18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Fusion casting is one of the best ways to get powerful monsters to show up. You take the best parts of two monsters and put them into one big package.

When you use fusion summoning with Synchro, XYZ, and Link summoning, you can bring out some of the strongest monsters in the game.

And Yu-Gi-Oh has more than 300 fusion monsters, so there are a lot of great choices to choose from.

How do you decide which ones to put in your deck?

Or, even more seriously, what are the best fusion monsters ever?

Let’s find out.

18. Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon

Best Fusion Monsters

Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon is a rare fusion-pendulum monster that can only be called by fusing Starving Venom and Odd-Eyes monsters.

Odd-Eyes are easy to fuse, but the materials for Starving Venom mean you’ll have to give up an extra deck giant.

Venom is worth the price, which is good news. Odd-Eyes Venom has a huge 3300 ATK and can target a face-up enemy monster once per turn, taking its name and powers and adding its ATK to Venom’s base stat.

As if 3300 wasn’t bad enough, a 5000+ beatstick will kill your opponent even faster.

Even if Venom in the monster zone is killed, it can special summon a monster from your pendulum zone, then take that pendulum zone, fielding an ally when it dies and giving access to a (desirable) low pendulum scale of 1.

This scale can also, once per turn, increase the ATK of a fusion monster you control by 1000 for every monster your opponent controls until the end of the turn. This is a brutal boost that makes a giant even more powerful than it already is.

17. D/D/D Flame High King Genghis

MTc0NDYwODE1MzgxMDQ2OTE4 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Like our last card, D/D/D Flame High King Genghis has a strong 2800 ATK, but he also has a strong 2400 DEF in case you need it.

He’s also pretty easy to call up, as any D&D monster of level 5 or higher and any D&D at all will do. Remember that all D/D/D units count as D/Ds, so Genghis can use the whole archetype to cast.

Genghis also lets you bring back a D/D monster from your graveyard once per turn if another D/D monster, including D/D/D monsters, is normal or special summoned to your field. This is a great ability that makes it much cheaper to summon your extra deck monsters.

During your turn, Genghis can stop a spell, trap, or effect from going off once per turn. This gives you a powerful shield that lets you attack without worrying about counters.

The extra deck limitation rules, which came out with link summoning, were a big blow to the D&D series, but Genghis makes up for it by making it easy to special summon monsters from the graveyard.

Even if they were originally called from the extra deck, these monsters won’t take up any of your extra deck zones.

16. Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom

MTc0MzU3NjM1MjM0MDE0ODU0 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Fans of the anime Arc-V may know that Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom is part of two powerful monster series (Supreme King and Starving Venom), which gives it a number of powers based on its names.

Better yet, it has a strong 2800 ATK and can be made from any two pendulum monsters with the dark trait. It is a very easy call condition that lets you combine a lot of fighters.

Also, you can call it without Polymerization or other fusion spells if you give it ingredients from your field.

Once it’s in play, Starving Venom lets you choose a monster on the field or in the graveyard once per turn.

Until the end of the turn, Starving Venom takes its name and effects, and for the rest of the turn, all of your monsters in attack position deal cutting damage to monsters in defense position.

This amazing effect gives everyone on your team a boost and gives Starving new abilities. Because of this, it is currently banned from official play.

Don’t worry, though—as of this writing, none of the other entries for today are banned or even limited, so you can add as many copies as you want to your deck.

15. Supreme King Z-Arc

15 supreme king z arc ygo card 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

If you’ve watched the Yu-Gi-Oh ARC V series, you’ll know this guy for sure.

This is Zarc’s boss monster, a bad duelist who wants to be the strongest person in all of reality.

In the anime, this card was a fusion monster, a synchro monster, an XYZ monster, a monster with an effect, and a pendulum monster all in one.

What a lot to eat.

Z-Arc is one of the few monsters in the game that can fuse with other monsters.

This means you can call him from the extra deck like any other fusion monster, and when this card is killed, it can move to the pendulum zone.

This result is almost like getting two for the price of one.

Supreme King Z-Arc is great. He has 4000 attack and an effect that clears the board, but it’s hard to call him.

You need four dragons, one of each type of extra deck. This isn’t easy.

