Demon Slayer: Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui Explained!

The next season of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba will delve further into the personality of Tengen Uzui, one of the Sound Pillers from the Demon Slayer Corps.

The most glamorous among his fellows, Uzui attracts attention with his bold character design and quirky personality (he was once excited about the dramatic effect it would have had if the blood vessels of Tanjiro exploded).

But, like any of the other Demon Slayer characters, there’s more to Uzui than what’s apparent.

Today, let’s examine Tengen’s personality and ask questions such as: who is the most powerful Hashira? Why is he married to three wives? What are his strongest points and breathing forms?

Who is Tengen Uzui?

Tengen Uzui is one of the nine pillars that comprise the Demon Slayer Corps and is an important character in the Demon Slayer series.

The public is enthralled by him as the Sound Hashira thanks to his exhilarating “breath of sound” technique, and he is one of the main characters from the Entertainment District arc.

While he exhibits a ferocious and borderline insane character, Tengen hides a very caring and compassionate part of him reserved for those whom he cherishes the most (mostly the three women he has as wives: Suma, Hinatsuru, and Makio).

What’s Tengen Uzui’s Story?

tengen uzui hashira Demon Slayer: Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui Explained!

Tengen was born into a Shinobi family. His father had put his sons and him through rigorous training and then had them fight each other to get rid of the weaker ones.

At the point that Tengen realized he’d killed himself in his blood, seven of his siblings had died, leaving only him and his younger brother.

Their father had taught them not to regret their actions, telling them that it was fine for those who were stronger to take innocent lives when it was for the sake of moving forward in their lives.

Tengen was horrified to discover that his brother was in agreement with his father’s views and did not regret the murder of his siblings.

In a state of denial, unable to stand his or her family, Tengen severed his ties with his family and left for the world of Demon Slayers.

Tengen Uzui’s Power LeveIs he the strongest Hashira?

tengen uzui breathing 1 Demon Slayer: Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui Explained!

Tengen isn’t the strongest Hashira. Despite his skill with swords, he’s usually thought of as a middle or lower-tier Hashira. 

This is partial because Tengen did not awaken the Demon Slayer Mark, putting him in the middle of the pillars.

The fact that he’s not weakening him doesn’t diminish his abilities, however, at least not in the way that affects him.

Tengen’s abilities may not be as strong as Rengoku’s or Himejima’s, both of whom are capable of holding the line against the Upper Three demons; however, he’s powerful enough to win against an opponent of the Upper Six class. It cost him an eye and a limb. However, he was able to win.

If the battle had been against a demon in the lower levels (Upper Twelve instead of Six), Tengen could’ve won quite easily.

In addition, Uzui does have certain advantages in fighting. Shinobi was his lineage, and Uzui had spent hours in the gym since he was a child.

This provided him with a huge level of stamina (he was able to take on 2 Upper Six demons despite being poisoned to the point that would’ve killed anybody else immediately). Another benefit was the precision when using his swords and unbeatable speed.

There’s a reason why they call him the top swordsman and most agile Hashira of his generation in the end.

Tengen Uzui’s Skills and Techniques:

Tengen’s sound breathing style

Tengen utilizes his Nichirin Cleavers, which are explosive, to create slashes across a large space at the rate of sound. The speed of sound makes it difficult for his adversaries to respond to the blasts, and the swords cause instant death.

This is a unique Tengen technique that has yet to be used by anyone other than Sound Hashira.

Music Score

Tengen invented this method to use alongside his sound-breathing abilities. Tengen translates the rhythms of his adversaries’ attacks into mental sheet music and employs it to anticipate and counterattack his adversaries’ moves.

Echolocation and Enhanced Hearing

Uzui has a keen sense of hearing, which allows him to identify and count the number of enemies in the distance. 

In the Yuukaku-hen arch, Tengen employed echolocation to examine the sound reflections off of the bodies of captives and was able to pinpoint precisely where the battle was taking place.

Extreme Force

Tengen’s physical structure grants him super strength. In physical strength, Tengen is regarded as the second most powerful person in the world, with only Himejima beating Tengen.


Due to his connection to Shinobi and his previous shinobi training, Tengen can move from one location to the next without disrupting the air. 

The stealth of his movements gives him an advantage over creatures that rely on their senses to detect attacks from enemies. 

This is the reason he was able to sneak into Daki’s room and cut her head without even her realizing it.

What is the reason why Tengen Uzui has 3 wives?

tengen uzui featuresd Demon Slayer: Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui Explained!

Tengen was born into the clan of polygyny. When he reached the age of 15, Tengen was required to have three wives, chosen by his father. 

After Tengen quit his clan, the wives he had taken were with him throughout his time as a Demon Slayer, and the four of them have been a team ever since. Also Read: The 18 Best Shounen Anime of All Time

Tengen has repeatedly stated that he will not put anything over his wife and children’s safety—not even his mission or role as a Demon Slayer, or even himself. 

Tengen has them follow suit and tells them to choose their lives before all else, followed by the lives of human beings who are decent and, finally, their own.

However careless Tengen might appear, Tengen loves his wife deeply and has proved that he’ll go to the greatest extent to protect their interests.

All of his wives have the same personality as the trio of the top three. Suma is known for being excessively dramatic and fearful of danger, similar to Zenitsu. Hinatsuru as Tanjiro is calm and very compassionate. Makio, with her strong and cocky character, is similar to Inosuke.

Does Tengen Uzui have children?

Tengen does not have children or an heir. But, after forming bonds during his time with Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, He considers them to be his children.

As he retires, he’s no longer able to be with them and assume the role of father, as he could have been, but he’s happy for them and promises to support them if they require it.

Did Tengen Uzui die?

Even though he loses his eye and arm, Tengen Uzui doesn’t die in the Yuukaku-hen arc. 

Instead, he decides to end his career as Hashira and settle down with his wife. There are a handful of appearances in later episodes, but it’s not likely to be the last time we see him.

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