28 Most Saddest Anime Deaths

Life is an important factor likewise death is often one main theme. 

When you start something, you have to end it so when a creator makes any character the end will also waiting.

I’m a person who always prefers a happy ending because a sad ending is the most emotional part of any series and movie.

And Today we are going to talk about most saddest anime deaths of all time.  

Many heart-breaking deaths give a lot of pain to fans. And today I have prepared a list of saddest Anime Death that make you weep.

Because emotion is the only thing that you can express. And it is really hard for a fan to watch his favorite character die.

28. Menma From Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Menma From Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Menma was dead right from the beginning of the show, the whole series struck fans as being miserable, particularly when she made a decent attempt and figured out how to make the best of her in awful circumstance. 

Fans realized where it counts that everything wasn’t going to improve supernaturally however her difficulty of not having the option to be with every last bit of her companions any longer didn’t first light on most watchers until the start of the last scene. 

Yet, eventually, she’s leaving from a positive point of view when she permits those companions to go on with their particular lives and not think back on the terrible recollections yet think cheerful contemplations of her to make them more grounded.

27. Asuma From Naruto

Asuma From Naruto

Asuma from Naruto can rapidly finish his enemies with his blades when the circumstance warrants. He is additionally the third Hokage’s child. 

Asuma was murdered by the Akatsuki part Hidan, the everlasting person with the sickle when He fooled Asuma into his sacrificial circle which is a special Jutsu that joint his godlike body with any other individual’s the length of he’s ingested their blood and is inside the circle.

26. Bam From Tower of God

Bam From Tower of God

After entering the Tower in search of Rachel, giving it his everything to secure her, to be with her, he sees her genuine nature. Not long before arising successful, the lady he focused on such a lot pushed him to his demise. 

Nonetheless, the last scene of the show portrayed the death of his honesty. The spirit squashing look all over as he fell, glancing in dismay at the lady he adored, was unquestionably worth notice here.

25. Leone From Akame ga Kill

Leone From Akame ga Kill

This show is full of heartbreaking scenes and every character in this series has its picks of heartbroken death. The kind-hearted Sheele turned dog food, the heroic Tatsumi, or the big brother Bulat but tensely the character leone’s death hurt me the most.

Likewise, most of the character died on the battlefield, protecting their friends and family but Leone was the women for people, she already knew about her death so she went down to see their people before dying alone 

24. Byakuya Ishigami From Dr. Stone

Byakuya Ishigami From Dr. Stone

Let’s step into this series where tears shedding counting is less for me but may be different for you. Senku, being the man of science that he is, didn’t seem to be shaken up. But the message was loud and clear. No matter how his father was but he always had a good and kind intention for him.

Byakuya died because of his old age, he collapsed one night. Byakuya realized that his moment of death was already waiting for him but he was happy to see the stars. While dying, Byakuya sees a reflection of the light in the sky, caused by Rei.

23. Shirou Fujimoto From Ao no Exorcist

Shirou Fujimoto From Ao no Exorcist

This one truly hit hard in light of the fact with a lot of blame and with the blend of sadness.

At the point when Satan opened the Gehenna Gate and was going to kidnap Rin, As Satan possessed Shirou, he glances down at his hand that he hit Rin with and He accuses himself. 

Shirou was a particularly decent dad, so having the last minutes before his death is a conflict between him and Rin just hurt.

22. Sir Nighteye From Boku no Hero Academia

Sir Nighteye From Boku no Hero Academia

Sir Nighteye is lethally injured while battling Overhaul. The villain Quirk, which permits him to dismantle and reassemble matter he contacts with his hands, dive in a gigantic spike through his chest and another through his arm, cutting off it over the elbow. 

Nighteye dedicated his life,to change the future he saw where the extraordinary man he appreciated so much All Might with disastrous death.

Furthermore, not long before his death, he called Deku, the kid who changed his future, and demonstrated that there is still life on the planet. Deku pleaded with him to battle on and live. Be that as it may, Sir Nighteye died smiling.

21. Ayumi Otosaka From Charlotte

Ayumi Otosaka From Charlotte

Her hair shines just before she enacts with her power. She firstly utilized this power when Konishi, one of her class fellows, was going to hurt her with a box cutter.

However, because of that, the whole building goes down on her which leads to her death. 

Ayumi’s death was a major stun for me in the series. She gets reborn later on, yet this second was a pure tragedy.

20. Akira Fudou From Devilman Crybaby

Akira Fudou From Devilman Crybaby

Ryo communicates with Akira glances back at all of their memories, reviews how he never had compassion toward anybody, and how Akira rushed to grieve a misfortune. Akira’s death denoted the finish of the series itself, as everybody died beside other than Satan/Ryo. 

