18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

When the Zexal age came to Yu-Gi-Oh!, Xyz Monsters would also be added.

They were the third type of card that could go in the Extra Deck, and they quickly became the best way to use the Extra Deck at the time.

Even in the current game, some of the best Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! are Xyz Monsters.

Because they are so easy to make, Xyz Monsters are a mainstay in almost every deck.

In contrast to Synchros and Fusions, they could be made with general materials, which meant that more decks could be used in them.

These Xyz Monsters are the best ones that aren’t banned yet.

As of this writing, there are more than 450+ XYZ monsters to choose from, so you have a lot to think about.

Each one gives your deck a different strategy.

So how do you choose?

Well, come with us as we look at the best XYZ monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh from all ranks.

So, these tips could help your extra deck go into speed no matter what deck you play.

18. Castel, The Skyblaster Musketeer

Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters

When the meta was at its best, Castel, The Skyblaster Musketeer, was the face of it. Even though it isn’t used as much as it used to be, it’s still a great Xyz Monster.

It is made from common materials, and to Xyz call it, you only need two Level 4 Monsters. Depending on what you need, it has two different results.

It will put a Monster in face-down Defense Position by removing one material. By removing two, you can put a card on the field that is face up back into the deck.

This lets you get rid of Monsters that are giving you trouble by killing them in fight or moving them so you don’t have to worry about them at all.

17. Leviair The Sea Dragon

Leviair The Sea Dragon 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

Leviair the Sea Dragon is a key card in Burning Abyss decks and other decks with a lot of Level 3 Monsters that get rid of them often.

Leviair the Sea Dragon is a Rank 3 Xyz Monster that can remove a material to special summon a banished Level 4 or lower Monster.

Most of the time, it’s hard to get cards back from the banned zone. But Leviair The Sea Dragon almost makes it too easy.

It is a key part of many combo decks because it lets you use strong effects more than once.

It’s also not an effect that can only be used once per turn, so it can be used more than once per turn with multiple copies of itself.

16. Evolzar Dolkka

Evolzar Dolkka 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

Evolzar Dolkka is a strong Xyz Monster that can be used in Dinosaur decks. To Xyz Summon it, you need two Level 4 Dinosaur Monsters, which keeps it in Dinosaur decks.

Even though it has this limit, it has a great effect that keeps dinosaurs in the metagame.

When a Monster effect is used, you can remove a material from Evolzar Dolkka, cancel and destroy it, and then attach it to another Monster.

This effect doesn’t only happen once per turn, so it can be used as two (or sometimes even more) cancels to make it hard for the opponent to play Monster-based cards.

15. Traptrix Rafflesia

15 traptrix rafflesia card yugioh 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

The “Hole” trap cards are some of the most powerful in the game.

You have cards like Bottomless Trap Hole, which can destroy and banish any monster summoned with 1500 attack or more, and Floodgate Trap Hole, which can forever flip monsters into face-down defense position. …and a lot more!

Imagine that you could play those cards whenever you wanted.

Just that is what Traptrix Rafflesia does:

You can remove an XYZ material from this card once per turn at quick effect speed to send any regular “Hole” trap card from your deck to the graveyard and make this card’s effect become that trap card’s effect, as long as the activation conditions are met.

You can use Bottomless Trap Hole again and again on your opponent… They won’t be able to stop you, and there’s nothing they can do.

14. Number 27: Dreadnought Dreadnoid

14 number 27 dreadnought dreadnoid card 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

Some of the best XYZ monsters are rank 10 monsters. After all, any monster that needs two or more level 10 monsters to summon has to be pretty strong.

Dreadnought is the number 27. With Dreadnoid, you can call up these monsters without having to call up multiple level-10 monsters.

All you need are two monsters of level 4, and you’ll be good to go.

When this card kills one of your opponent’s monsters in battle, you can XYZ summon any rank 10 or higher machine monster from your extra deck using this card and its materials.

I’d use this effect to call out Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer. Don’t be fooled by its name—it’s not as stupid as it sounds.

That’s a rank 10 XYZ monster with a ridiculous 5000 attack and the power to destroy all spells and traps your opponent controls by detaching an XYZ material.

13. Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon

13 red eyes flare metal dragon ygo card 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

This card is great if you want to do a crazy amount of damage to your opponent by setting them on fire.

Every time your opponent uses a card or effect, they’ll have to pay for it with a life. Well, you only have 500 life points, but you get the picture!

