15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

I have a feeling that there will be a true 50/50 split on this list.

Yes, we are going to rank the top 15 coin flip cards in the whole Yu-Gi-Oh!

So let’s hope good fortune is on your side as we go through this list, which includes cards that are both decent and really usable (come on, it’s a list about coin flip cards!)

15. Evil Comedian

15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

Fiend Comedian has been a compelling Side Deck tech option. By correctly guessing the outcome of a coin toss, you can exile all of your opponent’s cards from their graveyard. It costs money since it is a really significant nuke versus graveyard-based strategies.

What transpires if you dial a wrong number? Following that, you must bury as many cards from your Deck as there are in your opponent’s grave.

This is the key reason why it’s sided with generic tactics like Lightsworn, Zombies, and Infernoids.

If they miss the call, it doesn’t really hurt them. However, it isn’t effective against all Decks, thus in some matchups you only have a 50/50 chance of really benefiting from it.

It was probably largely in the Side Deck for this reason.

14. The Routes of Fate

The Routes of Fate 15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

Technically speaking, we may have eliminated luck once more in this situation, but what matters in this situation is what you do to your opponent.

Another trap that forces both players to flip a coin is The Paths of Destiny.

Those who get heads get 2000 LP and those who get tails lose 2000 LP.

To ensure the opponent receives burn no matter what, combine this with Darklord Nurse Reficule or Bad Reaction to Simochi.

13. Legendary Gambler

GamblerofLegend GLAS EN C 1E 15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

You can activate this card during your turn, flip three coins, and then determine what happens based on how many of them land on heads. From worst to finest, we’ll go.

You must place your whole hand in the graveyard if 0 of your flips result in heads.

If a coin flip results in a head, you must destroy a card you control by choosing a target.

You choose a card at random from your opponent’s hand and discard it if two flips result in a head.

If all three coins come up heads, you can attack every creature that your adversary is in charge of.

Overall, this card is just marginally advantageous.

A single heads flip is bad but not fatal to the game. Furthermore, the likelihood of receiving 0 heads is really low, so you shouldn’t worry too much.

And if you draw a card that irritates you excessively and get one head, you can just kill the Gambler of Legend!

12. Fairy Box

15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

A timeless card, Fairy Box was much sought after when it was first published in 2014.

If you had this among your companions, you were without a doubt a king, according to the shortprint in Labyrinth of Nightmare.

These days, this card could be played without the life point cost because coin flipping is a challenging feat.

Still, it would be worthwhile to include one or two copies in your coin toss deck!

11. The Magician from Arcana Force I

ArcanaForceITheMagician LODT EN C UE 15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

You can flip a coin once you’ve added up this card. If it comes up heads, you can increase this card’s ATK by doubling it whenever a spell is cast.

If it comes up tails, the enemy earns 500 LP each time a spell is cast.

Theoretically, this sounds like it may be incredibly powerful because it can outdamage the enemy even if they gain 500 LP.

However, this card only benefits your opponent if they have a stronger monster than you do (which is likely given that this card only has 1100ATK).

Even if you land a heads, it won’t be very effective because you’ll need to use a spell card.

The card also states that “this card’s ATK becomes double its original ATK,” thereby negating any other buffs it may have.

This means that even if you have a field spell or an equip spell, they are not applied to the double ATK.

10. Ms. Judge

MsJudge.png 15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

Ms. Judge has a tremendously powerful impact.

You can flip two coins when an enemy uses a card effect. If both people hit heads, the effect is cancelled.

Why is she so far down the list if this is such a solid candidate?

You only have a 25% chance of getting two heads, and you can only activate the effect once every round.

This severely restricts her talents. Additionally, her Level 4 monster’s ATK (1800) and DEF (600) are a sight to behold as you go through the game.

She does, however, serve a purpose. She can also save the day if your adversary decides to play a card like Monster Reborn or Mirror Force.

This has the potential to seriously harm decks that rely on particular card effects, such as a Vampire deck’s Vampire Sorcerer or Vampire Vamp.

9. Tour of Doom

TourofDoom.png 15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

The strength of Tour of Doom is incredible; taking away your opponent’s ability to summon normally is insane, albeit they can still set.

But if you want to keep your ability to summon normally, luck will need to be on your side.

You want to play such a risky deck for cards like Tour of Doom. Being successful at the coin flip must be incredibly rewarding!

8. The Goddess of Whim

GoddessofWhim LCYW EN C 1E 15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

I now understand what you are thinking. How in the world is a card like Goddess of Whim even in the top 10 on this list?

In the early stages of the game, this card has the potential to clean your opponent’s board.

