16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

These cards can you in your search for the crucial card required to win the game.

In Yu-Gi-Oh!, draw cards! help you win by giving you more frequent access to all of your cards.

In games, card draws are crucial, and YGO is no different. If you don’t have it, you’ll be left holding a weak hand and won’t be able to play your full deck before the game is complete.

While some cards have a reasonable power curve, others, like Pot of Greed, are too powerful and are either disabled or banned in a number of competitive formats.

Here are Yu-Gi-top Oh’s 16 draw cards.

16. Card Trader

14 card trader yugioh card 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

This enables you to draw one card per turn before adding one card from your hand to your deck.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that this card is helpful, it doesn’t exactly equal anything higher on the list.

It also takes up space in your Spell/Trap Zone because it is a continuous spell card. In other words, if you play more than one of these, you risk fast running out of room and being unable to set or play better cards.

15. Cup of Ace

13 cup of ace yugioh card 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

You draw two cards if your landing is on Heads. Your opponent draws two cards if you flip a tails.

This prevents it from being higher on the list. However, this card might really tilt the scales if you’re feeling lucky.

This works well with cards like Second Coin Toss to boost your chances of drawing more cards than your opponent in less serious RNG-based decks.

14. Supply Squad

MTc0NDYwNzMxODk3NDg4NzQ0 1 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

Once each turn, if your monster is wiped out in a battle or by a card effect, Supply Squad allows you to draw one card.

In contrast to Backup Squad, here you are not constrained by your own health when drawing cards.

The effect, however, is limited to one use every turn.

Therefore, except from the one card you draw, this card will be (almost entirely) useless if your opponent has a trap card like Mirror Force. I’d better hope so!

13. Reckless greed

16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

This card lets you draw two cards right away, but you don’t receive a draw phase for the following two turns, making it the poor man’s Pot of Greed.

Here’s a trick, though: if you have two Reckless Greeds and use both of them at the same time, you get four cards and only lose your draw phase for two turns.

Later on, you can thank me for that.

One drawback is that since it’s a trap card, you can only use it after setup during your opponent’s turn.

So you’ll have to cross your fingers that they don’t have a means to stop you from playing it or that they aren’t powerful enough to kill you before you do!

12. Card Destruction

11 card destruction ygo card 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

A card that can only be featured once per deck and has a high risk/high reward ratio.

Each player draws the same amount of cards after discarding their whole hand.

Theoretically, this has a lot of power.

However, drawing cards from it is less advantageous than using it to discard your opponent’s hand.

However, if they have a weak hand, you’re only making them stronger, which could cause you to lose the game.

11. Cardcar D

Cardcar D 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

In the early stages of the game, Cardcar D is quite powerful.

To tribute this card, draw two cards afterward. The End Phase then begins, nevertheless.

Additionally, since you can’t special summon during the turn you activate its effect, you can only summon an 800ATK monster during your turn.

This is why it’s only effective in the early game.

You don’t want a Blue Eyes to land on this so you can draw two extra cards.

10. Terraforming

07 terraforming ygo card 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

This is the card that I first saw in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and thought was really cool.

In the TCG, it doesn’t completely alter how the planet appears (I wish).

But you can add one field spell from your deck to your hand thanks to it.

Since field spells are used by the majority of decks, if not all, this is probably the most widely applicable.

And Terraforming enables you to obtain one far sooner… But not too much earlier, as there can only be one of them per deck right now.

9. Morphing Jar

06 morphing jar card ygo 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

A great card is Morphing Jar. You are only allowed to have one of them in your deck.

It’s great at forcing you to draw, but it’s also great at forcing your adversary to draw.

Both players must discard their whole hands after flipping the coin and then draw five cards.

This may seem like a challenge. However, in general, it works in your favor because it allows you to draw cards and toss your opponent’s entire hand.

This card serves as the centerpiece of a deck known as the “Empty Jar,” in which you utilize cards like Morphing Jar to grind your opponent down until they lose.

8. One Day Of Peace

02 one day of peace ygo card 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

While not the finest card for drawing cards, this one is fantastic at keeping you alive.

And for that reason, it ranks so highly.

Each player can draw one card in One Day of Peace, and after that, neither player can be damaged until the conclusion of the other player’s subsequent turn.

This card allows you to draw two additional cards if you’re struggling and taking a lot of damage: one to use now and one during your subsequent draw phase since your adversary cannot inflict damage on you.

7. The Pot of Duality

PotofDuality.png 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

You can view the top three cards in your deck when playing Pot of Duality, choose one to add to your hand, and then shuffle the remaining cards back into your deck.

There are no drawbacks to this card.

And the likelihood that your next three cards will be poor is (ideally) low. Thus, you will have at least one decent card to choose from.

The only drawback, I suppose, is that you could have to select between some really nice cards if your deck is too strong. But that’s not my fault; it’s yours!

6. Pot of Desires

PotofDesires.png 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

In that it lets you draw two cards, Pot of Desires is comparable to Pot of Greed. However, to do so with Pot of Desires, you must pay 10 cards from the top of your deck.

The card is extremely powerful and may only be played once per round, preventing players from swiftly burning through their deck to restock their hand.

5 . Hand Destruction

05 hand destruction ygo card 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

You can do this to get rid of two cards from your hand and then get two more cards. It’s quite good, yes?

Yes, this can help you receive the cards you want in the majority of circumstances.

To play it, though, you need to have at least two cards in your hand that aren’t Hand Destruction.

You must therefore wait at least 2 further turns before using any 2 cards that you desire to keep.

Additionally, Hand Destruction may seem pointless if you happen to draw more favorable cards.

However, it’s wonderful if you’re concerned about getting a terrible hand. A prettier variation of Card Destruction is also available.

4. Reload

04 reload card yugioh 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

Reload is located above both of the destruction cards.

By doing this, you can shuffle your deck, add all the cards in your hand back in, and then draw the same number of cards.

Now, just this would be fantastic. It can also be cast quickly, allowing you to react to an opponent’s move.

For instance, if they use Card Destruction and you have a lot of useful cards in your hand, put them all back in your deck to protect them.

Similarly, if your hand doesn’t appear very promising, you can just play Reload and hope you draw a stronger card.

3. The Pot of Avarice

JarofAvarice.png 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

Pot of Avarice lets you draw two cards and returns five monsters from your graveyard to your deck.

While being able to target five monsters feels like a significant advantage, there is also a drawback: It cannot be used until your graveyard is completely full with monsters.

2. Pot of Extravagance

16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

You can remove any number of cards from your Extra Deck with Pot of Extravagance, and you get to draw one card for each card you remove.

You may draw one or two cards, depending on the current stage of the game. However, you won’t be able to draw any cards for the remainder of the turn, which is another drawback.

1. Unreliable Goblin

UpstartGoblin.png 16 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

Upstart Goblin costs your opponent 1,000 LP in exchange for letting you draw a card.

The marginal increase in LP that your opponent will receive pales in comparison to the card advantage you can create with this card.

Due to the effect’s potency, there can only be one in the deck.

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