14. Performapal Gatlinghoul

14 performapal gatlinghoul card 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Nothing can change my mind about the fact that Performapals are one of the best pendulum decks out there.

I mean, they’re show animals with a crazy number of different ways to act and things they can do.

What other strategy has more than 85 cards and more coming in the future?

This hybrid monster gave Performapals an important boost to his deck.

When you call out Performapal Gatlinghoul, you can do 200 damage to your opponent for each card on the field.

If you called him with a pendulum monster, you can also destroy an opponent’s monster and deal damage equal to its attack.

It’s crazy how much burn damage you can do with this card. You can easily do more than 4000 points of damage, which is enough to win the game.

13. Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem

13 ultimate ancient gear golem card 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ancient Gear Golem is scary enough on its own, but the fusion version of this card is even scarier.

During the battle phase, this monster has the same piercing damage and protection to spells and traps as the Ancient Gear Golem.

However, it now has a powerful 4400 attack to go along with it.

You can’t fight back against that kind of power.

Even if your opponent sets a monster in defense position, it will still do a lot of damage.

If your opponent destroys this card, you can immediately bring back the original Ancient Gear Golem with Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem.

It’s a danger that never goes away, and it’s a great card for any Ancient Gear deck.

12. Sea Monster of Theseus

12 sea monster of theseus card yugioh 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

You might be wondering why on earth a fusion monster that does nothing is on this list.

Well, there’s one thing that makes this card so powerful: Instant Fusion.

Instant Fusion lets you special call a fusion monster of level 5 or lower from the extra deck, as long as it can’t attack and is destroyed at the end of the turn.

This costs 1000 life points, which is a very cheap way to put more monsters from the extra deck onto the field.

Even though Sea Monster of Theseus looks like a pretty weak way to call up a monster, it’s not.

Since it’s a tuner, you can play a wide range of synchro monsters right away, like the Red Dragon Archfiend, which has 3000 attack and can kill a lot of monsters at once, or the Black Rose Dragon, which can kill everything on the field.

11. Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon

11 odd eyes vortex dragon ygo card 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Odd-Eyes is one of the coolest dragon forms because it can be summoned in all possible ways.

They even have a couple of Xyz-Pendulum combination cards, which are hard to summon but really cool if you can!

The Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon is a very powerful fusion monster that can be used in any pendulum deck. Even more so if they can play the Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.

When it’s called, you can send any monster on the field back to your hand. It’s like a more powerful version of the Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Not only that, but you can also quickly cancel out the effects of monsters, spells, or traps!

All you have to do is shuffle in one face-up pendulum monster from the extra deck. This reuses your resources, so you can use your strongest monsters over and over again.

10. The Dark Magicians

10 the dark magicians yugioh card 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

This card doesn’t feel like a mix of two monsters as much as it does like a Power-Rangers pose combo… It’s crazy for Dark Magician decks, though.

You can draw a card whenever a spell or trap is used, even if it is your opponent’s. Then you can set it right away if it’s a spell or trap.

Dark Magicians play with a deck that has a lot of spells and traps and only a few monsters. A normal 40-card Dark Magicians deck has about 9 to 10 monsters.

With this hybrid monster, you have access to almost twice as many cards as before.

9. Blue Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon

09 blue eyes alternative ultimate dragon card 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

I remember when the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon was the most dangerous card in Yu-Gi-Oh!

I mean, it had 4500 attack. How could you possibly do better than that?

The only things that could stop this card were Mirror Force and Magic Cylinder.

The alternative version keeps the same crazy attack stat and adds a crazy effect on top of it.

Once per turn, you can remove any card your opponent controls, or three cards if it was summoned with a Blue-Eyes Alternative Dragon.

This means that you can not only kill all of their monsters, leaving them helpless, but also kill all of their spells and traps, so that nothing can stop your attacks.

8. Thousand Eyes Restrict

08 thousand eyes restrict card yugioh 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

How is it that Pegasus, who in the anime plays with a deck of cartoon rabbits, also plays what might be the creepiest-looking card in the whole game?

The Thousand-Eyes Restrict effect is even scarier because it lets you take an opponent’s monster and make it your own.

This means you can steal the best monster from your opponent and keep it for yourself.

If they spent all their time getting a big Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon out, well, that’s yours now.

