15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Since its debut, Master Duel has been a success, and the first batch of brand-new cards have just entered the game.

Major players haven’t yet entered the game, but the releases are getting closer to matching the TCG’s current card pool.

A mix of TCG and OCG hits make up the exclusive banlist used by Master Duel.

This implies that some TCG meta decks may not even be playable, while other meta decks that had to be outlawed are now operating at their peak.

Because Master Duel is a best-of-one format, the metas between it and the paper game are very different even if Yu-Gi-Oh is still involved.

15. True Draco

True Draco 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Due to the small amount of SR and UR cards required to create it, True Draco is one of the least expensive decks you can construct in Master Duel.

A common Control archetype that frequently uses several Floodgates is True Draco.

To circumvent one of the drawbacks of tribute summoning, True Draco can tribute Continuous Spell and Trap cards in order to Tribute Summon oneself, thereby turning them into Normal Summons.

You can destroy your opponent’s board while establishing your own with the help of the True Draco Spell and Trap cards, which all have effects when they are tributed.

14. Zoodiac

ZoodiacDrident RATE EN ScR 1E 1 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Zoodiac has a long history with the ban list, regularly appearing on and off of it. In Master Duel, Zoodiac Drident is acceptable, even if it is forbidden in the TCG. As a result, Zoodiac can be played at its full potential.

One of the best Xyz summoning archetypes ever created is Zoodiac, as all Zoodiac monsters may be utilized as the full material for any Zoodiac Xyz monster, allowing them to ignore the necessity for Xyz materials entirely.

They have a remarkable level of consistency as a result, and when Tri-Brigade is included, you get a consistent deck with numerous field pops.

13. Thunder Dragon

THUNDER DRAGON 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Thunder Dragons significantly decreased in the meta once Thunder Dragon Colossus was banned from the TCG. The Thunder Dragon Monsters can all be accessed, though, thanks to Master Duel.

Even though many Thunder Dragon cards in Master Duel are limited in some way, Thunder Dragon Colossus alone makes the deck meta due to how powerful it is.

Due to Fairy Tail Snow being completely unconstrained in Master Duel, you can play with one of the most reliable builds of Thunder Dragon using the Chaos engine, which is also available.

12. Virtual World

VirtualWorldGateChuche PHRA JP OP 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

One of the most well-liked and effective Synchro Archetypes in Master Duel is Virtual World.

Because virtual world decks are so reliable, you can always find any virtual card you need by searching through them.

Floodgates like True King Of All Calamities and the somewhat Master Duel legal Virtual World Kyubi – Shenshen are the foundation of many Virtual World decks.

Since the opponent cannot side with it, this is frequently a game-winning tactic in a best-of-one scenario.

These Floodgate boss monsters are relatively simple to create for Virtual World decks.

11. Dino

Dino 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Years after their release, dinosaurs are still the most powerful and enjoyable budget deck in the game.

The sheer amount of adaptability afforded when it comes to summoning the large dinos has compelled players to remain in the competitive arena, despite the fact that they are well aware of their drawbacks and have grown accustomed to using dinos over time.

The main card, Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, should be called as quickly as possible so it can stop tactics in their tracks.

10. Invoked Shaddoll

shaddoll hedgehog en079 1 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Invoked Shaddoll is a strange hybrid of archetypes that can both control and overpower opponents, however, they don’t specialize in either area, making them extremely hard to play against.

Put the flip and fusion to use. Shadoll monsters cause havoc and harm while invoking fusions clear things up and provide additional assistance.

Because of the wide variety of fusion monsters available, each battle has its own set of tactics.

You can easily construct it at such a low cost because most of the cards are found in the finest Yu-Gi-Oh structure deck.

9. Sky Striker

Sky Striker 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

The main goals of Sky Strikers are control and disruption. Since the Sky Striker-specific spells don’t need any monsters in the main monster zones to activate, you can’t truly summon a lot of them at once.

The Sky Strikers, on the other hand, are extremely versatile and capable of dealing with virtually any threat. Frequently attacking Link 2 monsters to hunt for spells, recover them, and reduce HP.

If you do get the chance to end the duel with a powerful assault, use an I:P Masquerena and one of the greatest Link boss monsters.