In current Yu-Gi-Oh, where players can easily use 10–20 cards in one turn, this can do a lot of damage if they aren’t careful.

If you’re playing a Red-Eyes-only deck, you can also use this card to bring Red-Eyes Black Dragons from your graveyard back to life by removing an XYZ material from it.

But keep in mind that this card will stop doing damage to your opponent once it runs out of XYZ materials. So make sure those rare calls are worth it.

12. Time Thief Redoer

12 time thief redoer yugioh card 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

The way Time Thief Redoer takes away your opponent’s resources is really cool.

Instead of just destroying the cards your opponent has already played or milling cards from their deck, Time Thief Redoer steals the top card of their deck and uses it as an XYZ material!

This also works during each and every pause phase.

This means that after a while, you will have taken a number of cards from your opponent.

And as a quick effect, you can detach up to three XYZ materials to trigger different effects, based on whether you detached a monster, spell, or trap card:

When you detach a monster, you can get rid of it until the end of the phase. This is great if your opponent has used a card effect to target this card.

If you remove this monster quickly, it will no longer be on the field to be targeted, and your opponent’s card effect will stop working.

When you remove a spell or trap, you can draw a card or put any face-up card from your opponent’s field on top of their deck.

11. Number 11: Big Eye

11 number 11 big eye card yugioh 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

When it comes to monsters that steal cards, Number 11: Big Eye is by far the best way to steal your opponent’s monsters.

You can take control of any monster your opponent controls if you remove an XYZ material from this card.

However, Number 11: Big Eye can’t attack the turn you use this effect.

This effect lasts forever, which is different from most other effects that let you steal a monster from an opponent.

Well, until the end of the fight, because after that, that’s just stealing.

But this means you can use it however you want—you can hit your opponent with it or use it to summon more cards from your deck, the choice is yours.

10. Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal

10 beatrice lady of the eternal card 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

It’s almost too easy to call on Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal.

You can use two level 6 monsters, but you can also XYZ Summon this card by using any “Dante” monster you control as the only XYZ material and discarding any other Burning Abyss monster from your hand.

Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal works a lot like a Foolish Burial that you can use every turn and has a fast effect.

This can set up some crazy combos, which is why you can only have one copy of this card in a deck.

And if your opponent destroys this card, things won’t look good for them, since Beatrice lets you special summon any Burning Abyss Monster from your extra deck, even if it doesn’t meet the conditions for calling it.

This means you can fusion summon without sacrificing monsters or synchro summon without, well, synchro summoning.

9. Number S39: Utopia the Lightning

09 number s39 utopia the lightning ygo card 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

If you liked the first Number 39: Utopia, you should wait until you see this guy.

You can use two level 5 monsters or any Utopia XYZ monster you control as the only source to bring this card into play.

When this card strikes, your opponent can’t play any cards or use any effects until the damage step is over.

This keeps your opponent from setting off any battle traps that could mess up your attack, like monsters whose effects happen when they are hit.

Also, if you have a Utopia monster as an XYZ material on this card, you can remove 2 XYZ materials to boost this guy’s attack to a whopping 5000!

When you add that your opponent can’t play cards or use effects, you have a monster that can do a lot of damage to your opponent.

8. Number 106: Giant Hand

08 number 106 giant hand yugioh card 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

To win at Yu-Gi-Oh, you need to be able to get rid of your opponent’s cards.

There are some very strong monsters out there. Just look at this list!

And if you want to win, you’ll have to be able to stop these results in their tracks.

While Number 106: Giant Hand is on the field, when a monster effect is activated during either player’s turn, you can remove 2 XYZ materials from this card to target any effect monster on the field and fully cancel its effect.

Unlike most canceling cards in Yu-Gi-Oh, this guy gives you negating power that lasts as long as you keep him around.

He cancels the effect of that monster as long as you keep him around.

7. Daigusto Emeral

07 daigusto emeral ygo card 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

We’ve all been in a Yu-Gi-Oh game with a tough opponent that went on for a long time.

After 20 turns, you’ll only have 10 cards left in your deck and won’t have much to throw at your opponents.

Daigusto Emeral is a great way to get out of these jams, and if you play it right, you can easily win the game.

By removing an XYZ material from this card, you can swap three monsters from your graveyard back into your deck and then draw one card.

This gives you an extra card in your hand and also puts some of your best resources back into your deck.

