21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Almost twenty years have passed since the debut of the first Pokémon episode.

Since then, the series has spawned numerous spin-offs and movies (with more being added every year), and has introduced dozens of intriguing new female characters.

It’s difficult to narrow down my options to just a few, let alone pick out the most admired waifu.

Still, whether they’re on the good or bad side, everyone can agree that the female characters are fantastic in their own unique ways.

For the time being, please enjoy my Pokémon waifu hall of fame.

21. Karen

33634cc09d8eac482b6b9732f65f34b5 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

She is well-known for saying that the strongest trainers in the world fight with their most famous Pokemon.

Since she first showed up in Generation 2 games, Karen has become known as one of the most powerful Dark-type trainers.

Karen’s team is well-balanced and mostly made up of one type of player.

The Umbreon is a strong wall that can take and deal out a lot of damage, and the Houndoom is a cruel foe that does a lot of damage.

Also, she has a Murkrow that is known for being able to easily confuse any Pokemon in the area with its Confuse Ray before unleashing the rage of its shadowy attacks.

20. Whitney

20 whitney pokemon anime screenshot 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Whitney’s powerful Miltank may give older Pokémon fans nightmares.

Whitney’s 2000 anime introduction was whimsical, not traumatic.

When one of her Pokémon accidentally hit Pikachu, she wished him well.

She gave Ash and his friends a city tour.

Whitney’s Miltank destroyed Ash’s Pokémon in their first battle.

Ash requested a rematch with Whitney after she led him to a Miltank-filled dairy farm (and beat Team Rocket again).

Pink-haired Whitney is one of the OG series’ most memorable characters.

19. Grace

19 grace pokemon anime 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Grace is a pretty cool mom who lives in Vaniville Town.

She used to be a great competitor in the Rhyhorn Race when she was younger.

She is also not the kind of parent who makes their child like what they like.

Grace wanted Serena to become a racer just like her.

So, when her daughter didn’t want to follow in her footsteps, it made her a little sad.

Still, the most important thing to her is that her child is happy and finds her place in the world.

It warms my heart to see her help Serena when she says she wants to be a Pokémon Performer.

Also, Grace’s short brown hair, tracksuit, basic black shirt, and, most of all, her pink lips make her look beautiful.

18. Skyla

18 skyla pokemon anime screenshot 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Skyla came onto the scene ten years ago as the leader of the Mistralton City gym, and it was so easy to fall in love with her right away.

First of all, her beautiful auburn hair is a nice contrast to the blue she wears most of the time.

This fits with the fact that she specializes in flying Pokémon, since blue is the color of clear skies.

Plus, her fun clothes show off her toned thighs and flat stomach.

I also like that Skyla is sometimes a dolt, whether that was done on purpose or not.

Even if she loses, this jet pilot won’t wallow in her sadness.

Instead, she will keep her head up, which is a very good thing.

17. Sheena

17 sheena pokemon anime 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

I don’t blame you for having forgotten about Sheena.

At this point, there are a lot of Pokémon anime shows and movies, but she didn’t show up until Arceus and the Jewel of Life in 2009.

So, I’m using this chance to bring her back into your thoughts.

Sheena is one of the two main characters in the 12th movie, and she has amazing ability to understand Pokemon’s hearts.

She brings peace between people and Arceus, who is both loved and feared.

In other words, Sheena is a good person who is also very interested in Michina Town’s mysterious and rich history.

Oh, and who doesn’t like her odango hairstyle?

16. Fantina

16 fantina pokemon anime screenshot 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

I don’t think anyone else on my list can beat Fantina for having the most (appropriately) weird hairstyle, except maybe Lusamine.

Really, her four huge pigtails could probably carry her away from danger at any time.

Fantina is fun to watch because of who she is, not just because of her big hair and purple dress.

She doesn’t come across as rude or arrogant because of how she looks or how she acts.

Instead, she is charming because of her French style and how curious she is.

Fantina is basically the kind of wealthy woman you’d want to hang out with as a friend or more.

15. May

15 may pokemon anime 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Remember when Ruby and Sapphire told you about Ash’s new girlfriend?

Some fans were upset by this because Misty is one of the original three, but this doesn’t mean that May was just a fill-in.

May is one of the most developed characters in the franchise, even though she didn’t like Pokémon at first.

Being a trainer was a way for her to reach her goal, which was to see the world.

So it’s very satisfying to see her change from someone who didn’t care much about Pokémon to a Coordinator who loves her Pokémon and even makes Pokeblocks using her own recipes.

Last but not least, I liked her outfit at the Wallace Cup.

14. Sabrina

14 sabrina pokemon anime screenshot 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

More than 20 years ago, Sabrina welcomed people to Saffron City, but no one knew what was going to happen.

