Buddha Record of Ragnarok: The Strongest Adolescent

Buddha symbolizes humanity at the end of the sixth cycle of Ragnarok and faces Zerofuku. However, he was originally regarded as a symbol of the gods. 

Buddha is a significant god and leader of the Buddhist pantheon, being the first founder of Buddhism and being one of four phases and also one of the few gods that are not Heracles along with the Valkyries.

They’re not in favor to destroy humanity. Buddha was once the name of “Gautama Siddhartha” and was a renowned philosopher from the past of Nepal before attaining enlightenment, and eventually ascending to the state of spirituality.

Buddha’s design is a massive, tall man wearing glasses and a tank top and a robe he wears around his waist, which wraps around his hands.

Adding, he wears a Bindi on his forehead and his light green hair, black on the sides, classic/old-fashioned tied back with what appears to be a golden crown. 

He also wears a pair of earrings, rectangular glasses, and extended earrings. He is a sharp-looking man with sharp teeth and is often seen sucking a lollipop a lot of the time. 

The tank top that he wears is complete with a rabbit-themed design that has an eye patch and the words “USACHAN” in the center of it.

Buddhist Tale That Tells of The Lunar Rabbit

Buddha Record of Ragnarok

The rabbit might be referring to the Buddhist tale about the moon rabbit that is a symbol of the highest act of altruism. The eyes of Buddha are generally black, with no pupils.

However, sometimes a lily appears in each eye, to symbolize the seven lilies that appeared at the time he made his first steps. 

The self-confidence of Buddha is so strong that he stated that he wouldn’t mind challenging Zeus to the presence of other gods.

As he witnessed the way he ignored all Loki was saying and even laughed as Ebisu warned him to murder him. And He even challenged Zeus.

“Words and agreements,” He instructed all the gods to remain quiet and threatened to shoot any person who got within his path. 

However, Buddha feels a serious desire to protect mankind, which is evident when he clashes with Zeus commands and fights for the rights of individuals. 

He has also accepted his decision and is still able to tell all gods present to murder anyone who attempts to block him. Buddha has a predisposition to certain individuals, as evident in the fact that he doesn’t offer her sweets like Zeus but is willing to serve snacks to Brunhilde as well.

He is also more open to Brunhilde than Zeus. Buddha often says “Shaddap” often which accentuates his playful attitude.

Capabilities of Buddha Record

Capabilities of Buddha Record

divine Physiology like God, Buddha is a being that has been sanctified and has remarkable characteristics and characteristics that are superior to the average person. 

Like all gods his body is completely immune to the effects of artificial weapons, however, it is still susceptible to being injured through physical attacks by people who have superhuman power or divine tools.

Semi-immortality As with the gods of all, Buddha has always been young since he is unable to be a victim of old age.

Knowledge: As one of the four Sages, Buddha has excellent knowledge. He is regarded as the one who was enlightened and discovered the ancient method of letting go of the trances and desires of his life and ending this cycle of birth, death, and the cycle of rebirth.

Divine Strength: Buddha is a God of power, which was demonstrated when a single strike from the Buddha caused Zerofuku to be injured as that he cut up blood and could not let go. Buddha could also strike Zerofuku’s goliath-sized hatchet using his protection and strike with such force that he was able to drain.

Divine Reflexes and Speed: Buddha managed to be able to react and deflect Ebisu’s lightning strike quickly and effortlessly, and was able to keep pace with Zeus in terms of speed and reflexes while he tried to keep his sweets bowl away from him while effortlessly avoiding his blinding and incessant Axe blows.

Sometimes, he even was able to move at speeds that exceeded Zerofuku. Thanks to the “Pure 8th Enlightenment Consciousness” technique the speed of his reaction has even better.

The six Realms of Buddhism (Buddha Record)

The six Realms of Buddhism (Buddha Record)

Power from the Buddhist Empire: As the creator of Buddhism, Buddha can draw power from the six realms in which humanity is able to return, referred to in the form of the Six Kingdoms each one with a particular Bodhisattva Kannon form that safeguards him. The power is in the shape of his staff of six empires, which holds the power of the six Buddhas as guardians.