In Yu-Gi-Oh, that one extra card can really make the difference between winning and losing, especially if you draw a card that starts all your strong combos.

6. Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon

06 galaxy eyes cipher dragon card 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

There are a lot of strong XYZ monsters in the Galaxy Eyes archetype.

And this guy is without a doubt the best of all of them.

By removing an XYZ material from this card, you can take control of one of your opponent’s face-up monsters and turn it into another Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon, changing its name and giving it a 3000 attack.

This gives you two monsters with 3000 attack that can really hurt your opponent.

Since the stolen monster’s name changes, you can also use this guy to summon any monster that needs a Galaxy Eyes monster, which makes your opponent’s monster even more useful for the Galaxy Eyes strategy.

5. Number 101: Silent Honor ARK

05 number 101 silent honor ark card 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

Don’t you just hate it when you finally kill an opponent’s monster, but they bring it back from their graveyard right away?

Silent Honor ARK is a great way to get rid of your opponent’s monsters and make sure they won’t be coming back any time soon:

Just put that monster on this card as an XYZ material.

This makes sure that your opponent can’t use that monster while this guy is on the field, giving you as much time as you need to deal with that monster.

You can also attach any of your opponent’s special-summoned monsters to this card as XYZ materials by removing 2 XYZ materials from it.

Also, if this card would be destroyed in battle or by a card effect, you can remove another XYZ material to stop it from being destroyed.

4. Toadally Awesome

04 toadally awesome card yugioh 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

Frogs have always been a very important symbol.

But when Toadally Awesome came out, it took them to a whole new level.

First of all, Toadally Awesome lets you special summon any frog monster from your deck during each rest phase. It doesn’t even have to be your own!

All you have to do is remove one XYZ material from this card, which is a small price to pay given how powerful Frogs can be.

And whenever your opponent uses a spell or trap, you can send any Aqua monster from your hand or field to the graveyard to stop and destroy that card.

Most cards that cancel an effect just leave it where it is. Toadally Awesome goes one step further and lets you move the spell or trap to your side of the field, so you can use it all yourself.

3. Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star

03 dingirsu the orcust of the evening star card 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

Dingirsu is a must-have in any level 8 monster deck, and it’s not hard to see why.

When you special call this card, you can do one of two things:

You can either send one card from the field to the graveyard or attach one of your banished machine-type monsters to this card as an XYZ material.

This is great for the Orcust plan, but it’s not why this card is so broken.

“Send” is the most important word in this sentence.

With this language, you can get around monsters that would be impossible to get past otherwise.

In Yu-Gi-Oh, there are so many strong monsters that can’t be destroyed or even targeted by card effects because they have effects that stop it.

And this is a great way to make sure those monsters are taken care of no matter what.

2. Evilswarm Exciton Knight

02 evilswarm exciton knight yugioh card 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

Sometimes you’re just not doing well in the game.

You’re behind and barely holding on, and all you need is a card to pull you back from the edge.

Evilswarm Exciton Knight does all of these things and more, making it almost impossible for your opponent to win.

If your opponent has more cards in their field and hand than you do, you can remove an XYZ material from this card to blow up every card on the field except Evilswarm Exciton Knight.

This guy is a great addition to any deck because it’s easy to call him and doesn’t cost much.

It only takes two level 4 monsters for you to take control of the game again, and from there you can easily try to pave the way to success.

1. Divine Arsenal AA-Zeus – Sky Thunder

01 divine arsenal aa zeus sky thunder card 2 1 18 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ Monsters Of All Time

In Yu-Gi-Oh, the best XYZ monsters are the ones that are both very strong and ridiculously easy to summon.

This guy really checks all of those boxes.

You only need an XYZ monster fight to XYZ summon this card.

If you did, you can use any XYZ monster and its parts to XYZ raise this guy. It doesn’t even have to be the XYZ monster that fought.

Here’s what you can do with it:

You can send every other card on the field to the graveyard by removing two XYZ materials from this card.

You’re right:

Even monsters that can’t be killed by card effects will be destroyed by this effect, making this card a unique way to clear the board.

The crazy thing about Divine Arsenal AA-Zeus is that it powers itself up to board wipe over and over and over again…

You can use any card from your hand, deck, or extra deck as a material for AA-Zeus if another monster you control is killed in battle or by a card effect.

Before you know it, this guy might have two XYZ materials again, and that board will be as empty as can be.

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