17 Hottest Men of My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is among the most popular shows of the moment and has been entertaining and enthralling viewers with its diverse cast of stories, characters, well-written plot, and most importantly, its action scenes and quirks

The story is written by Kohei Horikoshi, and at the time of writing, the series has 29 tankobon volumes.

Apart from being popular with fans for its heroes and villains and their combat, the series is also well-known for its beautiful and well-drawn characters. 

So, in this article, we will talk about the 17 hottest and coolest characters in the show, based on my research and ideas. 

We won’t be discussing characters who are younger than 18 because they aren’t adults yet. 

Therefore, without further ado, let’s talk about and get to know them!

17. Hari Kurono (Chronostasis)

Hari Kurono (Chronostasis)

Hari Kurono was first introduced in the Shie Hassaikai Arc as an assistant to Overhaul

While Kurono was among the antagonists who were secondary to this arc’s icy and calm appearance, his sharp eyebrows and dark eyes put him in 17th place on the list. 

Additionally, his light hair, which forms an arrow-shaped “Clock Needles” as a result of the quirk, is one of his distinctive and attractive features.

16. Nine (Real Name Unknown)

Nine (Real Name Unknown)

Nine was the main antagonist of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Arc, with weather manipulation as his most prominent character. He was of average size and fair complexion. 

He drew attention due to his calm and serene manner of conduct in all situations.

However, his hair, which was white and thin, and eyes, which were grey with white pupils, were the most noticeable. 

Therefore, we’ve put him in the 16th position, overtaking Hari.

15. Mirai Sasaki (Sir Nighteye)

Mirai Sasaki (Sir Nighteye)

Mirai Sasaki was an ex-Pro Hero and also the coach of Mirio Togata. 

He was a sidekick for All MIght, and in this article, he is ranked 15th in the rankings due to his impressively muscular physique, despite his long and slender appearance. 

Additionally, he’s well-known among the public for his stereotypical images of office workers with yellow glasses, which made him feel more powerful.

14. Muscular (Real Name not specified)

14. Muscular (Real Name not specified)

Muscular first appeared at the beginning of Chapter 72 as one of the League of Villains, and he was also one of the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc. 

Even though he was an antagonist in Chapter 72, he was an impressive and stunning sight due to his incredibly muscular body. 

He had spiky blonde hair as well as a massive scar across his lower left face. 

The most notable feature was his eyes, which were small and black, in which his left eye was replaced by a prosthetic eye. We have put him in the 14th position.

agonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc. 

Even though he was an antagonist in Chapter 72, he was an impressive stunning sight due to his incredibly muscular body. 

He had spiky blonde hair as well as a massive cut across his lower left face. 

The most notable feature was his eyes which were small and black, in which his left eye was replaced by a prosthetic eye. We have put his position at the 14th position.

13. Tamaki Amajiki (Suneater)

Tamaki Amajiki (Suneater)

Tamaki Amajiki is a member of the Big 3 and a student of Class 3-A at U.A High School

He is in 13th place since he is well-known among the crowd for his quiet and quiet character. 

His hair is indigo-colored and he is often seen messily and with pale skin. His uniform is worn with a messy appearance and he has ears that look a bit like elf ears, which makes him even more attractive. 

This is why he is in 13th place.

12. Tsunagu Hakamada (Fiber Hero: Best Jeanist)

Tsunagu Hakamada (Fiber Hero: Best Jeanist)

Tsunagu Hakamada is currently the No. 3 Pro Hero in the series.

His costume comprises a pair of jeans, a waistcoat made of denim, as well as a denim shirt that has a high collar that covers his face beneath his nose. 

He wears his long, blond hair to hide his left eye.

He has a tall frame, but the most noticeable aspect is his unnaturally large and defiant neck. Despite his appearance, he is highly regarded, which is why we put him in the 12th spot.

11. Atsuhiro Sako (Mr. Compress)

Atsuhiro Sako (Mr. Compress)

Atsuhiro Sako was an ex-member of the League of Villains’ Vanguard Action Squad. 

He was also one of the principal characters of The Forest Training Camp Arc and a sought-after nationwide criminal in the show. 

In addition to his costume as the villain, he wears a set of three: a mask, a hat, and a balaclava. 

In the mask, he has small dark eyebrows as well as curly dark hair that earned him some recognition in the eyes of the crowd. 

Therefore, we’ve put him in the 11th spot.

10. Mirio Togata (Lemillion)

Mirio Togata (Lemillion)

Mirio Togata Mirio Togata is a member of The Big 3 and is a student in the 3B class at U.A High School

He was considered the best contender to succeed in One For All before it was handed over to Izuku. 