Following his death because of Satan, Akira’s soul is projected down to hell due to being a Devilman and has invested the vast majority of his time exploring Hell and the new world that replaced on his own. He embraces Akira’s coffin and starts crying. It was a particularly wonderful yet pitiful ending.

19. Tahoumaru From Dororo

Tahoumaru From Dororo

The last scene of Dororo was unquestionably action pressed. But left with a lovely note. In the wake of having his last conflict with his sibling Hyakkikaru, Tahoumaru is left in his burning palace till his death. 

Hyakkimaru had recovered his body in last, and now ready to see the pain and suffering all around him. There was no genuine victory here. Simply the saddest end.

18. Meruem From Hunter x Hunter

Meruem From Hunter x Hunter

The death of the Main character truly hurt. Exactly when Meruem, at last, realized being alive, to be Meruem and not simply the King, he needs to leave this world. He spends his last minutes with Komugi, the young lady that taught him all these things. 

After his battle against Netero, he ends his life after getting poisoned. Also, as he takes his last breath, he just approaches Komugi for something to call him by his name, and to recognize him as a normal person.

17. Neji Hyuga From Naruto Shippuden

Neji Hyuga From Naruto Shippuden

Every death in Naruto hit me yet Neji’s passing unexpectedly hit me hard. This is the one who undervalues Hinata and Naruto for not being masters such as himself, for denying the destiny he had spread out. 

But now to save those two he was set up to forfeit his own life. It was a truly hard awakening for Naruto. What’s more, combined with Neji’s death and the wonderful soundtrack, this turned the series into the saddest death.

16. Ebisu From Noragami

Ebisu From Noragami

Ebisu’s character has a limited ability to focus on life. The Heavens choose to utilize the Pacification Ring, a type of discipline to wreck foes of Heaven, to murder Ebisu. However, at first, a trouble maker’s death unexpectedly hit me. 

However, For the first time, Ebisu would not like to simply die and be reincarnated. He needed to be his current self. What’s more, it was all thanks to Yato.

15. Tomomi Masaoka From Psycho-Pass

Tomomi Masaoka From Psycho-Pass

Viewing the connection between Tomomi and his child Ginoza during the show was very pure. 

Ginoza needed nothing to do with Tomomi at first. He just named him an inactive lawbreaker, somebody who ought to be dodged. Yet, after some time passes, he begins to understand his father step by step.

However, tragically, when Ginoza completely understand his father, it was past the point of no return. As far as saving his child, he sacrifices his life.

14. Ewin Smith From Attack on Titan

Ewin Smith From Attack on Titan

Now, this is the Spoiler hint for Attack on Titan. Erwin Smith, the thirteenth administrator of the Survey Corps, defied the Beast Titan, the Armored Titan, and the Colossal Titan at the Shinganshina District, getting mortally injured during the fight against the Beast Titan. 

He states how the living offers meaning to leads a self-destructive charge at the titans so Levi can sneak up on the enemy. There is no uncertainty about his leadership quality. He charged straight forward, even at the time of his death.

13. Rintarou Okabe From Steins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu

Rintarou Okabe From Steins;Gate

Indeed, Okabe didn’t die in the film, yet his presence was deleted for some time, that is. What’s more, this hit much harder than an ordinary passing scene. As nobody other than Kurisu even recalled that Okabe had ever existed. 

As she endures alone, Kurisu pulls out the most terrible scene by imitating Hououin Kyouma. This scene was the most disastrous scene I have ever seen in anime. So, it has its place on this rundown.

12. Kamina From Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Kamina From Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The man whose soul was bigger than the gathering itself. Kamina was such a hero. At the hour of his passing, he gave all his belonging and battled close by Simon to make sure about his victory. At first, he died on yet returned later. 

He’s the kind-hearted fellow who wasn’t afraid about anything and spread such an excess of positive energy that everybody floated towards him.

Be that as it may, he achieved a certain something: Simon was at long last ready to have confidence in himself, and not because Kamina had faith in him, yet conviction from the inside.

11. Askeladd From Vinland Saga

Askeladd From Vinland Saga

Askeladd finished like a legend yet at first, he has a goal like a villain. Furthermore, the kid he left alone has no reason left in his life except for a reality check given by him was the truth and that transformed him into a genuine warrior.

Askeladd executes Sweyn before anybody can move. Canute understands that Askeladd is acting to protect him, however, Thorkell reminds the prince that Askeladd is his man, so Canute ventures forward and stab Askeladd to the heart.

10. Twelve and Nine From Zankyou no Terror

Twelve and Nine From Zankyou no Terror

The world would recognize and assume liability for what they had experienced. What’s more, similarly as they had achieved that task, as Shibazaki, at last, understand the two territories he had been pursuing for such a long time they were different. 