To put it simply, her episodes were the most bizarre of the whole series.

Before Ash and the others saw Sabrina’s second older self, they first saw her as a real child.

Even stranger, Sabrina was an expert at psychic skills like telepathy and transformation.

She was the first leader of the gym who really stood out. Ash couldn’t fight her and her Pokémon like he usually does.

The Sabrina who came about when her two personalities came together is no longer emotionally distant and freely shows happy feelings.

However, I think many fans already liked the Sabrina who was cold, scary, and talked through her doll.

13. Oleana

Oleana anime 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Oleana is the Pokémon character who makes people say “Mommy?” in a confused way the first time they see her.

She doesn’t have to say anything to be seen or heard.

Oleana doesn’t care that she uses other people to get what she wants, from her long blonde hair and high heels to her seductively red lips and outfit.

If she wasn’t so good at being bad, maybe more people would be willing to marry her.

Oleana is a goddess from Macro Cosmos who is bad and has a cold look that makes her one of the sexiest waifus in Pokémon history.

12. Bea

12 bea pokemon anime screenshot 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Bea’s default stance and look of determination can make even the biggest guys back off, which makes sense since she is the leader of the Stow-on-Side gym.

Bea talks about the importance of hard work and self-discipline in both Journeys and Twilight Wings.

She knows when she’s being too strict with herself and other people, and she’s cute if you give her something sweet.

Bea can fight both her own battles and yours at the same time with Pokémon like Hitmontop and the dangerous Gigantamax Machamp.

And if you’ve ever wanted a waifu whose thighs can crush you, she’s the one.

11. Alexa

11 alexa pokemon anime 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Alexa is Viola’s older sister.

But if you’ve seen her in Black & White and XY, you can see that she’s also been Ash’s oneesan.

Alexa was always there to help Ash when he didn’t know where to go.

Even though she doesn’t remember things well, she knows a lot about Pokémon and the area.

She is, after all, a reporter who works day and night.

Alexa is also fun to hang out with and shows great maturity.

She doesn’t mind going up against Ash in a Pokémon battle.

But when they’re not fighting, Alexa will be the first to cheer him up with her lovely smile and generally responsible attitude.

10. Jessie

dab8d05212609b4228081f15df315260 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

This might sound like a pick from the past.

But Jessie has had a lot of unforgettable moments from the start.

Whether she was doing the usual Team Rocket plan or disguising herself as the curvy Jessebella or the glasses-wearing Jessadia and Jessilina, this magenta-haired beauty never failed to entertain with her lines and antics.

I really like how Jessie, James, and Meowth are always together.

And, especially back then, Pokémon episodes wouldn’t have been the same without Jessie’s haughty attitude and constant temper tantrums.

She’s got a great body, and she’s not afraid to show off her midriff.

9. Misty

09 misty pokemon anime screenshot 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Misty is another one of the series’ original waifus, along with Jessie.

Since the late 1990s, she has had a lot of fans who are ready to fight for her to be the series’ poster girl forever.

From Kanto to Johto, her voice actress brought her character to life.

Misty is a Pokémon trainer and the leader of the Cerulean City gym.

She is cute to watch when she fights or hugs small Pokemon like Marill and Togepi, or when she has to deal with her hilariously confused Psyduck.

Also, Misty’s design has become a classic:

Suspenders, a tank top, denim shorts, and short orange hair with a cute sidetail.

She also looks great in her swimsuit and her much-appreciated Alolan outfit.

8. Lusamine

08 lusamine pokemon anime screenshot 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

In the games, Lusamine was a big bad guy, but in the Sun & Moon TV show, she was a mother with real flaws.

In real life, both parents and children know how hard it is for her to balance work and family.

For example, she doesn’t realize that her daughter wants to be treated less like a baby because she doesn’t spend enough time with her.

Still, you can’t be mad at Lusamine for being busy.

She is trying very hard to find Mohn, her husband whom she loves and who has mysteriously vanished.

So, in the end, it’s still about family.

Anyway, Lusamine is the most beautiful mom in the franchise.

She already has two wonderful children, but she looks like a Swedish supermodel who is 20 years old.

7. Elesa

BW051 3 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

The design of Elesa looks like a cross between Hatsune Miku and Sona’s DJ skin from League of Legends.

But instead of extra-long twintails, she has long headphone cords to go with her futuristic short hair.

Aside from this, her clothes accomplish two main goals: they look like electricity and show off her slim figure.

So, it’s not surprising that the leader of Nimbasa Gym is also a well-known model.

In fact, Elesa wants her fans to watch her fights because she likes to put on a show for them.