You can call it and flip a coin when it’s your turn. Double Goddess of Whim’s ATK for the remainder of the turn if you guessed correctly; otherwise, reduce it by half for the remainder of the turn.

This card is not constrained by its original ATK, unlike The Magician. It can therefore scale huge heights if you equip spells on it and have a strong field spell.

This card is very dangerous in the early game and remains useful in the midgame if you have a solid selection of equip spells and a field spell.

It becomes even more dangerous when used in conjunction with cards like Second Coin Toss (we’ll discuss that one later).

7. Time Wizard

time wizard yu gi oh original imafnmj7mrrst3hd 15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

Ah, yes, the reliable Time Wizard.

This “coin flip” card is the most well-known, and for good reason.

Because you can summon Time Wizard directly from your hand and because it is considerably simpler to re-summon if it does go to the graveyard, I chose to include it over Time Wizard of Tomorrow.

You have the option to flip a coin during your turn; if you do, all of your opponent’s creatures are targeted and destroyed.

If you call it incorrectly, though, all of your monsters are targeted and destroyed, and their combined face-up ATK is put up and then cut in half, doing damage to you.

Although this card has the potential to change the course of the game, your chances of benefiting from it are only 50/50.

The risk outweighs the gain even in a coin flip that is 50/50. If you guess incorrectly, you suffer damage and lose all of your monsters; if you guess correctly, you merely eliminate all of your opponent’s monsters, which is still a significant amount of force.

The chance of losing all of your creatures is simply not worth it.

6. Desperado Barrel Dragon

DesperadoBarrelDragon.png 15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

Konami and the players both adore their retrains. The former ruler of coin tossing, Barrel Dragon, has been resurrected as Desperado Barrel Dragon.

This Machine type monster, the heart, and soul of a coin-flipping deck offers itself as a boss monster with increased destructive power.

It is an absolute necessity for any coin-flipping deck because it comes with built-in draw power and a search effect after it enters the graveyard.

5. Lucky Chance

LuckyChance.png 15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

But as I continued to scan my list, I became aware of two things.

Oh my God, there are some really good coin flip cards, was the first.

The second is: Are playing cards actually that useful? Lucky Chance is situated in the centre of this list as a result.

Every time a coin toss is triggered by a monster effect, Lucky Chance can be activated. Then you flip a coin, and if it corresponds to the monster effect’s coin flip, you draw one card.

This can come off as a little boring.

However, because it is a continuous trap card, it remains on the field and has several activations per turn. You may be able to draw several cards each turn thanks to this.

4. Sasuke Samurai: The 4th

SasukeSamurai4.png 15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

The fourth Sasuke Samurai card is another average card.

The effect of this card is quite potent, but it carries a huge danger.

Before calculating damage, you can flip a coin during a monster battle, and if it comes up heads, you kill the opposing team’s monster.

This seems excellent on paper. It is possible.

There is a 50/50 chance that you will destroy your opponent’s stronger monster if it attempts to attack you. Following that, Sasuke Samurai #4 continues to fight.

However, it becomes considerably less helpful if you are the one making the attacks. For instance, there is a 50% chance that you will lose health and this card will be destroyed if you strike a monster with a higher ATK.

Similarly, you can use the effect if this card is stronger than the target of its assault. However, why would you have to? That monster will be destroyed anyhow.

It is in the center of the pack for these reasons and unquestionably helpful when playing defense. However, it becomes less significant when you take the initiative.

3. Second Coin toss

SecondCoinToss.png 15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

one of the two or perhaps three cards that any coin toss deck must have three of.

When things don’t go your way, the second coin toss gives you another chance, which increases your advantage.

Even the second toss failing is bad, but with this kind of deck, it can happen. When you play this card, destiny usually works in your favor.

2. Proton Blast

ProtonBlast.png 15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

Proton Blast is great for giving cards that flip many coins a 100% chance of success and is designed to fit snugly within the Barrel Dragon archetype.

Even then, it has the potential to destroy a card if you’re fortunate or deal some excellent burn damage once every turn.

Without Proton Blast, you’re setting yourself up for failure when creating a coin toss deck.

I’m hoping that after reading this list, you’ll be able to create an entertaining coin-throwing deck!

1. Twin-Barrel Dragon

81Ovj0TQeSL. SY606 15 Best Coin Flip Cards in Yugioh

Here is a card with a great straightforward effect: after you summon this monster, you flip two coins; if both come up heads, you may choose to target and destroy one of your opponent’s cards.

As opposed to negating a card’s effect, this card destroys any card your opponent controls, which is why it is ranked so much higher on this list.

You can target a powerful monster if your opponent has one.

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