Now leaving everything to Shibazaki, they died, trusting that through him they will have equity. Mishima cries as her beloved friends are no more. Furthermore, the thunder of helicopters fills the air. The scene got me goosebumps.

9. L From Death Note 

L From Death Note

L’s death was twisted on countless levels. He realized that his time is close. L died calmly while eating a chocolate bar, with an image of Watari lying directly parallel to him. 

After at long last beginning to close the dividers around Light, L drops out of his seat, never to take another breath again. Light had at last done it. Also, it wasn’t such a lot of that he outsmarted L, yet rather that he was more twisted. So,

 he controlled Rem through Misa and had her carry out the thing.

8. Setsuko From Grave Of The Fireflies

Setsuko From Grave Of The Fireflies

Setsuko is a four-year-old young lady who figures out how cruel and savage the world can be. She tries to take care of her 14-year-old sibling who makes an honest effort to deal with her, yet it wasn’t adequate. Setsuko’s demise in the anime film however it truly hit hard.

After feeding Setsuko a small bite of watermelon, Seita sets out for more food. In any case, this would-be Setsuko’s last feast as she dies in her sleep. The unforgiving reality that Grave of the Fireflies depends on a genuine story makes this scene significantly more troubled. 

7. Jonathan Joestar From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jonathan Joestar From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Generally, this lively series is renowned for its image commendable artwork and scenes, from “It was me, Dio!” to the amusing boat dance in Golden Wind. Yet, even this unusual, offbeat anime can make you extremely upset a couple of times. 

The primary hero is the acceptable hearted Jonathan Joestar, a man without noxiousness or scorn. He gave his very life to secure his better half Erina and shut down Dio by and by, and in his withering minutes, he held Dio like an adored sibling. Dio could barely trust it.

6. Koro-Sensei From Assassination Classroom

Koro-Sensei From Assassination Classroom

Koro-sensei is played before Nagisa dives a blade into his heart with the last expressions of farewell with contacting flashback of class 3-E’s time along.

The tune that plays during the scene is Tabidachi No Uta, a melody that finds a place with recalling the great occasions of Koro-sensei and enhancing the scene.

Ever have that one educator that had a tremendous effect on you during school. Luckily for us, we don’t need to slaughter our educator, however, less blessed for Assassination Classroom’s class 3-E; they should kill theirs.

5. Portgas D. Ace From One Piece

Portgas D. Ace From One Piece

At the point when One Peace chooses to make you pitiful, it makes you cry out loud with lots of depression. The battle for Ace’s recovery was sensational on numerous levels.

From his touching moments with White beard to his re-joining with Luffy.

Be that as it may, in the end, Ace sacrifices himself Ace is punched by a magma fist through the back by Admiral Akainu and falls into Luffy’s arms. What’s more, taking a magma arm through the chest to secure the kid he adored like a sibling.

4. Sohryu Asuka Langley From Neon Genesis Evangelion

Sohryu Asuka Langley From Neon Genesis Evangelion

The fiercest death in this rundown. After at last acknowledging how much her mom loved her, Asuka starts a move and takes on numerous Evas completely all alone.

Asuka, after direct contact with the sixteenth Angel, just as a very injured hubris, has a total mental breakdown side. She gets stabbed through the head and the surviving Evas feast Nigoki like vultures, destroying it.

And still, after all that, Asuka lifts her hand towards the sky, vowing to murder each one of those in her manner. In any case, she couldn’t do so further

3. Maes Hughes From Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Maes Hughes From Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

After starting to unravel Father’s plan, Envy trap Hughes and stab his shoulders. He figures out how to get away and enter a telephone stall, just after a few minutes of the fact.

The most terrible part is that Envy took the form of his wife when she pulled the trigger.

Hughes, a man who adored everybody as much as possible. Shockingly, equity didn’t win this time around. and his death gives a shocking end.

2. Lelouch Lamperouge From Code Geass

Lelouch Lamperouge From Code Geass

Lelouch died for his goals, needing a world where there are no wars or separation. He wanted to destroy the world and construct it over again. Also, It was a commendable sacrifice. 

He volunteered to turn into the lightning pole would be directed towards. His last minutes were tragic but cheerful, as his closest companion pierced his heart, his younger sibling gripped his arm and cried. Furthermore, the group cheered, for the beast is now dead. 

1. Jiraiya From Naruto

Jiraiya From Naruto 1 28 Most Saddest Anime Deaths

One more Naruto character on my rundown as I clear in the above character that the death in naruto is truly tragic all alone. Before dying, Jiraiya sends some secret to Naruto.

He then died as he sinks into the sea. He left the last breath knowing that he did all for the future hero of the world.

Naruto lost a few guides before this, yet Jiraiya’s death inspired an emotional response from him (and fans). Jiraiya guaranteed that he would be there when Naruto become Hokage but now he can’t.

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