Elesa is very beautiful, but she is also a very smart person.

Elesa is the best waifu because she knows her electric-type Pokémon have flaws and finds ways to make up for them.

6. Prima (Lorelei)

06 prima lorelei pokemon anime 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Because of Prima, I will always remember the 99th episode as a great way to start the 21st century.

In the video games, she is called Lorelei.

Since Misty looks up to her, she is a good entry right above Misty.

Fans and reporters are always trying to get Prima’s attention, but she is cool (like her ice Pokémon) and funny when she doesn’t care, which is attractive in its own way.

How could she not have fans among both men and women?

She looks like Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

She is a goddess with purple hair and a confident smile.

Prima looks like the ideal office woman.

She wears pencil skirts and has a nice body.

5. Nessa

df3a4df80a5491c664975e9eb9619fd4 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Nessa is by far the most popular dark-skinned female character in the Pokémon franchise.

She didn’t have to be in the popular Pokémon: Twilight Wings miniseries a lot for fans to remember her.

Her dark hair has bright highlights, and her eyes are a beautiful shade of blue.

And the same goes for her crop top and shorts, which are both orange.

All in all, her looks show that she is proud to be a woman of the sea.

Nessa is not only a gym leader, but she is also a model.

Nessa doesn’t care if people like Rose think it’s a bad idea for her to have two demanding jobs.

I hope that she is an example for people who are also chasing more than one dream at once.

4. Professor Ivy

04 professor ivy pokemon anime screenshot 1 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Professor Ivy has a mature kind of feminine appeal, like Prima.

The first time I saw her in the anime was enough to put her in my top five.

Even though swimsuits are great, this smart woman was not only wearing a sexy one-piece but also a lab coat.

This outfit is the perfect example of “beauty and brains,” and Felina Ivy’s sly look showed that she knew how much power it had over guys.

In the same way, I’m in love with her natural sleepy look and shy smile.

Brock is lucky that she is helping him with his research.

Some “fans” and content creators have made her a somewhat controversial figure by making up all kinds of untrue theories about her.

At the very least, they are making Professor Ivy even more famous.

3. Diantha

03 diantha pokemon anime 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

In Pokémon the Series: XY, Diantha, the Champion of Kalos, who is both scary and charming, made her debut.

I love that both her Japanese and English names are related to flowers, which explains why she wears a white dress with gold accents that is both light and fancy.

Even though there are a lot of models in Pokémon, Diantha is one step ahead by becoming an actress.

Every picture of her is a blessing.

Whether she’s hiding her true identity in public or helping others fight the Giant Rock, Diantha charms people with her flawless beauty, strong sense of honor, and kind face.

2. Delia Ketchum

Delia Ketchum 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Delia Ketchum is one of the series’ most honest and admirable women.

And no, she’s not a bad mom because she always lets Ash go on adventures.

For one thing, she helps him in every way she can reach his goal of being “the best like no one ever was.”

Delia is a great mom.

She makes him new clothes, keeps their house clean, and goes to visit him in Alola and Unova.

Delia is always happy and friendly, even though she had to give up her dreams of becoming a model and a trainer so she could take care of Ash.

I hope Delia’s husband, who is also Ash’s absentee father, realizes how stupid he is for making her take care of the kids by herself so he could keep chasing his dream of becoming a Pokémon master.

Delia has shown over and over that she is a great parent and friend to everyone.

May all of her days in Pallet Town be happy ones.

1. Cynthia

cynthia 21 Most Popular Pokemon Waifu of All Time

Cynthia is another champion who rules over Sinnoh.

She is better than both Diantha and Delia “Best Mom Ever” Ketchum.

So why is she the Pokémon waifu everyone agrees on?

First, she’s a winner who doesn’t mind going up against other people.

Cynthia has wanted to be strong ever since she was a child.

At first, this made her mean to herself and her Pokémon, but she has changed.

Cynthia loves battles that are hard, especially if she has to use a Pokémon other than her favorite, Garchomp.

But when she isn’t competing, she helps trainers get better and strengthen their relationships with their Pokémon.

Second, she has been an important character from Journeys to Black & White to Diamond and Pearl.

Cynthia is happy to help the MCs fight bad guys, and she never really loses her cool.

Last but not least, she is just mesmerizing.

Her hair clips and her cream-colored bangs are cute. Her signature black coat matches her strong, independent personality, while her sleeveless blue top from Black & White is a nice change of pace.

Cynthia is one of the best Pokémon trainers in the world, but she will always find time to eat her favorite sweets and learn about Pokémon history and local facts.

Cynthia is smart, kind, strong, and sweet. She has it all, but she keeps pushing herself past her limits.

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