List of 12-Episode Anime You Can Binge In A Day

Anime is great, isn’t it? Today we will cover a list of 12-Episode Aninme!

Beautiful art and animation, thrilling action, captivating mysteries, and so on!

If only one had the time out of their busy schedule to watch some anime!

Well, as always, we got your back!

Today we will cover a list of 12-Episode Aninme!

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Here are the top 15 anime that have just 12 episodes:

15. Horimiya

Horimiya List of 12-Episode Anime You Can Binge In A Day

On the surface, most people wouldn’t think that Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura would get along.

After all, Hori has the perfect mix of beauty and intelligence, while Miyamura seems shy and far away from his classmates. But when the two meet by chance, both of their hidden sides come out.

Even though Hori is well-known at school, she doesn’t have much time to hang out with her friends because she has to do housework.

Miyamura, on the other hand, lives right under the noses of his peers. He has secret tattoos and piercings on his body that make him look like a kind of gentle criminal.

14. Tanaka-Kun Is Always Listless

Tanaka Kun Is Always Listless List of 12-Episode Anime You Can Binge In A Day

For Tanaka, who is in high school, being bored is a way of life. Tanaka is known for not paying attention and being able to fall asleep anywhere.

He prays that each day will be the same as the last and avoids situations that require him to work hard to keep his lazy lifestyle.

With the help of his reliable friend Oota, who helps him do things he can’t do himself, the lazy teenager is always dealing with things that keep him from having the quiet, peaceful days he wants.

13. Handa-Kun

Handa Kun List of 12-Episode Anime You Can Binge In A Day

Sei Handa spends his high school years as an outcast, or at least that’s what he thinks because everyone else hates him. In reality, Sei is the most well-liked student on campus.

His calligraphy skills, good looks, and cool personality make him the most admired student there. But because of a never-ending series of misunderstandings, Handa sees the love he gets from his many fans as bullying.

This makes him cut himself off from the rest of his classmates.

12. Dance in the Vampire Bund

dansu in za vuanpaiabando List of 12-Episode Anime You Can Binge In A Day

Because of something that happened a year and a half ago, a 17-year-old boy has forgotten everything.

He does remember a promise he made seven years ago to this girl that they would always be together.

That girl turns out to be the Queen of the Vampires, whom he meets again and feels a special connection to. This is how the story starts.

11. Sankarea

Rea List of 12-Episode Anime You Can Binge In A Day

Chihiro Fuwuya is obsessed with zombies and spends most of his time watching zombie and horror movies.

One day, a car runs over his cat Babu. Chihiro is sad, so he asks a troubled girl named Rea Sanka to help him bring back his cat.

10. Another


A horror-thriller anime, Another is set to give you the chills!

This anime has perfected the art of giving you jump scares and actual disturbances randomly when you least expect it!

The reason it can scare you until the very end is it finds a great balance between eerily creepy and mysteriously gripping!

It features a lot of violence and gore. If that is your thing then this is one of the finest paranormal thrillers that you will ever see.

It needs a little time to take off, but in the end, the anime manages to do so much more than just redeem itself!

Mysteries at every step, one step wrong and there’s murder and bloodshed!

9. Death Parade

Death Parade

Death Parade is absolutely amazing at the amount of ground it covers!

Love, anger, revenge, sadness, and everything else that it possibly can!

The flawless execution of this concept coupled with the intrigue that each individual episode brings will get you hooked!

Pure entertainment that draws you in every way with its character dynamics and mindful writing, all the nuances, and intricacies of human emotion, this anime is one definitely worth watching!

8. House of Five Leaves

House of Five Leaves

It’s the peaceful Edo period. Japan is nice, peaceful, and prospering.

Masa is a simple Ronin who just wants to make a living by the way of the sword.

However, due to his reputation as being ‘unreliable’ or ‘meek’, his employers often do not engage him.

One day, a carefree man in pink hires him as a bodyguard.

Is Masa up for his task?

Even in the face of shady trades and activities?

This anime beautifully delves into the minds and psychologies of samurai.

PTSD and traumas caused by killing along with the constant pressure to uphold ‘bushido’ morals of honor, chivalry, loyalty, and so on.

This less-discovered aspect of samurai in anime makes this one stand out and special.

7. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

Devil is a Part-timer s an Isekai comedy that has both the Hero and Devil King as normal Japanese people.

As they continue interacting with regular people, they both go on changing.

They make new friends, keep secrets, get in and out of trouble, develop feelings, and everything, in general, is one big mess that needs to be solved.

The characters know how to have fun while living their lives and struggling to go back to their world.

However, the real beauty of this anime is how quickly it can switch from a slice-of-life comedy to a political action-packed thriller.

It definitely is worth a watch especially now that the second season is set to come out!

6. Grand Blue

Grand Blue

Grand Blue has crass humor that will make you roll on the floor holding your belly laughing.

All the characters and their specific quirks, all the sweet and subtle moments will take you by storm.

The overarching regular story arc of the scuba-diving club of a college club and a member who wants to scuba dive without knowing how to swim.

Grand Blue does a great job as a sitcom while it takes you on a sweet adventure.

The anime also beautifully captures the underwater scenes with its art style!

5. Its Sakamoto, Haven’t You Heard?

Its Sakamoto, Haven’t You Heard

Sakamoto is perfect.

There is absolutely no way to catch him off guard or do something embarrassing.

The students have tried, the teachers have tried, and everyone has tried!

Girls fangirl about Sakamoto, boys have a rivalry with him, teachers want to catch him doing something so they can yell at him!

Go on. Aren’t you interested in whether they can find a weakness in Sakamoto?

Go ahead! Give it a whirl yourself!

4. Beastars


Beastars is one of the most highly rated anime across various platforms and for good reason!

Beastars has some of the most snappy writing and gripping stories.

It hooks people onto itself and directly addresses issues rather than pushing people into the world of metaphors.

Compelling characters that make the emotions come alive are just another factor that makes this anime such a great one!

This anime combines issues like racism, biases, and sexual desires in a subtle manner while focusing on growth and acceptance.

In combination with great animation and sound, Beastars becomes a fan favorite!

3. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland indeed brings a lot of promise with it! It has a great plot, at least in the manga if it had been followed in the anime.

It has great characters and their development and progression.

It has both a strategic battle of wits inspired by great anime like Code Geass or Death Note and the action and mystery from Attack on Titan.

It makes for a perfect combination of an action-packed riveting story short enough for you to binge in a single sitting!

2. Erased


This anime will make you cry.

Happy moments, investigating a murder, and heart-wrenching moments, Erased has practically everything to remain on your mind for a very VERY long time.

Our hero goes back in time for one simple reason, to avoid a kidnapping that had happened, but when time travel is involved, we all know that things don’t go that simply.

It has been one of the most impactful anime for a lot of audiences and it is kind of a shame that it has only 12 episodes.

1. Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority manages to do so much in just a 12 episode series that manages to go from Slice of Life to Sci-fi in a single episode.

This anime not only has a great premise and animation but also makes you feel like you are in there somewhere.

Everyone has things that they need to face and people that they want to get back, but can you really do it without a catch?

Does wonder Egg Priority do a great job of subtly talking about a lot of questions like what exactly does it mean to be alive? To be friends? To have regrets? To be male or female? How to handle bullying?

Can these young girls face their own traumas to get back one person they have loved?

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