Genshin Impact: Baal Boss battle Guide

Genshin Impact’s Baal can be defeated in several ways.

Inazuma and its ruler, Baal, the Electro Archon, are the centre of Genshin Impact Chapter II.

For anyone who gets the powers of the Gods on Inazuma, Kazuha’s tale prologue reveals Baal and Kujou Sara have launched a Vision Hunt.

Genshin Impact 2.0’s main antagonist is the Raiden Shogun, who is joined by Sara, her loyal sidekick.

Think again if you thought this conflict would be a piece of cake for your high-ranking characters.

People with Visions avoid confronting Baal for a reason: she has the capacity to annihilate your team in an instant.

This is the first time since Genshin Impact that the Traveler has been in significant danger; if Thoma hadn’t intervened, the Traveler would have been killed.

Chapter II’s second act must be completed before you may engage in combat with Baal.

Thoma is saved from becoming yet another victim of the Vision Hunt when the Traveler arrives at the ceremony.

Baal Raiden Shogun Boss Battle

raiden shogun new model 05bd Genshin Impact: Baal Boss battle Guide

It is impossible to defeat Baal in Genshin Impact since this battle serves as a demonstration of Baal’s true might.

As you begin the fight, Baal uses languid sword blows that take a long time to come to life.

Diluc or Ganyu can help you deliver as much damage as possible during these long-range attacks, so bring them along.

Occasionally, Baal backs off, charging up with Electro and shoving everyone away before launching a series of attacks in a variety of locations.

Stay away from the purple circles that form on the floor to avoid this attack.

Do not allow Baal’s attack to build up for too long without taking a few shots at her from a distance.

The second part of the boss fight begins when you manage to take a quarter of Baal’s health bar down.

When she initiates the Vision Hunt Decree, all characters including the Traveler are unable to use their elemental skills or bursts.

This is when things become complicated.

Using the Electro Traveler, you will be unable to harm Baal at all, as she is resistant to Electro damage.

It doesn’t matter what element your Traveler is, you’ll be unable to inflict enough damage before the cutscene starts.

That’s all there is to Genshin Impact’s Baal loss.

To level up Ayaka, you’ll need to find the ascension material detailed in our guide to Genshin Impact sakura bloom sites.

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