18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

Level 4 Yugioh monsters have always been the most important part of most decks. They usually have the right ATK/DEF stats to do well when they are summoned.

Some of them have powerful effects that can change the way a duel goes or help a winner win more easily.

Most of the time, the best level 4 Yugioh monsters have both, but some have so much ATK or DEF or such great effects that they are stronger than others.

Check out the best level 4 Yugioh monsters if you want to spice up your decks and make your friends hate you.

18. Fairy Tail – Luna

Fairy Tail – Luna 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

This Level 4 Yugioh monster has one of the most annoying effects of the Yugioh cards, with 4 Stars.

It can search any Fairy Tail monster, including itself, giving you a play for your next turn. By sending your opponent’s monsters back to their hand, you can stop them from playing or breaking up their board, which is hard to do if they rely on their extra deck.

This effect is also a quick play effect, which means that your opponent will have to spend some resources just to set up Fairy Tail – Luna’s bounce effect.

17. Aluber: Jester of Despia

Aluber the Jester of Despia 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

The Branded Despia deck is built around this level 4 Yugioh monster card.

Aluber, the Jester of Despia, lets you search for any Branded Spell or Trap. This gives you a toolbox for changing how you play the game.

The main target of this effect is Branded Fusion, which starts the combo for the deck, or Branded in Red if you have already put your Despia monsters in the graveyard for the Guardian Chimera play.

With a good 1800 attack, it can almost stomp enemy monsters in the early game or deal enough damage to your opponents to make a statement.

His last effect lets you special summon him from the graveyard. This can help you make a fusion summon on your turn by giving you more materials.

16. Souleating Oviraptor

Souleating Oviraptor 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

This monster is one of the best level 4 Yugioh dinosaur monsters ever made. It has a decent attack of 1800.

Because of this level 4 Yugioh monster, a lot of combo plays have been made. You can use its first effect by adding Miscellaneousaurus to your hand, then sending it to the graveyard to give your dinosaur monsters protection.

You can also add their boss monster Ultimate Conductor Tyranno if you have enough dinosaur monsters in your graveyard to summon it, or you can add Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju instead to get rid of one of your opponent’s troublesome monsters.

When you combine Souleating Oviraptor’s broken second effect with Babycerasaurus or Petiteranodon, you can spam this level 4 Yugioh dinosaur monsters on the field that can summon the deadly duo of Evolzar Dolkka and Evolzar Laggia. This is a very scary effect.

15. Incredible Ecclesia: the Virtuous

Incredible Ecclesia the Virtuous 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

According to the Abyss legend in Yu-Gi-Oh! : Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous is Dogmatika Ecclesia’s evolved form after she tamed Albion the Blackclad Dragon.

Both Eclessia monsters have the same effect: they can special summon themselves on the field. Incredible Ecclesia the Virtuous can be used to link summon Crystron Halqifibrax or to synchro-summon monsters because it is a tuner.

She works well in Swordsoul decks to trick your opponent into playing a card since she makes it easy to summon Swordsoul of Mo Ye and continue with the combo.

Also, Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous can use her effect to call out “The Iris Swordsoul,” which is a monster with 2500 attacks and an additional effect that stops play.

You can use the last effect to bring her back from the graveyard if you have cards like Instant Fusion or Ready Fusion in your deck.

14. Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous

Dogmatika Ecclesia the Virtuous 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

Cute or not, this level 4 Yugioh monster has always been a nightmare for decks that depend on the Extra Deck.

You can always special summon this card since the trend in the year 2022 is to use powerful monsters from your extra deck to set up a field.

The effect of searching for a card lets you add any Dogmatika card, which can give you more than one way to play.

You can add cards like Dogmatika Fleurdelis, and the Knighted to your field to make a beatstick, or you can add Dogmatika Punishment to stop your opponent’s combo.

Dogmatika Ecclessia: the Virtuous is a balance card because it stops you from summoning from the extra deck. If you have already used her searching effect, this limits your combo options.

13. Aleister, the Invoker

TheWickedestManInTheWorld 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

Aleister the Invoker, one of the best level 4 Yugioh monsters in town, is a deck engine for fusion-based decks.

It has a good 1800 defense, so you can just put it on your field when you’re getting bad cards and flip it up to get an Invocation spell.

As a spellcaster, this monster gives you more combo moves when you summon Artemis, the Magistus Moon Maiden through Aleister the Invoker and link them together.

You can easily fusion summon Invoked Mechaba if you have a light monster on the field, Artemis the Magistus Moon Maiden in your graveyard, and Aleister the Invoker in your cemetery.

The most dangerous thing about this level 4 Yugioh monster is that you can return it to your hand.

Aleister the Invoker with the Invocation spell card, making sure you can play the next turn, or you can use it to increase the attack of your Fusion monster on the field during the damage step, catching your opponent off guard.

12. Altergeist Marionetter

AltergeistMarionetter MGED EN R 1E 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

Most of the time, this level 4 Yugioh monster is what starts an Altergeist setup nightmare.

Its effect lets you set either Altergeist Protocol, which sets up your opponent’s turn for your Altergeist Multifaker, or Altergeist Manifestation, which lets you use the Altergeist monster from the graveyard again.

Altergeist Marionetter’s second effect is also useful when you use Altergeist Meluseek’s “Monster Search” effect to bring back another Altergeist monster from the graveyard by sending Altergeist Meluseek to the graveyard.