Common Destiny: Because of his connection to the Pure Land, Buddha has access to the power of “Common Destiny” which is a part of Buddhism’s world. The power that comes from Common Destiny enables a person to realize her full potential by trusting her destiny to someone else.

Before that Ragnarok, Brunhilde sought him out to find out more about “intertwined fates” to ensure she could ensure that “Volund” in the Valkyries could allow them to battle the gods by giving their fate in the hands of their bearer. By this idea, people are able to harm gods using their weapons.

Pure Enlightenment Eight Consciousness: A divine ability only the enlightened make use of. It’s an ability that permits Buddha to anticipate the future through the fluctuation in the time of the soul.

Techniques (Buddha Record)

The Rotate feature is a part of Six Realms: A divine weapon transformation technique that can be channeled through Buddhism’s Six Realms Staff. When activated the scrolls emerge from the staff and slowly consume the scrolls. The weapon, however, transforms to likely be in line with the Buddha’s wishes to never choose the weapon to use.

The First Realm: Divine Realm, Wish Fulfillment Wheel Kannon Lokapala the Staff from the Six Kingdoms transforms into the “Twelve Deva Ax” A massive blade that the Buddha uses to fight Nunchaku’s weapons of Zerofuku.

The Second Realm: The Human Kingdom Kannon Akshaya’s unbreakable cord the Staff from the Six Kingdoms transforms into the “Indestructible Short Sword Varja” which is a small sword which the Buddha protects himself from the storm-like formation of Zerofuku and engages with close-quarter combat. Body.

The Third Realm The Horse’s-faced Animal Realm Kannon Nirvana: The Six Realms Staff transforms into an enormous spiked club that can withstand massive force almost smashing Zerofuku down with one strike.

The Fourth Realm The Asura Kingdom and the Elf Face Kannon Ahimsa: Staff of the Six Kingdoms transforms into “The Shield to Defend the seven Misfortunes”, a huge shield that can stand up to Zerofuku’s huge ax and not take the damage.

The Fifth Realm Preta-Kingdom The Saint Kannon Salakayas: Staff of the Six Kingdoms transforms into the “Scythe of the Wild God” A huge lion-headed scimitar. It is revealed that hatred’s emotion is what triggers this particular appearance.

Karma The destruction of the samsara cycle

Karma The destruction of the samsara cycle 1 Buddha Record of Ragnarok: The Strongest Adolescent

Buddha takes an elevated position toward Salakayas and channelizes the dead souls to him, before swinging them in a sideways direction toward his adversary with a tremendous force.

Karma Samsara Cycle that is Destructive: Eternal: Salakayas”lion head” manifests and emits massive physical energy which causes the scythe to fly towards the target at an incredible speed and cause huge injury.

The Divine Warfare Lotus Volund: With the power of Buddha’s “Intertwined Fate” Zerofuku has entrusted the destiny of his life to Buddha to carry out the work of Volund and build an ethereal weapon out of the traps that are the “Blade of misery” with the help of Buddha’s compassion. as a fuel source for driving.

Heavenly eye awakening blade Mahapari Nirvana: Buddha holds the “Great Sword of Nirvana Zero” over his head and strikes an enormous downward strike with tremendous force. The attack was able to cut the body of Hajun into pieces.

The staff of the Six Realms: Buddha is able to swing a large prayer wheel that is in the form of a group. Its power is that it holds all the powers of the Six Kingdoms of Buddhism and permits you to modify its form into the form of a weapon or instrument based on the emotions you feel.

Great Nirvana Sword Zero – The most divine weapon, only created only by people who’ve reached incredible Nirvana within the Pure Lands. The weapon takes the shape of a Shichishito (seven-armed weapon) with resonant protrusions. each one is dedicated to one god of luck, the Seven Gods.

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