Did Sasuke Lose His Rinnegan in Boruto?

The final two pages in the Boruto manga 53 and 54 were a major shock to all fans. The famous Naruto and Kurama pair break, but Sasuke Uchiha has also lost his Rinnegan.

KABOOM, right? From the beginning of the series, this Boruto manga has been following an arc that led to Boruto and Kawaki becoming the next dynamic duo. 

To make that happen, Sasuke and Naruto were likely to be injured at some point or another. I didn’t expect it to be so brutal manner. Yes, I’m still adjusting to Kurama’s loss. I’m not judging…

Chapter 54 opens in Naruto and Kurama talking to one another in which Kurama states how he intentionally deceived Naruto to believe that Baryon mode isn’t a cause for Kurama’s demise. 

In the end, Kurama bids farewell to his friend and then is killed as we witness his chakra disappearing. Sasuke being Sasuke is a logical commentator that this is more beneficial than Kurama or Naruto dying.

When Kawaki says they could continue to talk about it once they arrive located in Konoha, Sasuke asks Boruto to carry them because of the demise of the former’s capability to build portals.

What happened to Sasuke’s Rinnegan?

sasuke loses rinnegan Did Sasuke Lose His Rinnegan in Boruto?

Let’s go back to this.

Sasuke has lost the power of Rinnegan at the end of Boruto chapter 53 when the momoshiki-controlled Boruto attacked his eye with a Kunai. 

Sasuke lost the entirety of his Rinnegan abilities, like the ninjutsu in space-time, planetary destruction, and absorption of chakra.

If Boruto felt guilty and sad, Sasuke tells him that it’s not his fault and that they were all willing to be killed when they chose to take on Isshiki Ohtsutsuki. It’s nothing short of an amazing feat that they survived.

While Sasuke is making a bold appearance before Boruto We can all admit that this was an enormous defeat for Sasuke. 

The second-strongest Shinobi in the world Sasuke Uchiha, also known as the Shadow Shinobi has been stripped of the title of Rinnegan and, along with it the status of a god.

Let’s look at what remains of Sasuke’s arsenal, and whether he can keep the title of second-best or not. I think he can be the case, and here’s how.

In the first place, Shinobis of the present isn’t that great initially, which is why the bar is pretty low. If you’re familiar with the battle between the Five Kages and Momoshiki Kinishiki, that was more lopsided than Madara against The Five Kage.

Gaara isn’t as powerful and fierce as the man we saw in his time in the Fourth Great Ninja War. 

If you can accept Gaara not being strong, the rest are simply too weak to be known as Kages! Chojuro, Darui, and Kurotsuchi can’t compete with Mei in the Lava style and super-fast (third Raikage) and Ohnoki the user who is Particle-style as well as Ohnoki.

The peaceful era indeed reduced the definition of Shinobi as well as their overall power. Also, Sasuke was too powerful even without Rinnegan and he didn’t possess Rinnegan up to Naruto Shippuden’s conclusion and was a formidable fighter throughout the entire manga.

Sasuke can currently access Susanoo Genjutsu, genjutsu, all varieties of Chidori, Fire and Lightning release, and other signature Jutsu.

Will Sasuke get his Rinnegan back? Does he need it?

While Sasuke receiving his Rinnegan back could significantly increase his power but it is unlikely to be possible because he’s not the main character of the show anymore.

In addition, I think that he does not require his Rinnegan now. Let me tell you why – after finishing Chapter 54 I logged on to Naruto’s subreddit to see how people are dealing with the loss. During this, I had a dispute with two Redditors.

We had some good arguments.

Rinnegan might not equals to Rinnegan Powers

The first subject we discussed was Tobirama’s assertion about the foundational aspect of Uchiha abilities The Sharingan.

The root of Uchiha’s power lies in their affection, more than that of any other. When they lose the person they have a deep love for, their love transformed into hate. 

This emotion is expressed through the eyes of those they love. This is why it’s described as “the eye that reflects your soul “.

Tobirama Senju

The power as well as all Uchiha abilities originate from Shinobi’s blood, which is why there’s the term “Kekkei Genkai.” Eyes are just the projections to unleash the power. 

In this scenario, Sasuke has all the capabilities of Rinnegan inside him because they are the direct descendants of Indra and, consequently, Hagoromo He just requires an instrument to gain access to the power.

With the assistance of the scientist Amado and the amazing healer Sakura and the Uchiha expert in anatomy Orochimaru, Sasuke can create an artificial Rinnegan.

Why can’t every Uchiha use these powers?

uchihas Did Sasuke Lose His Rinnegan in Boruto?

The next obstacle that our theory had to overcome was posed by one of the most intelligent Redditor’s “If the power originates inside the blood, why can’t all Uchiha be able to access it?”

This is clarified in the context of Edo Madara using Susanoo without eye or eye at all, let alone a Sharingan or Mangekyou Sharingan, and the same occurred in the case of Shisui activating Susanoo using only one eye. Does that mean there is no need for a Mangekyou to activate Susanoo?

Yes and no.

You’ll need a Mangekyou Sharingan to enable Susanoo at first. This is the reason Madara as well as Shisui were in a position to connect to their own Susanoo later on, but Kakashi isn’t. 

The reason is that it’s their blood. My theory would be correct Sasuke’s Rinnegan abilities are contained in his Indra blood. All they need is an instrument to gain access.

What if Rinnegan’s loss is more beneficial for Sasuke?

Sasuke Injured

Indirectly linked to Rinnegan We ended up talking about a different issue in a way that was related to Rinnegan: is the loss of Rinngean at present a result in Sasuke’s continued growth?

I think that we can all agree that Sasuke isn’t the powerful shinobi in Boruto that he used to play when he was in Naruto as well as Naruto Shippuden

The person who utilized various Jutsu and was able to plan his strategies 10 steps ahead of his adversaries is no longer. Sasuke was taken by surprise from the start of Boruto manga, starting with Kinishiki and then with Borushiki.

Additionally, there is always a glimpse of Sasuke fighting with fewer chakra reserves as a result of the frequent use of the space-time ninjutsu that is a huge source of chakra. 

The Sasuke we knew in the war, would never make any move which could cause him to be at a disadvantage if things went South. 

This is what you would expect from someone who used the hand of his opponent (Naruto’s) in fights to make the hand seal and then launch a fireball Jutsu.

Perhaps, Sasuke should revisit his traditional style of fighting, but not rely on his supernatural powers.

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