Also, the best Altergeist monster to call on Altergeist Hexstia’s link point to boost its attack to 3100 is Altergeist Marionetter.

11. Subterror Guru

SubterrorGuru MP20 EN R 1E 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

It is also one of the best level 4 Yugioh monsters out there.

The core of the Subterror archetype, with a defense of 1800. It can look for the parts needed for the soft lock on the Subterror, turning the game into a slow, grinding one.

With the soft lock, if you have Subterror Guru, Subterror Fiendess, and Subterror Final Battle on the field, your opponent will almost be left scratching their head.

You can stop attacks with Subterror Guru, which also lets you search for another Subterror card. If you also have Subterror Fiendess, you can stop any attempt by your opponent to break your board.

With a bunch of floodgates and Subterror Final Battle to boost this monster’s attack to 3400, it’s almost a sure win, since a spell and trap removal cards are always in the side decks of the players.

10. Steel Cavalry of Dinon

SteelCavalryofDinon BOSH EN R 1E 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

You might use level 4 Yugioh monsters like Destiny Hero – Defender and Big Shield Gardna in a deck that lets you stay in the game or helps you defend.

There’s a much better version of both of them, so it’s time to switch them out. This card has a good ATK and a high DEF of 2600.

Pendulum monsters can easily destroy it, which is a bad thing, but it’s still a great card and might be the best level 4 defensive monster.

9. Goblindbergh

goblindbergh.png 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

Goblindbergh is a great choice for decks with level 4 Yugioh monsters that have effects when they are special summoned. It is one of the best ways to get a powerful rank 4 XYZ monster quickly.

A staple like this is a great level 4 Yugioh monster for many different casual decks, but it does take up a normal summon that could be used for better cards if you’re playing competitively.

8. Dino-Sewing

DinoSewing MP17 EN C 1E 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

Dino-Sewing is another great defensive card. Unlike other cards with the same ability, they can’t be destroyed by battle.

If it gets attacked three times, it will have 3000 ATK. Imagine this with a deck that forces your opponent to attack.

7. Inspector Boarder

Inspector Boarder.jpg 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

Inspector Boarder is a very confusing card. It stops monster effects from happening if there are none of the types listed on the field.

If there is both a fusion monster and an XYZ monster on the field, each player can use the effects of up to two monsters per turn.

You can use this card to stop your opponent from playing for a turn or two. It has 2000 ATK/DEF to stop them from just summoning a monster and beating it up.

6. Astraltopia

Astraltopia.png 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

This card is a must-have in many Utopia decks and also works well in XYZ-based decks.

Astraltopia offers itself as another free thing that can be used to call forth XYZ. It can be even more useful when paired with a Number or Utopia-based archetype.

In past years, these packages were common, and you never know when they might come in handy again. So, if you can, you should get a few copies of this card.

5. High ATK Normal Monsters

genewarpedwarwolf.png 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

You may have looked at this list to find some great normal level 4 Yugioh monsters.

There are a few with 2000 ATK, and it’s great to be able to call up a monster with that much ATK right away.

4. Armageddon Knight

ArmageddonKnight.png 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

On the forbidden list, there can only be one copy per deck. This card is often used in competitive play.

Armageddon Knight doesn’t do much by himself, but his ability to get rid of a Dark monster can start chains of events that can fill the board with monsters.

Each player should have at least 3 copies of the game.

3. Denko Sekka

denkosekka.png 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

Denko Sekka completely breaks a lot of different types of decks, especially ones that use traps like Paleofrogs.

This card is a must-have for any level 4 collector. It is especially useful when you go first or have a deck with no traps.

Very good at what it does, but there are a few other monsters that are a lot more useful in a broader range of situations.

2. Beatraptor

Beatraptor.png 1 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

Good ATK and DEF stats that are helped by a floodgate effect that stops Link. Most decks need their first Link monster to work, so stopping it can be enough to win the game.

There are ways to do this without using Beatraptor, but it can be used in casual and Dino decks, which are popular right now, especially among beginners.

1. Skull Meister

SkullMeister.jpg 1 18 Best Level 4 Yugioh Monsters

At the moment, Skull Meister is the only generic level 4 Yugioh monster that is played in tournaments. It is also one of the best hand traps in the game.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh game of today, graveyards are pretty much just an extra hand, since cards always use their effects when they are sent to the graveyard or when they are already there.

Skull Meister can stop it immediately, leaving your opponent wondering what to do next.

What is the Best 4 Star Card in Yugioh?

Since the beginning of the game, Yu-Gi-Oh has changed a lot, and so have the requirements for the best 4 Star Cards.

One deciding factor is the game-changer effect, which means that if you’re a duelist and you’re about to lose and you need to draw that 4 Star Yu-Gi-Oh card to help you win,… Aluber, Jester of Despia, will be that card.

Aluber, Jester of Despia makes Branded combos possible by searching for cards like Branded Fusion and Branded in Red, which let you use Mirrorjade, Iceblade Dragon, and Guardian Chimera to make fusion summons.

These fusion monsters have powerful effects that give you more cards than your opponent. This is all because Aluber, Jester of Despia can search for cards.

This card works best with other cards in a deck. That’s why Branded Despia was the best level 4 Yugioh monster deck and the most popular deck in 2022.

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