Campione! Season 2: Release Date

Campione is that show that broke with the norms that revolved around stereotypes.

It is created by Jou Taketsuki. It was completed on the 21st of January in 2017.

While the animated adaptation was shown in 2012, with 13 episodes.

Recent moves by the anime’s licensee, Sentai Filmworks, might suggest a Season 2. Let’s discuss the date of release as well as the cast and visuals of the second season that is rumored to be in development.

Campione! Season 2 Release Date

The production and studio team of the series haven’t made any announcements about the release date of Season 2

If, in the event, Campione Season 2 releases it’s likely to occur in the latter half of 2021 or 2022.

This is because the majority of anime studios have a variety of shows planned throughout the remainder of this year and the following year.

Crunchyroll streamed the final season and is expected to stream the next season, too.

But what is it that makes us so sure of another season?

Campione! Season 2 Theory Section

Campione might not be able to compete with the top action or harem series out there. 

However, it’s one of the tops in the genre that it explores using an innovative, fresh, and never-before-seen-before style.

Let’s take a look at the specifics of the upcoming anime to discover what’s driving the production of ‘Campione Season 2.’

Popularity of Campione

Campione began publication in the year 2008 and received a manga adaptation in the year 2011.

Diomedea created an animated series that was based on the show in 2012 and it became highly acclaimed among people who were.

Although the adaptation is given an average rating of 7 according to both IMDb and MyAnimeList The fans say that the anime is not rated highly enough and that the show is extremely enjoyable.

Let’s check if they’re real.

Was Season 1 Well-Received?

campione 2 Campione! Season 2: Release Date

There’s a mixed reaction from fans. Some like the new harem style however, others dislike the changes to the light novel’s plot.

Campione is a harem that isn’t typically filled with ecchi, as it was promised, and a ton of kicking action and an amazing story.

The biggest drawback of this show is that it is extremely rapid-paced. The MC’s character is developed in the glance. The show also doesn’t give a detailed explanation of the powers used in the series, or the jargon within it.

In addition, the show is full of action and humor. Although the show is a harem show, it is logical: no romance at first sight or use of the character’s hairstyle.

Campione is a blend of serious anime and more realistic ecchi with excellent fanservice.

The fans of the light novels, however, will be able to pick apart an additional aspect. There are many important scenes that have been removed from the anime, and the ending was not original.

Incorporating the five-volume into thirteen episodes isn’t an easy feat However, the studio attempted to do it anyway.

Will There be a Season 2?

campione season 2 Campione! Season 2: Release Date

Season 1 adapted only the first five volumes of the series and there are another 16 volumes to be adapted. So, there’s enough material for two seasons!

While it was the initial season produced to serve the sole purpose of advertising the light novel, due to the growing demand for Season 2 the creators might be tempted to give in to the demands of fans.

In June 2020, Sentai Filmworks’ YouTube channel has uploaded their Campione trailer for the final season.

The show has never had this feature before. It includes footage from the earlier season as well as the background with the OST.

Could this be a clue to the supporters??

Visuals & Trailers

The official website hasn’t announced any information concerning Season 2. However, we could speculate that it will be a compilation possibly Volume 6-10 like the previous season.

The covers are adorned with the principal protagonist, Erica along with Luo Hao. 

Official sites have not revealed any trailers or PVs concerning the sequel. We will update this post once we have the details.

Now that we’ve watched everything, what do we know about the anime?

Expected Plot

The next arc begins exactly where it ended in Volume 5. the fight that took place between John as well as the King of Flies.

This is the first arc that presents Luo Hao, considered to be the greatest fighter on Earth and Guinevere. Both are determined to bring back Godo from the Netherworld.

On the other hand, Godo is requested by Hikari to take care of an individual of the Four Families.

The plot and story are one thing, but the Animation and sound effects are another. They should be in sync to make a perfect animation.

Let’s find out if that was the scenario in Season 1.

S1 Music and Animation

Animation Quality

The animation of Diomedea is quite lovely. The fight scenes aren’t bad, but they’re not so predictable as the plot.

The rapid pace of the show impacted the animation somewhat as is evident in later episodes as the battle choreographies are likely to repeat.

The image of gold swords falling over an unfaithful couple is something that no one will ever forget.

Theme Songs

The theme for the opening, Brave Blade, was sung by Megu Sakuragawa. The voice of Megu was beautifully accompanied by the other characters, giving us an overview of the show.

The final theme Raise, the theme of the finale, is voiced with Yui Ogura. The voice actress of one of the characters known as ‘dandere, Athena, is backed by a sequence of the girls from the Harem.

Fan Expectations for Upcoming Season

There is much more to the harem that is chaotic starting with Volume 7, the story ended with a twist at the conclusion of Season 1.

Fans of light novels slam the fact that Athena was not supposed to appear in the final battle, but the studio went ahead with what it was supposed to do in order to conclude the series.

When Season 1 was used to introduce the harem to the viewers Then Season 2 could be used to explore the plot. If the plot matched the light novel in a good way this is an added benefit.

The fans just would like their book to be re-created on screens because the previous season was a lot different from the original material. Hopefully, Season 2 will rectify this.

Let’s look back at what Campione’s job is.


campione season 1 Campione! Season 2: Release Date

Godo Kusanagi, a former middle school baseball player, who had to quit due to an injury, is approached by his grandpa to deliver a tablet made of stone to one of his friends in Sardinia.

After encountering the demonically manipulative, savagely beautiful Erica Then he meets God of War, Verethragna.

After killing gods, Godo becomes a Campione or god-slayer. His mission is to battle the gods of the heretic who have abandoned their way and at the expense of innocent people.

One of the difficulties of becoming a Campione is his fame and ability to draw the attention of girls who are difficult and women, particularly Erica.

If this weren’t already awkward enough He kisses one of the girls he takes to fight with him each when he takes on a god.

Cast & Staff

The following characters will likely remain as the cast and staff to Campione Season 2:


PositionStaffFamous Works
DirectorKusakawa KeizoAhiru no Sora, Inukami
Series CompositionJukki HanadaNo Game No Life, Special A
Character DesignMasakazu IshikawaKodomo no Jikan, Aho-Girl
Music CompositionTatsuya KatoFree, Shokugeki no Souma
StudioDiomedeaHanda-kun, Ahiru no Sora


CharacterVoice ActorFamous Works
GodoMatsuoka YoshitsuguSora (No Game No Life), Yukihira Souma (Shokugeki no Souma)
EricaHisaka YokoMio (K-ON), Mira (Trinity Seven)
LilianaKitamura EriAshido Mina (My Hero Academia), Cana (Fairy Tail)
YuriHanazawa KanaShiemi (Blue Exorcist), Anri (Durarara)
EnaSaitou YukaLu Lian (Gin no Guardian), Yukimura (Sengoku Musou)

About Campione!

The series follows the main character, Godo Kusanagi, a high school student who kills gods.

Then he takes on his divine powers during the process and transforms into a Campione god slayer.

In his quest to prove his strength by conquering gods, he must also learn to control his love life.

Campione is a harem-love comedy that is filled with amazing battle scenes; Godo’s life is anything but ordinary.

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