He has blonde hair that is cut in an elongated cowlick and has a strong physique. 

His design for his character is distinctive as his eyes are blue ovals without visible sclera, and his nose is round. 

This is why he’s in the 10th spot.

9. Jin Bubaigawara (Twice)

Jin Bubaigawara (Twice)

Jin Bubaigawara was one of the principal antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc and was also associated with the League of Villains. 

He had grey-blue eyes and blonde hair, but a massive mark on his forehead was the most notable thing about him. 

In addition to that, his rough appearance, as well as the obvious traces of facial fairness, make him one of the hottest male actors. 

Therefore, he is placed in the 9th position.

8. Taishiro Toyomitsu (BMI Hero: Fat Gum)

Taishiro Toyomitsu

Taishiro Toyomitsu is one of the Pro heroes in the series. He’s round and fat and has odd proportions to his body however, he is built and proportioned in his regular appearance. 

He has tiny eyes and blonde-colored short hair. He is quite well-known to the people who read his blog since he is ranked as 20th on the list of most popular people. 

We have put him in the sixth position and ahead of Jin Bubaigawara.

7. Shota Aizawa (Erasure Hero: Eraser Head)

Shota Aizawa

In addition to being a pro-athlete, Shota Aizawa also serves as the homeroom instructor for Class 1A at U.A. High School. 

His hairstyle is usually unclean, and his eyes appear dull and tired, and they are often partially open. 

He is well-known among readers for his laidback attitude and messy black shoulder-length hair. 

He is in 7th place on our list.

6. Kai Chisaki (Overhaul)

Kai Chisaki

Kai Chisaki was the Yakuza leader of the Shie Hassaikai group and was the primary antagonist in the Shie Hassaikai Arc. 

He is pale-skinned and has short and shaggy auburn-colored hair. The eyes of the man are small with gold irises and have long eyelashes. 

He has long hair, a tiny beard, and three piercings on his left eye after escaping from Tartarus and the Tartarus.

While he’s one of the principal antagonists of the show, he is also a favorite because of his appearance among viewers, and his rank is the fourth rank.

5. Keigo Takami (Hawks)

Keigo Takami

Keigo Takami is the current No. 2 Pro Hero in the series.

He has a normal height with an elongated and slim body. 

He has his hair, which is ash blonde, pulled back messily, and is notable for his long eyelashes. 

Due to his quirk, the most notable features are his shaved chin, a small smudge on his chin, and his huge red wings that are made of feathers. 

In addition, he’s popular among his admirers for his jovial and carefree style, yet masculine charm. In all likelihood, his rank is 5th.

4. Enji Todoroki (Flame Hero: Endeavor)

Enji Todoroki

Enji Todoroki was crowned one of the No.1 Pro Heroes after All Might’s retirement.

He has four children: Toya, Shoto, Fuyumi, and Natsuo. 

The most noticeable thing about him is his stature, as well as his muscular body. He has short, spiky red hair, and sharp, turquoise eyes. 

When he is using his quirk, the man sports a beard and mustache that are made of fire, and a little stubble is visible when not in use with his quirk. 

Despite his obnoxious and proud character, he’s a favorite among readers, and so we’ve placed him in the second position.

3. Touya Todoroki (Dabi)

Touya Todoroki

Touya Todoroki is one of the main antagonists in the series and is also a part of the League of Villains. 

The tall man was slim with pale skin.

Additionally, his hair was initially white but has since been dyed black. 

The most striking thing about him is his silver piercings that are visible in his ears, as well as patches of wrinkled, gnarled skin with a purple hue that covers the majority of his lower neck and face. 

Despite his status as the villain, he’s popular with the fan group.

2. Chizome Akaguro (Hero Killer Stain)

Chizome Akaguro

Chizome Akaguro (Hero Killer: Stain) Chizome Akaguro made his debut in Chapter 41 and was the main antagonist in The Titular Vs. Hero Killer Arc. 

He sloppy wears long black hair and is a muscular guy that walks around with a distinctive hunch. 

He has tiny red eyes and an intimidating look.

1. Toshinori Yagi (All Might)

Toshinori Yagi

Toshinori Yagi is the tritagonist of the My Hero Academia series, the former No.1 Pro Hero, and the coach of Izuku. 

He is well-built and has a muscular body in his powerful appearance. 

He has sharp facial features, with an elongated jawline, prominent cheekbones, and large eyebrows. 

Despite the stark differences in his regular and powerful appearance, he is adored and adored by the public. 

Thus, without a doubt, he’s at the top of the list.

The show currently has four seasons, and the manga contains 302 chapters. The story follows Izuku’s journey to becoming the ultimate hero in a universe full of superheroes, even though he doesn’t have a quirk.

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