Genshin impact: Gorou Banner Release Date 

Check out the Genshin Impact Gorou banner if you’d want to learn more.

The Genshin Impact 2.0 update brought us a slew of new Inazuma-based characters.

NPCs other than Ayaka, Sayu, and Yoimiya, all of whom appeared on banners in 2.0, are expected to be playable characters in the future in Inazuma.

Gorou is a laid-back member of the resistance who is opposed to the vision hunt.

As Kazuha, Gorou’s former prisoner who was freed by his in-game voice lines remarks, “He’s the type of person who speaks whatever comes to his mind”.

No matter how difficult things get for his subordinate, he’s never afraid to help them through.

There are similarities between him and Diona, but you may be curious about Gorou’s banner release date and how many stars he has.

Genshin Impact 2.3 will include a new Geo character, so keep reading to find out more.

Genshin Impact Gorou banner release date

Gorou will be released on that date in the year 2021.

Genshin Impact 2.3’s second banner phase will feature Gorou as a character on Itto’s banner, Oni’s Royale.

Who is Gorou?

Gorou hails from the Inazuma region, where he is a four-star Geo bowsman.

There aren’t many characters in the game who can utilise Geo and the bow at the same time.

His appearance and signature bow, the Dreams of Dragonfell, can be glimpsed in a screenshot.

The Summit Shaper, The Unforged, the Vortex Vanquisher, and the Memory of Dust are all in the same family as this weapon.


Gorou Genshin Impact build and presentation Genshin impact: Gorou Banner Release Date 

The Genshin Impact 2.3 livestream was the first time that Gorou’s primary powers were demonstrated.


  1. Typical attack: Strike up to four times in a row.
  2. A ferocious strike: To utilize Arataki Kesagiri slashes, simply hold for a charge attack and release without using any stamina.
  3. Strike from mid-air that deals damage to enemies in its route and deals area-of-effect damage when it hits the ground.

Elemental skill: inuzaka all-round defence

Places a General’s War-Banner on the ground and does Geo damage to the surrounding area.

The banner has the following effects, depending on the amount of Geo characters in your party.

A single member of the Geopolitical Party grants a defence benefit.

In the event of an interruption, two Geo party members will receive a boost of resilience to interruption.
A Geo damage bonus is granted when three Geo party members are present.

All three of these impacts are multiplied by the presence of three Geo party members.

ELEMENTAL burst: juuga – forward unto victory

Using an area-of-effect Geo assault, Gorou generates the General’s Glory field, which enhances his Geo party members’ abilities.

A Crystal Collapse that does area-of-effect damage is generated every 1.5 seconds by the field, which moves along with Gorou.

Gorou passive talents

The minimap of Inazuma’s Seeker of Shines shows the location of adjacent supplies.

This concludes our knowledge of Gorou at this time.

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