Does Sasuke Die in Boruto?

The most recent arc is now finished within the comic. The readers saw both Naruto and Sasuke are stricken by Isshiki.

Sasuke also lost an important aspect of his character, his Rinnegan. Sasuke’s Rinnegan was destroyed after Boruto (possessed of Momoshiki Otsutsuki) was able to go straight ahead at an extremely rapid speed and launched surprise attacks on Sasuke’s Rinnegan.

Knowing that the Rinnegan was a powerful weapon of Sasuke, is this a sign that Sasuke was also killed in the process?

Sasuke didn’t die in the series, however, there are signs that Naruto and Sasuke could end up dying in the near future. The beginning of the Boruto series revealed a devastated Konoha and Kawaki was able to tell Boruto that he would bring him back to the spot in which his dad “is”.

To keep the majority of fans from worrying about their favourite Uchiha, the following article will dispel everything that is wrong with this idea.

It is possible that the death of Sasuke’s son could occur, it doesn’t mean that he’s was already dead in the series. It is worth noting of a significant character from the Naruto series who passed away in the same arc and in the same scene that Sasuke went missing. Rinnegan.

Does Sasuke Die?

Sasuke was able to survive alongside Naruto, Kawaki and Boruto in the latest episode. In the fight, Sasuke lost his Rinnegan after being wounded in the left eye by his pupil who was now taken over by Momoshiki.

Following the incident, Kawaki made Momoshiki take the self-sacrificial method, Boruto was able to remain awake and resist the influence of Momoshiki.

The biggest loss they endured in the course of the story is the loss of Kurama. It was the only death to occur according to the most recent news.

However, the location of Sasuke’s body was unclear following the battle against Isshiki.

When Does Sasuke Die?

maxresdefault 4 Does Sasuke Die in Boruto?

For now there is no way to be sure what time Sasuke passes away or even if he actually dies in Boruto. Although it’s not set in stone that he’ll be able to survive the show either.

We have all gained by the shows Naruto as well as Naruto Shippuden that the two of them grow stronger thanks to the sacrifices of someone who is close to them.

In Naruto’s case, Jiraiya, who was an exemplary father figure to the boy who was in a village that was deemed a scourge was killed while fighting Pain. This, in turn, led to Naruto more powerful than he had been before.

For Sasuke, It was his brother Itachi.

If the story continues in the same way, Boruto would grow stronger and more mature if Sasuke would ever be killed. In the case of Kawaki, it’s exactly the same, however, instead of Sasuke, the death would be Naruto’s.

Who Kills Sasuke Uchiha?

Sasuke remains alive in the most recent manga chapter of Boruto.

Naruto as well as Sasuke were depicted as very formidable ninjas of their time. However, that does not mean they’re invincible as demonstrated in the latest story arc of Boruto.

Jigen defeated the other two ninjas in their initial encounter, where they were snatched with Jigen’s chakra-draining rods.

Jigen determined to encapsulate Naruto and tried to take out Sasuke, however, he was hindered by the shadow clones of Naruto.

Even though Sasuke was adamant, Naruto convinced him to go back to Konoha to be able to fight for the next day. This caused Sasuke to travel to Sakura’s side, before dying from injuries.

This shows that, even though they’re portrayed as two extremely powerful Ninjas in the tale but they can be killed.

While it is true that Jigen served as a conduit for the Godlike creature Isshiki, it is a clear indication that they required the help of a Godlike person to defeat the two most powerful ninjas in contemporary Konoha.

Additionally, take into consideration that Naruto along with Sasuke has been nerfed in the last storyline, in which Sasuke lost the power of his Rinnegan after being attacked by a possessed Boruto in addition to Naruto losing Kurama due to the use of Baryon mode to take down Isshiki. If they were to be attacked by Kara at some point in the future, they could take a bullet.

Who is Capable of Killing Sasuke?

But don’t let me fool you, Sasuke is still very skilled using Mangekyo Sharingan.

Even though the character was unable to use his Rinnegan, Sasuke can no anymore perform any techniques based on the Path and he is not able to an access to the Space Time Ninjutsu.

