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15 Best Playmats in Yu-Gi-Oh!

A Duel Field, playmats or game mat, is a flat surface where players can arrange their playing cards while dueling. Its Japanese name is Dyueru Frudo.

Several of them also include the official Card Zones for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. They frequently include the artwork of a card (typically a Monster Card) or several cards.

Although most mats are mass-produced, others are only given to contestants and winners of particular tournament events, making them extremely rare and expensive goods.

Here is a list of the 15 Best Playmats in Yu-Gi-Oh!

15. Cyber Dragon

Playmats in Yu-Gi-Oh!

With this playmat styled after Cyber Dragon, transform your battling experience!

During play, you may safely slip your cards on and off thanks to the soft fabric top material.

This best playmat doesn’t slide around on the table because of the sturdy rubber back.

14. Sacred Beats

Mat RegionalQualifier SacredBeasts

The “Holy Beasts,” also known as the Three Phantasms (Sangenma) in Japan and also known as the “Three Phantom Demons” in English, is a trio of formidable creatures that were unveiled in Shadow of Infinity.

These are “Uria, Lord of Searing Flames”, “Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder” and “Raviel, Lord of Phantasms”, as well as “Phantasm Emperor Trilojig”. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime, Kagemaru, and Yubel utilize them; Yubel additionally summons “Armityle the Chaos Phantasm,” their combined form.

These cards are used by Eve from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga as well and is one of the best playmats in Yugioh.

13. Rainbow Dragon

Mat RegionalQualifier RainbowDragon

To keep your cards secure on flat surfaces, this promotional playmat has a fashionable fabric cover with Yu-Gi-Oh!

Trading Card Game artwork and a strong non-slip rubber base.

12. Judgement Dragon

Mat RegionalQualifier JudgmentDragon

The material is a 2mm thick comfortable soft rubber.

Size: 30x60cm = (11.8″x23.6″)

Edges: For added durability, the mat has stitched edges all the way around it.

0.02 centimeters, or 0.08 inches, in thickness Sturdy anti-slip back

11. Armageddon Knight

Mat RegionalQualifier ArmageddonKnight

This playmat is long-lasting and has a cloth top that shields your playing cards from damage while the game is being played.

Also, the back of the playmat has an excellent grip on smooth tables and other surfaces.

Dimensions 13.5″ H x 23.25″ W x 0.1″ D

10.  Elemental HERO Chaos Neos

Mat RegionalQualifier ChaosNeos

This promotional playmat has a fashionable fabric cover that showcases artwork from the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Trading Card Game, as well as a solid non-slip rubber base that will keep your cards safe when placed on level surfaces.

Microfiber, non-slip rubber is the material used here.

Product Size:Standard

Dimensions:13.5″ x 24″ x 0.06″

Weight of the Playmat: 7.2 oz.

9. Montage Dragon

Mat RegionalQualifier MontageDragon

This promotional playmat is perfect for protecting your cards from flat surfaces, and it boasts a gorgeous fabric cover with artwork from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.


Microfiber, non-slip rubber, as the material.

Size of Item: Regular

The measurements are 13.5 inches by 24 inches by 0.062 inches.

Weight of PlayMmat is 7.2 oz.

8. Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Mat RegionalQualifier Gorz

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness can be Special Summoned from your hand if you take damage from an opponent-controlled card.

This effect cannot be activated or resolved while you control any cards. This card’s effect triggers a Special Summon when: Turn on the relevant effect depending on the damage taken.

The amount of damage you took in battle is proportional to its attack and defense values.
Apply to your opponent the same amount of damage you took.

7. Dark Voltanis

Mat RegionalQualifier DarkVoltanis

You can Special Summon this Dark Voltanis from your hand by Tributing 1 DARK monster after 1 Counter Trap Card you control has been triggered and resolved.

Destroy 1 card from the field if this card is Special Summoned this way.

6. Gladiator Beast Samnite

Mat RegionalQualifier Samnite26Sirocco

When Gladiator Beast Samnite card kills an opponent’s monster by combat and sends it to the Graveyard as a result, if it was Special Summoned by the effect of a “Gladiator Beast” monster, you can add 1 “Gladiator Beast” card from your Deck to your hand.

You can Special Summon 1 “Gladiator Beast” monster from your Deck, excluding “Gladiator Beast Samnite,” if this card either attacked or was attacked during the Battle Phase.

5. Lightsworn


The Lightsworn playmat is compatible with all major collectible card games.

This custom-made playmat offers the highest level of protection for your gaming cards.

This mat can be used for any of the popular games.

This Playmat is 23-7/8 inches by 13-1/2 inches in size.

Long-lasting rubber mat with a luxurious velvet finish. It doubles as a mouse pad! It safeguards expensive cards and keeps card covers in good condition for longer.

It’s the best purchase you can make for playing cards.

4. X-Saber

x saber playmat

The dimensions are 600 mm by 350 mm by 1.5 mm (24 mm by 14 mm by 1/16 inch) ( official size)

The bottom is made of premium soft natural rubber, while the top is made of premium cotton. Our mats are of the same high quality as, if not higher than, the official mat.

It can be used for several purposes. It’s a great companion when playing yugioh, cardfight vanguard, wixoss, or even magic: the gathering… It also serves well as a card mat, a work mat, a mouse pad, and a keyboard pad.

3. Jinzo – Lord

Mat NationalChampionship JinzoLord

Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by sending 1 face-up “Jinzo” you control to the GY. Trap Cards can’t be used, and neither can their effects on the field.

Remove all effects of traps from the field. Once per turn, you can destroy as many face-up Traps on the field as you can. If you do, each card you destroy does 300 damage to your opponent.

This promotional playmat has a Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game-themed cloth cover and a non-slip rubber base to protect your cards on flat surfaces.

Rubber Microfiber

Product Size: Standard (13.5″ x 24″, 0.06″)

2. Dark End Dragon

Mat NationalChampionship DarkEndDragon 1

This promotional playmat has a fashionable fabric cover that showcases artwork from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, as well as a robust, non-slip rubber base that will keep your cards safe when placed on level surfaces.

Microfiber Anti-Slip Rubber is the Material Used.

Product Dimensions: Typical Size

Dimensions: 13.5″ x 24″ x 0.06″

Weight of the Playmat is 7.2 ounces.

1. Blackwing

blackwing custom playmat by gaia206 df4a68b fullview

Playmat with tube, manufactured of flexible quality rubber material in a construction style that is analogous to the game mats utilized in Yu-Gi-Oh competitions.

The material consists of cotton on the front and rubber on the back.

Dimensions are approximately 350 x 600 x 1.5 mm, or 24 x 14 x 1/16 inches.

Playmats, card game mat, work mat, huge mouse pad, and keyboard pad are just some of the multiple uses that this versatile mat can be put to.

It is possible to wrap it up and store it in a playmat tube. The mat is constructed out of natural rubber, and cloth of particularly high quality, and aqueous ink is used for the printing.