Genshin Impact: Best Sayu Build

In Genshin Impact, the greatest artifacts and weapons for Sayu are listed below, along with the strongest team compositions.

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She’s a four-star Claymore wielding, and she employs the Anemo element, which is why she can swing a huge Claymore around. She’s a valuable asset to any team because she’s capable of both healing and doing harm.

To get the most out of her potent heals, it’s essential to concentrate on her support abilities when creating her character.

Physical DPS or sub-DPS roles are also viable options for her, depending on your team’s needs. So, which Genshin Impact Sayu build is the best?

Take notice that Sayu’s powers scale differently depending on where they come from. Elemental Mastery increases the effectiveness of her passive ability, Someone More Capable, which heals all of your characters and allies in the vicinity of the Swirl reaction.

Q: Mujina Flurry heals her according to how much she attacks. You should certainly play Sayu as a healer and work on your EM if you manage to achieve her C6 because of her Q healing scales with Elemental Mastery.

The best Sayu builds are available to you regardless of your constellations.

Best Sayu support/sub-DPS build

katsuragikiri nagamasa Genshin Impact: Best Sayu Build

Our recommendation if you don’t have C6 is to use a weapon with a high attack percentage to boost her healing.

F2P players may be interested in the Prototype Archaic, which has a 50% chance of dealing an additional 240 percent attack damage to opponents in a short AoE when used with normal or charged attacks. Only happens every 15 seconds, but it’s a nice perk nonetheless.

With a passive that raises attack by 20%, Wolf’s Gravestone is an extremely formidable weapon. For 12 seconds, all party members’ attacks are increased by 40% if they hit an enemy with less than 30% HP.

Only once every 30 seconds will you see this effect appear.

Skyward Pride is a good option if you’re looking for a weapon that can recharge your ultimate for longer periods of time, as it also offers a strong attack.

Favonius Greatsword’s passive Windfall only works if Sayu gets a critical strike while she’s on the field, so keep that in mind.

Elemental Mastery is the best path for C6 Sayu. The Elemental Mastery secondary stat on Rainslasher gives it a 20 percent damage boost against Hydro or Electro-afflicted opponents.

Because of this, she works effectively with Beidou and Fischl on Electro teams.

The Viridescent Venerer four-piece set is an excellent option when it comes to antiques. Many Swirl elemental reactions are triggered when Anemo is used.

In addition to increasing Swirl damage by 60%, the Viridescent Venerer four-set reduces the enemy’s elemental resistance to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10 seconds, benefiting both your main DPS and the element infused in the weapon.

If healing is more important to you than low-level DPS, the four-piece Maiden Beloved set is a great choice.

The two-piece Maiden Beloved and the two-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence can both boost ATK by 18% if you don’t have Sayu’s C6.

Best Sayu Physical DPS build

Featured Genshin Impact Best Sayu Build 1 Genshin Impact: Best Sayu Build

Sayu’s heal is effective enough that you don’t need another member of your team to help out. It’s best to run Sayu with Cryo characters like Kaeya, and Electro characters like Fischl, to maximize her physical DPS potential.

The support build’s weapons work just as well on DPS Sayu, but you’ll need a little more energy recharge to take advantage of her ultimate.

The energy recharge claymore Katsuragikiri Nagamasa increases the damage done by elemental skills while also regenerating energy over time.

Rainslasher is also a good option, as was previously indicated.

With the Pale Flame artifact set, Sayu’s physical damage is increased by 25%, and his attack is increased by 9% if an elemental skill hits an opponent, this is the best way for Sayu to enhance his physical DPS.

In addition to increasing Sayu’s physical damage, the effect can stack up to two times.

Finally, all that’s left to do is wake up Sayu from her slumber in Genshin Impact’s greatest build.

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