All things considered, Sky Strikers automatically lose to floodgates like Imperial Order, so be wary of opponents who might support them.

8. Dogmatika Invoked

OCG202004 DragmaInvoked1 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Due to the high skill level and focus on potent support cards like Triple Tactics Talent, this deck is quite challenging to use.

The Invoked section of the deck serves as a summoning mechanism for strong fusion monsters that have the ability to neutralize or overpower your opponent’s cards.

The Dogmatikka section, meanwhile, summons effect monsters with strong ATK numbers and offers extra assistance in sabotaging and clearing your opponent’s field.

7. Drytron

best drytron cards yugioh 1 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Since Nekroz, Drytrons are the first ritual-based competitive archetype, which speaks a lot about the current competitive environment.

Although they cannot be normal summoned or set, the majority of Drytron monsters are level 1 and have a massive 2000 ATK.

As an alternative, you combine forces with fairy cards and other potent ritual archetypes (such as Cyber Angels) to create a flexible and effective deck.

Be forewarned, it’s probably the most challenging competitive deck to master and is quite challenging to utilize.

6. Bird Up

BIRD UP 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

A combination of the extremely potent winged-beast archetypes Lyriluscs and Tri-Brigades is known as a “Bird-Up.”

The WIND archetype has gotten a lot of support recently, along with Harpie’s Feather Storm.

There are several XYZ monsters available to Lyriluscs, and they may use many different effects to call the avian animals to the battlefield.

It is an inexpensive and effective deck to use in tournaments, supported by Tri-Brigades and common winged-beast assistance.

5. Eldlich

EldlichtheGoldenLord SESL EN ScR 1E 1 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Among the most distinctive and challenging decks in Yu-Gi-Oh.

Just keep calling Eldlich, and let it abuse your opponent’s life points with its own effect. They won’t be able to respond with anything thanks to several floodgates and irritating traps.

The potency of your collection of traps determines how strong this deck is. Regarding the finest traps, floodgates, draw cards, etc.,

I’ve posted numerous articles. Look around the website if you have Eldlich but no cards to support him.

4. Swordsoul Tenyi

Swordsoul Tenyi 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

It’s impossible to compete with the reliable search and summon the power that goes into some of the strongest Synchro monsters in the entire game, supported by potent hand traps and other disruption cards.

Whatever kind of deck your opponent is deploying, they have a response for it. To run this deck successfully, you must have a high level of skill because you must properly time your disruptions.

The Swordsoul Tenyi deck is strong and flexible, so it can compete with any other deck used in Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments.

3. Invoked

Invoked 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

For as long as Aleister has existed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! metagame, Invoked has been a mainstay. The Invoker might be summoned normally.

Invocation is a card that you only really need to run one copy of, therefore the engine is quite minimal.

As a result, Invoked is one of the best engines and has been used in many different Archetype combinations.

The Shaddoll and Dogmatika Archetypes are both used in the most common Invoked decks, and together they provide a powerful deck that is synergistic with Invoked.

One of the most adaptable decks out there, Invoked may be played in a variety of ways.

2. Adamancipator

Adamancipator 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

While Adamancipator destroyed the TCG in the early months of 2020, Master Duel has had quite the opposite trend.

Block Dragon’s ban harmed Adamancipator in the TCG, but it is still an acceptable card in Master Duel. Adamancipator decks are now able to operate at full strength.

Adamancipator’s strategy is around saturating the field with strong Rock Monsters that can transform into Boss Monsters to counteract any moves the opponent makes.

Due to Adamancipator’s high degree of consistency, you will be able to adapt your strategy to whatever your opponent is using in their Extra Deck Monsters.

1. Eldich

EldlichtheGoldenLord SESL EN ScR 1E 1 1 15 Best Competitive Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Eldich, one of Yu-Gi-Oh’s most potent Trap decks, excels in Master Duel.

Since there aren’t many constraints on Floodgates, control decks have an advantage in Master Duel, and Eldich is incredibly challenging to defeat.

In the TCG, side decking can hurt Eldich, but since it’s not allowed in Master Duel, going first will probably result in a victory.

Eldich is remarkably reliable and adept at playing out grueling games without ever tiring. Every deck aspires to have these two qualities, and Eldich possesses both of them.

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