Is Lion Sin Escanor Dead In Nanatsu no Taizai?

The Sin of PrideLion Sin Escanor is the 7th and final sin of the Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai).

Escanor was a very mysterious member that prompted numerous questions and doubts about his strength. “Is he even THAT strong?” was an issue that was constantly in our thoughts.

However, his legendary struggle with Estarossa, the commandment of Love, Estarossa has proven why he is considered to be the strongest human on earth.

In the latest events that took place in the Manga, readers watched Escanor defeat the pulp from Zeldoris’ body. 

Demon King in Zeldoris body. The demon was defeated in the One form by using all of his remaining power and this led to a new question: “Is Escanor dead? 

I’ve put together some facts to end this speculation and also.

About Nanatsu no Taizai

Elizabeth Liones, princess of Liones Kingdom, embarks upon an expedition to locate the most brutal criminals Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai). 

They are Meliodas (Dragon sin of Wrath), Ban (Fox sin of Greed), Dianne (Serpent sin of Envy), Merlin (Boar sin of Gluttony), Escanor (Lion sin of Pride), Gowther (Goat sin of Lust), and King (Grizzly sin of Sloth).

A decade ago, everyone’s wrongdoers were exiled from the Kingdom following their being wrongly blamed for the murder of the Great Holy Knight, Zaratars. 

The Kingdom is in danger of falling to the hands of unjust Holy Knights, and Elizabeth must uncover those Sins along with their leader Meliodas to keep the Kingdom safe.

Is Escanor dead?

Lion Sin of Pride, Escanor was killed in the fight against Demon King. His body fell apart as he used his own energy to increase”Sunshine,” the power of “Sunshine”. The grace he borrowed was used to fight his opponent, the Demon King.

How did Escanor die?

Is Lion Sin Escanor Dead In Nanatsu no Taizai

Escanor wasn’t killed by anyone else, and he died by himself. He took the loan of “Sunshine” and went up against Demon King (Zeldris). After the victory, Escanor had used up his energy and was killed as the power returned to Mael.

In the post-Holy War arc, Demon King killed his youngest brother Zeldoris.’s body. While Meliodas was certainly capable of winning against his opponent, Demon King but he didn’t intend to inflict harm on Zeldoris’ body.

As the rest of the evil spirits came to his aid, Escanor wanted to do the same thing and begged Mael of the archangels to allow him to take advantage of Sunshine again. 

Believing that the man was already dying because of the extensive use of God’s powers, Escanor borrowed the power to assist his friends.

Escanor was then in a battle toe-to-toe against The Demon King, who was wearing the One form fighting hand-to-hand. However, it wasn’t enough to beat the god. Therefore, Escanor used his own energy to re-charge the power of grace – Sunshine.

After having defeated the Demon King and restoring the grace the way of Mael, Escanor confessed his love for Mael, the Boar’s Sin of Merlin, and died.

Who is Mael? – Truth About Escanor’s Powers

Escanor's Powers

Mael: Mael a part of the Goddess Clan and the younger brother of the head archangel, Rudociel. Also, he is the most powerful archangel, as well as the former recipient of grace “Sunshine.’

Three thousand years ago the demon who was a genius-magician and the old selfless commandment, Gowther, cast a universe-wide spell to bring an end to the Holy War. 

This spell affected the memory of not only the races but also the two gods The Demon King and the Supreme God and also.

When Meliodas was betrayed by the demons and joined with Elizabeth and the Goddesses the balance of power was changed. Gowther implemented plans to alter the public’s memories, which brought about the end of the Holy War.

Mael of the Archangels changed into Estarossa, the Commandment of Love, and also the Middle Son of the King of Demons. Through the commandment, Mael gained the power of darkness and lost his grace.

The lost love of Sunshine following the supposed death of Mael was lost for many centuries before finally becoming the human form of Escanor who was the second prince of Castellio.

In the course of the Holy War, the spell was gone and the memories of everyone returned. To spare his colleague’s sins and Elizabeth, Escanor returned Sunshine to Mael and she could utilize Sunshine to the fullest extent.

How Powerful is Escanor?

