15 Anime Where MC is a Genius

Naruto. Goku. Luffy. Asta.

What do all of these protagonists have in common?

They are all portrayed as extremely stupid in their show! Even though these characters have a charm of their own, anything that’s repetitive and a so-called ‘tried and tested classic’ gets boring if you watch too much. But hey, have you ever needed us and we failed to serve?

We got your back here too! Here’s a list of 15 anime where the main character is a genius! Just for you!

15. The King’s Avatar

The Kings Avatar 15 Anime Where MC is a Genius

An Isekai anime.

Battle prowess. Strategizing capabilities. Resourcefulness. Weapon wielding abilities. Magic prowess.

A strong, highly intelligent and charming protagonist having hype fights pretty much sums this up perfectly.

The purpose in watching this anime shouldn’t be any kind of plot or story but purely the action scenes, dynamic sounds and the character designs. This show is an aesthetic thriller and delivers to the mark.

14. Hyouka


Every school student just dreams of having something suspicious incident or some paranormal history or some kind of fishy stuff to have happened in his or her school in the past.

Well, here’s a club house with a history that’s shrouded in mystery. What happened in the clubhouse? Whom did it happen to? Why did it happen to the person it happened to? What’s going on with this club house?

The student would like to discover that but obviously while valiantly holding the fort against deadlines, school grades, assignments and so on.

13. No game, No life


NEETism is when a shut-in who keeps living their lives as shut-ins in their houses or even better, closets. Two NEET siblings living relatively normal lives until…

These gaming geniuses being transferred into a game that they play all the time. Do we even need to be told that they will utterly decimate any enemies that come their way.

Is everything so easy to deal with? What would happen if they died in the game? Would they be able to return to their previous lives properly? How will they return to the original world?

Enjoy watching a pair of kids be absolute badasses in this Isekai anime.

12. Monster


When you are a doctor, your job is to save lives.

But what will you do if the life that you saved turned out to be a criminal creating havoc and murdering people left and right?

Should you be guilty? Should you consider yourself as the people’s murderer because if you hadn’t insisted on saving their lives?

A doctor is faced with all of these issues once he meets with the monster he had saved.

11. Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate

A time machine.

Nope. A microwave.




And that’s how our genius inventor protagonist ended up messing with time.

Will be have the chance to save the world from the diabolical plans of an evil organization? Will he able to change what is happening…, happened…, or will happen?

10. The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows

You know what’s the worst for an otaku?


Our protagonist, has a very special kind of intelligence. Our dearest Otaku can charm any 2D girl winning her heart! Now, he has to do the same thing when a demon forces him to do so… only with 3D girls.

Watch this 2D obsessed Otaku go through this maze of a multitude of 3D girl’s heart labyrinth. Will he able to come out on top with all the charming and disarming weapons at his disposal?

The Otakus around the world might like the answer you get through the show. *wink* *wink*.

9. Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance 1 15 Anime Where MC is a Genius

Two students are involved in a terrorist attack and genius detective is called to investigate.

Now, the genius protagonist is slowly realizing as the series progresses the truth of the situation that nobody else can see.

If the code isn’t solved the entirety of Tokyo is in danger of being blown to smithereens. Will our detective be able to solve the codes?

Will they be able to know what this nefarious organization aim is? How will this young protégé handle the situation?

8. Log Horizon

Log Horizon

Strategic ties with all the different neighboring countries to establish a secure position for yourself has always been a tactic of preference for this gaming genius.

Isekai is a genre that has the potential to take any potential world to heights that can rarely be achieved in any other genre. This anime is just an example of that.

The protagonist with the help of his trusted crew plans to take this new world by storm.

Obviously, it won’t be an easy task but with his political intelligence and diplomatic strategies and leadership genius, would he be able to achieve everything that he dreams of?

7. Death Note

Death Note

Light Yagami is a charming and perfect straight A’s student who reads questionable magazines.

Light Yagami is manipulative serial killer with a gigantic god complex.

Both these statements are equally true about Light Yagami. He is a genius that sneakily manipulates people into becoming his puppets.

The only who can provide Light with a challenge is Lawliet or L. L is an out of whack genius who mostly eats tea or sweets. But don’t worry he is willing to share his cake with you if you ask nicely.

So, who’s your genius? The perfect student in all aspects or the out of whack genius who’s bad at socializing?

Fun fact: Both of them are skilled tennis players, which is another front they are competing on.

6. One Outs

One Outs 1 15 Anime Where MC is a Genius

I’m sure you’ve seen those cocky rich gamblers who make crazy wagers like if I win I get nothing but if you win, you’ll get 10 times the amount as you bet.

Yeah, the protagonist in this series is that cocky gambler, just the fact that this protagonist has actually got the brains to be able to at least understand what he’s doing and have some chances of winning.

I’m sure you can imagine how the series goes to the most unexpected corners of betting, money and baseball at the same time, can’t you?

5. Detective Conan

Detective Conan

Conan is just a kid with spectacles.

If you are a criminal in this show, my biggest advice to you would be to not look at him as a kid.

This is just a packed stock of deductive abilities, bravery, observation skills and all the reasoning you require to be an invincible detective all clustered up in the form of a child.

Conan is sharp. Conan is fearless. Conan will not sit in peace unless he solves his case.

Conan is the biggest threat to whatever evil plan to have.

Also, please don’t bother to take the time to explain how your perfect little plan works because Conan probably already knows and also is ready to use any loopholes that yo didn’t know your so-called “perfect plan” had.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist explores the heart-warming journey of two brothers trying to revive their mother who died.

The fact that the brothers are able to do so much with alchemy without really having official person to teach or train them shows how intelligent the brothers actually are.

Just using their father’s notes, they were able to learn and practice alchemy at a very young age.

Their superior understanding of the art and the presence of mind to be able to use this art and apply to various different situations only goes on to show how adaptable and also stret-smart these brothers are.

3. Magic Kaito 1417

Magic Kaito 1417

Kuroba Kaito or the Japanese High School Lupin the third.

Kaito is a genius at sleight of hand being able to steal what he wanted to steal what he was going to steal, despite the police having a perfect idea of what and when exactly is the thief coming.

Kaito has managed to do this over and over and over again despite being just a school going kid. His intellect in being able to think of various scenarios or the various ways that the police might use to capture him, making escape routes and making sure that nobody finds his real identity as a school student.

Kaito has managed to outsmart every single character in the series with his superior intellect and deception skills that he uses to become a magician thief, Magic Kaito.

2. Code Geass

Code Geass 1 15 Anime Where MC is a Genius

            One person to raise rebellion.

            One person to betray everyone.

            One moment to lose everything and

            One wish to get revenge.

Lelouch is a political mastermind with powers to be able to bend people’s wills to live or die or fight for him.

His goal to find his mother’s murderers, the portrayal of his desire for revenge, the plot and it execution are a treat to watch and will keep you hooked on until you finish.

1. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

            1, 17,35,48,89,550

The number that you and I have a hard time reading, Senku woke up after counting. Dr. Stone doesn’t shy away from hiding just how intelligent this guy is!

Senku has taken it upon himself to revive the entirety of the human civilization without letting anyone die.

Senku will accelerate the human civilization from the Stone Age to the Modern Age with the help of his friends.

Dr. Stone not only has a promising premise and a story that twists and turns unexpectedly to bring great surprises, but also displays new and fresh perspectives on what humans would do if they could start again from zero.

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