15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

We can all agree that doing smoke is bad for your health, but there are characters in anime who make smoking look cool.

We’ve put together a list of 15 characters, from pirates to killers to mercenaries, who look so badass when they smoke.

When a character in an anime is appealing because they smoke cigarettes, it shows that they are grown, attractive, and have some experience.

The characters we chose don’t make smoking their whole personality (that would be boring), but they do use it as a “cherry on top” of their general look.

On our list, there are both men and women who smoke weed, so there’s something for everyone.

15. Chi Chi From Dragon Ball Z

chichi dragon ball z photo u1 smoke 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

The magic dragon from Dragon Ball Z is definitely being puffed by Chichi. If she weren’t, she would have left her useless husband a long time ago.

Even though she’s probably not high when she’s yelling at him for his mistakes, smoking pot after a fight helps her deal with the fact that she chose to live with a stupid alien who often puts her son in danger.

Sometimes, they’ll even get high together, which is when they get close the most.

14. Yasaburo Shimogamo From The Eccentric Family

yasaburo shimogamo the eccentric family photo u1 smoke anime 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

In The Eccentric Family, Yasaburo Shimogamo only wants to live an interesting life.

This makes him do things like keep flirting with the pretty woman who ate his father at a fancy dinner party, which probably leads to him also getting eaten.

Yasaburo is always trying to improve his senses and widen his mind, and sometimes the devil’s lettuce gives him a little extra help.

Even if he didn’t like it, he’d want to try it at least once. He’ll try anything once.

13. Katsuki Bakugo From My Hero Academia

katsuki bakugo u21 smoke 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia definitely doesn’t smoke weed, but he probably should.

First of all, his birthday is on April 20, so he has to light up a jazz cigarette or two to celebrate. Besides that, the boy needs to take a break badly.

He’s always one second away from both bursting with anger and exploding physically. If he could just smoke a bowl every once in a while, he might be able to get better at controlling his anger.

Since he can make fire on his own, he would never need to carry a lighter.

12. Meme Oshino From Bakemonogatari

meme oshino photo u1 smoke 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

Meme Oshino in Bakemonogatari could only make it clear that he smokes pot by wearing a Rasta-colored drug rug from a strip mall. First off, the man smokes all the time.

It could be nicotine, but since he’s spent his whole life getting rid of ghosts, it seems more likely to be weed.

At the very least, he probably needs it to unwind after a long day of putting his life at risk.

11. Saitama From One Punch Man

saitama photo u10 smoke anime 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

One Punch Man’s Saitama is one of the coolest people on the planet. To be that calm while still facing monsters every day, you must be taking something herbal.

Don’t get it wrong, Saitama is not paying top dollar for anything. It’s hard to get deals for weed, so he has to make do with whatever is cheapest.

Genos tells him over and over again that it’s half oregano, but he doesn’t need much THC to get the high he wants. He cares most about the routine of rolling a blunt, smoking it, and then watching an infomercial.

10. Hatori Sohma From Fruits Basket

hatori sohma photo u3 smoke anime 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

Most of the time, Hatori Sohma from Fruits Basket is seen smoking, and guess what? It’s weed. Japan doesn’t allow medical marijuana, but it’s clear that Hatori doesn’t care much about the law.

If he had, he would have reported Akito to the cops for beating up all of the Sohma family’s kids. Dude probably hooked up with someone in Sweden or another place where weed is legal.

He says it helps with the pain in his eyes so he can stay faded all the time, even when he’s looking at patients.

He also wouldn’t think twice about putting cannabutter in Akito’s food to calm him down and stop him from hurting people.

He once gave Shigure and Ayame some kush in the hopes that they would stop flirting with each other for ten seconds, but the opposite happened, so he now keeps the kush locked up.

9. Yoshihito Usaida From School Babysitters

yoshihito usaida photo u1 smoke anime 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

Yoshihito Usaida works at the daycare center where most of School Babysitters takes place.

Even though he has a good job, the guy is probably getting high before work.

Usaida takes naps every day, even though a sober person might not think it’s a good idea when they’re responsible for the safety of five children and a baby.

No one knows why he hasn’t been fired yet. He might be the dealer for the head.