Powerful is Escanor

Escanor was without doubt one of the most powerful characters from the series. There were many titles he held, like ‘the strongest man alive’ and ‘the strongest Holy Knight’.

Additionally, he had the power to shine that was at first the grace of the most powerful archangel Mael.

Escanor’s power Sunshine was activated throughout the day and continued to rise every second. 

In the afternoon at the time when the sun’s position was a perfect location for only one minute, Escanor had power comparable to that of gods.

In that brief moment, the man was referred to as the One. His hand-chop, which is known as Divine Sword, Escanor had the ability to stop Meliodas in his demon state. This state was feared by gods and demons too.

Escanor achieved many feats, but not only making a miniature sun with his hands made of nothing, which he named The Cruel Sun. 

He utilized his Cruel Sun to take down Estarossa (Mael) in the manner of just a plastic toy. He also went toe-to-toe against Demon King.

The highest power level recorded is 142,000.

Escanor’s Past

Escanor was the previous Second Prince of Castellio. His birthplace was weak and frail(his Night form). But, one day, he rediscovered his strength Sunshine and his pride soared along with it. 

Sunshine caused him to become bulky and strong. This was so much that he accidentally fractured his brother’s arm, which caused him to be exiled by his parents from Castellio.

Escanor’s Sin

A few years later, Escanor defeated a demon that was causing chaos in the village. But, because of his terrifying statue, villagers were wary of him, which led to the notion of Escanor was the one responsible for the destruction at the beginning.

The king was prompted to issue a number of Holy Knights including the former Great Holy Knight Zaratras, Merlin & Meliodas to restrict Escanor. 

Because of his determination, Escanor didn’t stand down. Even Merlin and Meliodas managed to stop him from escaping, Zartaras suffered some injuries.

In consequence of causing harm to the Holy Knights like Zartaras as well as disdaining Bartra, the Bartra, the King Bartra, Escanor was sentenced to capital punishment and the tag Escanor’s sin of Pride, Lion Sin Escanor.

As with the other Seven Deadly Sins members, even though the sin of Escanor was justification for his character Escanor was eventually framed.

Joining the Seven Deadly Sins

Joining the Seven Deadly Sins 1 Is Lion Sin Escanor Dead In Nanatsu no Taizai?

When Escanor was scheduled for death, Meliodas stopped the sentence and took Escanor under his wing. So, the lion’s act of pride was added to with the Seven Deathly Sins. 

At the time Escanor also was given his holy precious Rhitta from the King. When he was convicted of sin, Escanor fought Meliodas to demonstrate his strength in the face of Meliodas and “supposedly” killed him.

When he found that Meliodas did not die in the end, he rediscovered admiration for his Captain. Then he fought Meliodas multiple times in order to control his power and was defeated in every struggle against Meliodas.

Escanor’s Personality

Escanor was a bit of an ambiguous personality. Sunshine’s power Sunshine was activated in the day but was stopped working at night, which means that Escanor had two personalities.

In the dark, Escanor was this frail man who had no self-esteem and was a poet to the core. While Escanor was scared but he was a mighty fighter. 

He proved it when he took on Indura without power in order to rescue Gil, Howzer & Griamore.

At the time, Escanor was the true symbol of pride. His confidence was displayed on three occasions.

  1. The moment Gilthunder, Ban & Howzer were able to kneel at Estarossa’s Commandment of Love since they were possessed by hatred. Escanor quickly walked toward him and completely destroyed Estarossa. He said he felt nothing more than empathy within his soul for Estarossa since he was less strong than Escanor.
  2. The time came when Escanor faced a god – The Demon King in his The One form. Escanor declared that he was a strong man that he looks at godlike gods and that it’s Demon King’s fault that he stood against him.
  3. When Escanor was a member of in the Seven Deadly Sins, he battled Meliodas occasionally to improve his control over his abilities. Although he was defeated by Meliodas each time, he would feel sorry for him being Escanor to fight against him prior to each fight.

Although funny, it reveals the level of pride Escanor held and why Escanor is referred to as Lion’s Sin in Pride.

We also know the reason that we loved him!

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