This guy also stops your opponent from striking or moving around in battle, so you have full control of the game as long as Thousand-Eyes Restrict is in play.

This is why, when it first came out, Thousand-Eyes Restrict was put on the Yu-Gi-Oh shadow world, also known as the ban list, but it has since been taken off.

7. First of the Dragons

07 first of the dragons ygo card 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

You don’t see many cards that work well with standard monsters. Especially in current Yu-Gi-Oh, where most decks are made up of powerful monsters with effects.

No non-normal monster can destroy this card in battle or with a monster effect.

There is almost no chance that your opponent has any normal monsters in their deck, leaving you with an unbeatable dragon that can just keep fighting.

First of the Dragons works great in decks like Red Eyes Black Dragon and Blue Eyes White Dragon that focus on a big normal monster.

It’s also a very useful tool in pendulum decks with standard monsters like Metalfoes or some versions of Pendulum Magicians.

6. Doom Virus Dragon

06 doom virus dragon card yugioh 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Who would have thought that trap cards could be used to make fusion materials?

The old version of Crush Card Virus is what Doom Virus Dragon does. You know, that result was so good that it had to be changed so that it was at least a little bit fair.

This means that if they have more than 1500 attack, they lose all monsters they control, all monsters in their hand, and any monsters they draw for the next 3 turns.

Even though this guy’s attack stat isn’t the best, it automatically kills any monsters that are stronger than it.

This means you’ll do damage no matter what.

5. Masked Hero Dark Law

05 masked hero dark law card 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Also known as the reason anyone bought the Hero’s Strike structure deck in the first place.

Dark Law is way too strong.

It works like Macro Cosmos, getting rid of any card that is sent to your opponent’s trash.

You can put as many cards as you want in your graveyard, but you can’t put anything in your opponent’s graveyard.

To make things worse, every time they add a card to their hand, you can take one of those cards away.

Overall, Dark Law makes it impossible for your opponent to set up any good plays, making it a real threat for any deck.

4. El Shaddoll Winda

04 el shaddoll winda yugioh card 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

The most important part of Yu-Gi-Oh! is special summons.

It’s how you get your big monsters and how your moves work. You couldn’t have a strong deck without special summons.

El Shaddoll Winda says no to special calling in a big way and only lets you do it once per turn.

This means that your opponent will have to decide which monster they want most and hope they can get it out in one card.

Even though this limits your special summons, all you have to do to call Winda is use a special summon after you have called all your big monsters.

Who said that impacts that are balanced had to be played fairly?

3. Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon

03 greedy venom fusion dragon card 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

With this fusion monster, you can basically drain an opponent’s monster, changing it into an empty shell with 0 attack and no effect, letting you steamroll over it with 3300 attack.

If your opponent decides that all of this taking is too much and tries to kill Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon, he will blow up the whole field and go back to where he was.

I’ve always heard of the idea of an unstoppable object meeting an unstoppable force, but I didn’t know they could come in one package.

2. Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

02 neo blue eyes ultimate dragon ygo card 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

The fact that this list has two Blue Eyes cards shows how powerful this deck can be.

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is almost the best Fusion monster there is.

This 4500-attack monster can attack three times in a turn if you get rid of Blue Eyes monsters from your extra deck.

This means that your opponent has to take over 13,500 damage. In a game with 8000 life points, this is a game-ender.

If your opponent has any monsters in attack position, they’re almost done for as soon as this guy comes out.

1. Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon

01 red eyes dark dragoon card yugioh 2 1 18 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

This card has recently caused a lot of trouble in the meta game.

It is a fusion monster that can kill up to two of your opponent’s monsters and deal damage equal to their attack.

This means that this result would win the game if your opponent only had two monsters with 2500 attack each.

This guy can’t be hurt by any card effects and can’t be targeted by any card effects either. It can also cancel out a card effect once per turn. And when he does, his attack power goes up by 1000 for good.

You only need one cancel to turn this card into a monster with 4000 attack.

This means that if your opponent wants to win, they will have to make a monster with 4000 attack points of their own. Which is hard for many decks to do.

This card has been banned for life in the OCG, and many people in the TCG want the same thing to happen.

Once Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon is on your team, you’re almost certain to win.

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