a birthday party.

It is common knowledge that a birthday cake is an essential component of every successful birthday party in The Sims 4.

If you want your Sims to reach their full potential as quickly as possible, you will need a birthday cake.

The Best Way to Get a Birthday Cake

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In prior Sims games, you were able to buy a birthday cake from the Buy Mode store; however, this is not the case in The Sims 4, where this option is no longer available.

Now you have to bake the cake on your own, which might be a hassle; but, doing so contributes significantly to the game’s sense of realism and can be a sweet moment that’s shared with members of the family.

Simply clicking on your refrigerator and selecting “cook” will bring up a list of potential ingredients for your birthday cake, which will vary depending on the level of your Sim’s culinary expertise.

Simply select the desired baked good with the mouse, and your Sim will get to work.

If you have mastered the art of gourmet cuisine, you will also be able to master the art of baking gourmet cakes.

Different kinds of birthday cakes

Thankfully, there are a variety of cakes that can be baked in the game that meet the requirements to be a birthday cake, and they all taste equally scrumptious when consumed by your sims.

Cakes with Chocolate and White Frosting
Hamburger Cake (if you have the Digital Deluxe game)
Blue Confetti Cake
Cake with Strawberries
Honey Cake (Bake) (from honey collected from beekeeping)
Cheesecake made with Sim City

How to Blow out the Candle?

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In The Sims 4, blowing out the candles on the birthday cake is the single most crucial step in the entire process of having a birthday cake.

To accomplish this, you must click on a finished cooked cake and select the “add birthday candles” option. After doing so, your sim will automatically move its hand over the cake while adding birthday candles.

Every sim can accomplish this task with the exception of toddlers and infants.

After you have placed the birthday candles on the cake, you can have any Sim who is a child or older blow out the candles by clicking on the cake with that Sim and telling them to do so.

However, if the birthday sim you want to celebrate is a toddler, you will need to find someone to assist you.

When you are in control of the toddler, you may blow out the candles on the birthday cake by clicking on the cake and selecting the option to “ask for help to blow out the candles.” You will then be given the opportunity to select an older sim to help.

Alternatively, you can take control of an older Sim, click the Help button, blow out the candles, and then select the Young Sim that you want to Grow Up with.

Note that newborns cannot advance in age by using a birthday cake; instead, you must select the bassinet and then select the “age up” option.

Final Remarks

Baking a birthday cake in The Sims 4 is an essential aspect of throwing an excellent birthday party and can truly add to the authentic experience of playing the game.

It’s also a terrific technique to speed up the aging process for your Sims!

What kind of birthday cake do you enjoy eating the most when you play the game?

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