Best Link 4 Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Monsters of the Link variety have become incredibly popular in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Summoning them is a breeze since you only need to tribute monsters equal to their Link rating.

Unlike synchro or XYZ summoning, you can effortlessly perform Link summons with any deck without the need to manipulate levels.

This gives you the freedom to execute Link summons easily and frequently.

Here is the link: Summoning 4 monsters at once is no small feat, and it’s clear that these cards pack a punch.

This list aims to provide an overview of the most formidable Link 4 monsters in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Incorporating these mighty creatures into your extra deck can unleash an unstoppable wave of strength and dominance.

Here are Some of the Best Link 4 Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh

10. Borrelguard Dragon

10 Link 4 Monster Best Link 4 Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Borrelguard Dragon is more than just a 3000-attack powerhouse.

It’s a fantastic choice for reviving monsters in dragon decks.

You have the option to send a card from your spell and trap card zone to the graveyard to bring back a monster that was destroyed during this turn.

Rokket decks, specifically designed for Borrel monsters, tend to self-destruct quite frequently. This ensures that activating this effect in a Rokket deck is practically guaranteed!

This provides you with additional materials for Link summoning, allowing you to quickly bring out your most powerful monsters.

9. Borreload Dragon

07 borreload Link 4 Monster Best Link 4 Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

I enjoy using Borreload in Yu-Gi-Oh because it allows me to take my opponent’s monsters and use them against them. It’s a great strategy that I find quite effective.

Whenever this card launches an assault on an adversary’s monster, it graciously takes possession of said monster, relocating it to any vacant zone that aligns with this card’s direction.

And although that monster is sent to the graveyard during the next end phase, it’s always beneficial to remove one of your opponent’s monsters.

Additionally, this allows you to continuously take control of your opponent’s monsters by freeing up a monster zone.

8. Topologic Bomber Dragon

8 Link 4 Monster Best Link 4 Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Link summoning has gained widespread popularity in Yu-Gi-Oh, making it the go-to method for extra deck summoning.

Just picture the incredible benefit of completely preventing your opponent from performing Link summoning.

All monsters in the main monster zones will perish when Topologic Bomber Dragon is present in a zone that a Link monster has directed!

Although it may cause your monsters to be destroyed, it is a minor sacrifice considering the significant advantage it gives you by preventing your opponent from accessing half of their extra deck.

7. Unchained Abomination

7 Link 4 Monster Best Link 4 Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

If you’re in search of a link monster with impressive destructive power, you’ve found the perfect spot.

Unchained Abomination ramps up the concept of card destruction on the field to a whole new level.

This card has the amazing ability to target and destroy 3 cards every turn, with each destruction being triggered uniquely.

First, you have the option to target and destroy another card on the field when a card effect destroys a card (other than this card’s effect).

This effect synergizes perfectly with the Rokket strategy, as they frequently self-destruct through their card effects.

Also, if another monster is destroyed during battle, you have the option to select and destroy an additional card on the field.

Lastly, as a gesture of appreciation for reaching the end phase, you can select and eliminate one last card.

This person is undeniably skilled at pinpointing and eliminating cards on the field.

6. Topologic Zeroboros

6 Link 4 Monster Best Link 4 Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

This card amplifies the stopping power of Topologic Bomber Dragon to a whole new level!

When a monster is specially summoned to a zone that a link monster points to, you can banish all cards on the field!

Although it may appear unconventional to use a Link 4 monster in this manner, Topologic Zeroboros has the unique ability to return to the field during the subsequent standby phase.

One notable aspect of this card is its ability to increase its attack by 200 for each banished card. As your opponent continues to activate this effect, this card becomes increasingly powerful, potentially becoming an unstoppable force.

5. Saryuja Skull Dread

5 Link 4 Monster Best Link 4 Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

If you’re looking to improve your chances of winning in Yu-Gi-Oh, having a dependable method for searching cards in your deck is crucial. Saryuja Skull Dread provides exactly that.

This card has various effects based on the number of monsters used for its link summon. I suggest using 4 different monsters for maximum benefit. The payoff is worth it.

When this card is summoned with 4 monsters, you have the opportunity to draw 4 cards from the top of your deck after its Link is summoned. Just remember to put 3 cards from your hand back to the bottom of your deck afterward.

If you happen to have some cards in your hand that you don’t find particularly useful, this method is a great way to get rid of them while also acquiring better cards in return!

4. Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax

4 Link 4 Monster Best Link 4 Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax is a highly versatile Link 4 monster that deserves a place in any deck.

This card is incredibly powerful in combat and will give your opponent a tough challenge to overcome!

This card can increase its attack power when it battles a specially summoned monster. The increase in attack power is equal to the ATK of the opposing monster, but only during the damage calculation.

What’s cool about this effect is that it can be used multiple times in a single battle, which is pretty awesome!

Whenever your opponent launches an attack, you can count on having a more powerful monster to defend yourself and create a formidable defensive barrier to protect those precious life points.

3. Accesscode Talker

3 Link 4 Monster Best Link 4 Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Access code Talker is the top-tier beat-stick monster in Yu-Gi-Oh.

And it’s quite evident why!

Upon Link summoning this card, you can select one of the Link monsters utilized for its summoning. By doing so, you will acquire an attack boost equivalent to its Link rating multiplied by 1000.

In addition, you can remove Link monsters from your graveyard to eliminate a card that your opponent possesses!

This effect can be used multiple times in a turn. There is just one limitation to keep in mind: you cannot banish the same attribute twice. This means that in a deck with multiple attributes, you have the potential to destroy 3 or 4 of your opponent’s cards simultaneously.

The great thing about this sundae is that none of these effects are susceptible to card effects. Your opponent won’t be able to stop you from destroying their cards and boosting your attack stats. It’s a real advantage!

2. Borrelsword Dragon

2 Link 4 Monster Best Link 4 Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Presenting the last Borrel card on our list (I must say, all three Borrel cards are truly deserving of a spot, that archetype is incredible!)

And I’ve saved the most impressive for the grand finale.

This card allows you to change the position of a monster on the field to defense mode once per turn. Additionally, it grants the ability to attack twice in a single turn.

This effect is absolute and cannot be altered. Your opponent is unable to activate any cards or effects in response to its activation.

In addition to enduring two attacks from a 3000-attack monster, this card possesses the ability to halve the attack of the defending monster and increase Borrelsword Dragon’s ATK by that amount until the end of the turn when it declares an attack.

This will greatly enhance the power of your monster for its second attack. With this boost, it will inflict significant damage!

1. Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess

1 Link 4 Monster Best Link 4 Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

In modern Yu-Gi-Oh, having the ability to negate plays a crucial role.

Wow, there are some incredibly powerful monster cards out there! And if you want to have a fighting chance in any duel, it’s important to have some protection against them.

Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess, is an excellent choice for a monster-effect negating card.

Upon being summoned, this card’s attack power increases based on the number of monsters used for its Link summon, multiplied by 800. The maximum attack power it can reach is 3200.

Additionally, if a monster effect is activated, you have the option to reduce this card’s attack by 800 to counteract that effect until the end of the turn.

What’s interesting is that this ability can be used multiple times in a single chain, not just once per turn!

You can nullify up to four of your opponent’s monster effects in just one turn.

In my opinion, it’s nearly impossible for any duelist to recover from such an overwhelming amount of negation. That’s why I firmly believe that Apollousa is the undisputed champion among all Link 4 monsters.

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