This doesn’t alter the fact that for as long as the Six path chakra runs through his chakra networks, as well as the numerous Jutsus that he’s acquired, Sasuke is still hailed as a God Tier character.

This just shows that in order to defeat both the characters, you need the power of gods. Even with the nerf, Sasuke retains access to the majority of his skills.

If you’ve been watching Boruto, you’d see that Sasuke only utilizes his Rinnegan and it was utilized to perform Ameno and the space-time Ninjutsu.

Following the events of Kawaki Arc, there is one remaining active part of the enemy group known as Kara.

Code could be the greatest threat to the entire population of Konoha currently. Code’s abilities are based on claw marks, which allows him to teleport to exactly the same way as fourth hokage’s Flying Thunder God Technique works.

According to the most recent chapter, it seems that Code has left certain of them on the edges of Konoha.

What does Code Plans on Doing?

After the death of Isshiki in the show at the hands of Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto and Kawaki, Isshiki’s soul was transferred to Code as he emerged from the White Kama to deliver a final message.

Isshiki instructed Code to use his Kama to transform into an Otsutsuki by sacrificing Boruto or Kawaki to the Ten-Tails and eating the results as Chakra Fruit and then to continue the Otsutsuki Will by devouring all worlds and evolving until reaching the status of god.

Code accepted but first demanded Isshiki to list the culprits for his death, so to be able to avenge his death.

After hearing, Code kept saying the names of the culprits who were responsible for the death of Isshiki as he activated his Kama.

What Is The Next Move For Kara?

Not wanting to risk the battle with Naruto and Sasuke due to his powers limits in place, Code ventured to Boro’s hidden facility and killed 8 of the Boro cultists who were blocking his path.

He made Bug guide his body to Ada the Outer who he suspected Boro did not dispose of according to the instructions of Jigen. Unaware of the warnings from Bug, man smashed her pod.

She was uninterested in him, however, Code could not take her down despite her provocations. After she had a good shave, Bug explained the ability that draws people with her.

Ada further explained how she used her clairvoyance to be aware of Isshiki’s death and recognizing Code’s intentions.

She explained the prerequisites for the removal of the power limiters that he had and requires Amado’s involvement.

Since she was interested in getting one of Boruto or Kawaki being her boyfriend, and not being pressured to do so, she agreed to assist Code achieve his goals by having the one who was sacrificed in order to grow the God Tree and to provide Code with the information needed to help him stay ahead of his rivals.

Ada began to reveal the latest happenings of Code’s enemies using her Senrigan.

Code was shocked to discover that despite all the adjustments, Ada could only use basic Taijutsu.

Code noted that despite her desire of making Boruto and Kawaki her partner, there was an opportunity for them to try to kill her because they were not affected by her abilities.

Ada suggested that Bug get her to wake up her twin brother Daemon. In the next moment, Daemon was very protective of her.

The guards at the hideout attempted to destroy the other guards according to their previous orders.

Code was amazed by Daemon’s power to reflect attacks on the enemies quickly, causing the guards to be killed.

In the following days, Daemon quickly began annoying Code by constantly trying to force himself onto Code to ride. When Daemon focused his attention on Bug seeking escape, Code was able to strike the kid with Claw Marks and instantly reflected on Code.

Code said that he was trying to understand the mechanism behind Daemon’s power by explaining that his marks allow him to move to any place they want.

While Daemon discovered that the power was amazing, Code asked how his power functioned. Although he wanted to share the information with Code, Daemon was forbidden by his sister.

She cited that she didn’t believe in Code completely. Code was worried that perhaps Ada might have other talents she was not yet able to divulge.

When Does Sasuke Come Back?

Following the battle against Momoshiki along with Isshiki, Sasuke has not been seen on the Manga.

While the main story, currently post Kawaki Arc, is mainly creating side-characters for the two characters, Boruto and Kawaki.

We know that Sasuke is returning to instruct both his student, Boruto as well as his child Sarada.

As of right now, we don’t know the extent to which Sasuke could be able to recuperate through Medical Ninjutsu for fixing his left eye.

The only thing we know is that he’ll be back fighting for his life in the event that Code finally attacks Konoha. But can Sasuke be able to fight against Code after losing his Rinnegan? We hope that he will overcome this challenge!

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