MyAnimeList Hacked – The largest Anime Database

The website MyAnimeList hacked, and several users say they can’t get to the site.

MyAnimeList is a website that gets more than 40 million visitors per month and is thought to be the biggest database of anime. Users can keep track of their favorite anime series on the site.

Several MyAnimeList users said that all of the anime titles were changed to “LET’S ALL LOVE LAIN” and that something strange was going on with MAL.

“Let’s all love Lain” is a line from a cyberpunk-themed anime show called “Serial Experiments Lain,” in case you haven’t heard it before. Fans have used the phrase “Let’s All Love Lain” to show how much they like the show and its main character.

In 1998, the cartoon series Serial Experiment Lain came out. It looks at complicated ideas like identity, truth, and communication in a world where new computer and internet technologies are coming out.

MyAnimeList Hacked

MyAnimeList Hacked

Many people say that MyAnimeList, also known as MAL, is down (can’t be reached). When the titles of the anime were changed to “Let’s All Love Lain,” many users thought it was a harmless joke played by either a member of the MAL team or a user.

After all, MAL played a joke on its users on April Fool’s Day by changing the covers of anime shows and putting pictures of cats in front of them.

But the MyAnimeList website is now completely down with the error message “403 ERROR.” We were unable to meet the request.”

At the time of writing, MyAnimeList’s social media outlets had not been updated about the situation.

Update 1: MyAnimeList’s homepage has been changed so that it no longer says “404 Error” and instead says that the site is being worked on.

Update 2: MyAnimeList put an emergency warning on their help page, which gave more details. The story says that this was a cyber attack that happened early on May 10, 2023.

During the attack, a bad user changed the anime titles to “Let’s All Love Lain” and added code that made a popup appear whenever a user went to their biography or lists.

MyAnimeList said that they store the personal information of their users in a way that complies with government rules. So far, according to their information, there has been no data breach of users’ personal information.

At the moment, the MyAnimeList team is trying to find and fix all the ways the hacker used to attack. They don’t know when the website will be up and running again after it has been fixed.

MyAnimeList Not Opening For Users

Fans went to Twitter to ask if they were the only ones who couldn’t get to the site or if everyone else was having the same problem. After all, a lot of anime fans use MAL to keep track of their shows, and if something happened to their page, they could lose years of information.

We hope that MyAnimeList will be back up and running soon. Fans are waiting for a new post on the website’s social media pages for now.

MyAnimeList was started in 2004 and has grown to be one of the biggest sites for anime and manga. How do you feel about this “hack”?

Do you think it’s a dangerous joke or that someone is trying to shut down the website?

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