Best OTK Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

One Turn Kills and First Turn Kills used to be two different types of strategies.

If you wanted to try to win the game in one turn, you had to build your deck around a single combo.

Today, it’s hard to tell the difference between OTK Cards strategies and everything else.

This is because very strong monsters in the Extra Deck have made almost every deck have at least some OTK potential.

It hurts so much Getting OTK’d in Yu-Gi-Oh!

But this list doesn’t care about how you feel.

Here, we’ll look at some of the best out-of-turn cards in the whole game.

Some are no longer allowed, but others can still be used.

So if you want to make sure that your opponent is the only one who gets OTK’d, I’ve got you covered!

10. Exodia The Forbidden One

Best OTK Cards

You can’t talk about OTKs without mentioning the most popular one, which is even in the official Yu-Gi-Oh!

If you don’t already know how this OTK works:

If a Duelist has all 5 pieces of Exodia The Forbidden One in their hands at any time, they immediately win the duel.

This is very hard to do because many of the best draw cards in the game are banned and you can only use one piece of Exodia.

But it is still and has always been a legal win condition.

9. Last Turn

09 last turn card yugioh 1 Best OTK Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

This card isn’t very high on our list because it makes the fight a game of chance.

As a side note, though, this is possibly the Yu-Gi-Oh card that is the most ridiculous.

Last Turn is a banned Trap Card that can only be used if you have less than 1000 Life Points.

You choose one monster on your side of the field, and every other card in play goes to the graveyard.

After that, your opponent can bring any monster from their deck to life as a special summon.

And the winner of a battle between two monsters chooses who wins the duel.

This can kill your opponent outright, but there’s a reason no other card is quite like it.

8. Gren Maju Da Eiza

08 gren maju da eiza ygo card 1 Best OTK Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

It sounds crazy that an LVL3 monster can have more than 8000ATK, right?

Well, it’s real, it’s endless, and it’s powerful enough to have been used successfully in competition.

Gren Maju Da Eiza has an ability that gives it 400 more ATK/DEF for every card in your banished pile.

That doesn’t sound like much on its own.

But with cards like Gizmek Orochi, which can get rid of eight cards at once, Pot Of Desires, which gets rid of ten cards, and Eater Of Millions, which gets rid of fifteen cards, it’s easy for this monster to have enough ATK to win the fight in a single hit.

7. Magical Explosion

07 magical explosion yugioh card 1 Best OTK Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

If burn damage is your favorite way to kill someone, this card is worth a look.

Magical Explosion is not on the list of things that can’t be used.

But the card “Chicken Game,” which made this OTK happen every time, is.

The damage done by Magical Explosion is 200 for each spell in your graveyard.

When used with Chicken Game, you can lower your own life points.

Then, you can use Life Equalizer, which can make both players’ life points 3000.

And all you need to kill is 15 spells in the graveyard.

If this is how your deck is made, it’s surprisingly easy to pull off.

6. Transcode Talker

06 transcode talker card yugioh 1 Best OTK Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Cyberse is a common type of card, and it includes some very powerful archetypes like Salamangreat.

If you play with a Cyberse deck, you have access to a strong and legal OTK.

Transcode Talker is a Link-3 and has an easy one-hit-kill combo if Update Jammer is used to call it.

Any monster that uses Update Jammer as a resource can attack twice, and Transcode Talker can bring Update Jammer back from the Graveyard and give both monsters 500 more ATK.

Two attacks from Transcode Talker do 2800 LP each, and two attacks from Update Jammer do 2500 LP each, for a total of 8100 LP damage!

Is it hard to do?


But once you’ve learned it, this OTK is scary in how reliable it is.

5. Samsara Lotus

05 samsara lotus ygo card 1 Best OTK Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

This nasty OTK combo only works because of a few cards.

But Samsara Lotus was banned because of it!

We’re interested in the effect of Samsara Lotus, which lets you special summon it during the end phase if you don’t control any Spells or Traps.

With Topologic Bomber Dragon, Trickstar Black Catbat, and Knightmare Unicorn, you can destroy Samsara Lotus again, which will cause its affect to bring it back over and over.

And every time you do that, Trickstar Black Catbat does 200 Burn damage.

That’s 8000 damage over 40 times this action is used.

Not only was this an OTK, but it could also be an FTK.

4. Yata-Garasu

04 yata garasu card yugioh 1 Best OTK Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

This card was so bad that it was put on the very first North American/TCG ban list, and it has stayed on that list ever since.

The Yata-Lock plan is known for using the card Yata-Garasu as the key card.

This card only has 200 ATK and 100 DEF, but if it does damage in battle, your opponent’s next draw phase is skipped.

During the end step, this card also goes back to your hand.

The plan is to play cards until your opponent’s field and hand are empty, and then use Yata-Garasu to attack.

Your opponent skips their draw phase, so they don’t get any cards. They end their turn, and you keep summoning Yata-Garasu and attacking with it until you win.

3. Substitoad

03 substitoad ygo card 1 Best OTK Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

This card is one of a few OTK/FTK plans that uses the top card further down this list…

But this one is famous because it won a Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship and was then banned right away.

For this OTK to work, you need Substitoad, Ronintoadin, and either Mass Driver or Cannon Soldier.

If you sacrifice a monster to Substitoad, you can Special Summon a frog from your deck.

You can keep doing this until there are a lot of Frogs in your graveyard.

In the Graveyard, Ronintoadin can get rid of a Frog to Special Summon itself, and you can use that Frog as ammo for Cannon Soldier/Mass Driver.

You can keep doing this loop until you win the fight or your opponent walks away.

2. Cannon Soldier

02 cannon soldier card yugioh 1 Best OTK Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

If you look deep into the past of Yu-Gi-Oh!, you’ll find that one card shows up on more OTK and FTK lists than any other.

Cannon Soldier is an LVL4 monster with 1400 ATK and 1300 DEF.

It lets you give up a monster to burn your opponent for 500 damage.

On its own, this doesn’t sound very good.

But it has been used in decks that can keep bringing monsters from the graveyard back onto the field, like the Frog FTK strategy, which can be used to do this over and over again.

And you might be surprised to learn that Cannon Soldier is banned in the OCG, but (as of this writing) is free to use in the TCG.

1. Mass Driver

01 mass driver yugioh card 1 Best OTK Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

If the Cannon Soldier has a weakness, it’s that it’s a bad monster card with no protection that costs your standard summon for the turn.

On the other hand, Mass Driver is a Continuous Spell card that doesn’t cost anything to play.

It works like Cannon Soldier in that you can sacrifice a monster on your side of the field to give 400 damage to your opponent.

When played in a deck that can bring back cards from the past, this card can be used to kill your opponent outright.

Since you can keep doing it until your opponent has no more life points or throws their deck at you!

Mass Driver belongs both on the list of games that should be banned and at the top of this list.

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