8. Erika From Pokémon

erika pok mon photo u1 smoke anime 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

Erika, a calm and kind young woman who specializes in Grass Pokémon, is one of the first gym leaders people see in the Pokémon world. Is her “Grass”-style gym really a grow house?

Yes, of course! When Erika isn’t fighting hopeful trainers, she’s either taking care of her special garden in the back of the gym or just inhaling the smell of Vileplume.

7. Kobayashi From Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

kobayashi kobayashi and 39 s dragon maid photo u1 smoke anime 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

In Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Tohru is a dragon who works as a maid and lives with a computer coder who likes maids.

She likes to nap and get drunk with her nerdy work friend so they can scream about maids while she accidentally blows things up.

Kobayashi can’t be seen smoking a joint or two after a night of drinking because she’s a character in an Anime.

However, if she lived in a piece of media with less strict drug laws, she’d be all about the weed thing. Tohru could probably find some great strains in the dragon realm.

If she couldn’t, she could always use her fire breath to light her spliffs.

6. Keishin Ukai From Haikyuu!!

keishin ukai haikyuu photo u1 smoke anime 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

Keishin Ukai, from Haikyuu!!, is almost certainly high all the time. Keishin has two jobs, one in customer service and one in teaching, so he must always be stressed out.

At his job at a convenience store, he usually just sits around and reads mags and smokes.

However, anyone who has worked retail knows that being a cashier means dealing with customers who think they are better than workers and treat them like punching bags.

He has to guide the Karasuno volleyball team as part of his job as a teacher. Shoyo Hinata is a hyperactive kid who doesn’t know how to listen to directions.

Kei Tsukishima is rude and sad, and neither of them is the worst kid on the team. Keishin does finally learn to like his job, but at first, he doesn’t want to do it. He’s just got to be smoking weed between shifts to calm down.

5. Ginko From Mushi-shi

ginko photo u3 smoke anime 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

Fair enough, what Ginko of Mushi-shi is smoking is officially Mushi-tobacco, a substance that keeps the Mushi from coming to him.

Still, he seems very calm, which is unusual for someone who is constantly putting his life at risk.

Also, what is Mushi-tobacco?

If it were just regular tobacco, that’s probably what it would be called.

Ginko stays calm no matter how risky things get, which makes some people think that there might be something a little more “relaxing” in those cigarettes.

4. Stoner From Eureka Seven

stoner photo u2 smoke anime 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

Stoner of Eureka Seven is pretty much a personification of marijuana.

His real name is Stoner, and he spends most of his time going on and on about how far to the left he thinks politics should be.

Even though blunts aren’t shown being rolled, Stoner does smoke cigarettes, which could have just about anything in them.

3. Taizou Hasegawa From Gintama

taizou hasegawa photo u1 smoke anime 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

Even though almost everyone in Gintama smokes pot sometimes (except Shinpachi), Taizou Hasegawa, AKA MADAO, who is short for marude damena ossan (roughly “totally hopeless old guy” in English), is the most obvious stoner.

Hasegawa has no place to go since he lost his government job. He does odd jobs and sleeps in the park. Hasegawa fits the image of a “lazy pothead” like a glove.

2. Shikamaru Nara From Naruto

shikamaru nara photo u8 smoke anime 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

Why does everything bother Naruto’s Shikamaru Nara so much? There are many reasons, but one is that he probably smokes way too much weed.

This guy really does spend most of his free time daydreaming and looking at clouds. Only a nephrologist, an artist, or a pothead would do that.

The Yamanakas are close friends of his family, and they grow and sell plants as their main business.

Most of Ino, Choji, and Shikamaru’s teenage years were probably spent smoking a special Yamanaka type.

Even though Shikamaru’s mom could have killed them, they always got away with it like true ninjas-in-training.

After Shikadai goes to bed as an adult, he and Temari sometimes eat pot brownies.

1. Mugen From Samurai Champloo

mugen photo u12 smoke anime 15 Anime Characters Who Smoke

Mugen from Samurai Champloo has gone high at least once, that’s for sure.

He was with a group that went crazy after a field of what looked like a dank nug was set on fire.

Even though getting high by mistake doesn’t make you a stoner, Mugen’s strong dislike of authority goes well with the whole weed thing.

He would definitely smoke just to get back at someone who told him not to.

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