15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

There’s a reason why your mom is yelling at you for being on your phone all the time!

And the reason is, well… you might not like it, but the reason is that you are on your phone all the time!

You might be using your phone for scrolling through social media, socializing, playing games, accessing the internet, and so much more, which is why it is so important, right?

Well, the most important form of communication that we have these days is texting!

So, why not spice up your texting a little bit with some anime-style fun? Just to become a little more addicted to our texting habits?

15. Pokemon Solid by IPBP

1 charmap pokemon solid 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

Pokémon is an inseparable part of all of our childhoods. It gave us memories in so many different forms from the TV Show to the Pokémon playing cards.

Pokémon has been a constant, especially in the gaming world because of its quirky and fun font. It gives sort of a fun, airy, and bouncy vibe that tells you what this show and franchise is all about.

Recently, due to the rise of Pokémon Go, this font has also seen a high in downloads.

Classic Pokémon feels that will take you back to your childhood!

  1. Nostalgic
  2. Free for Personal Use
  3. 75000+ downloads
  4. 47 Supported Languages
  5. Bold and easy to read

14. Ninja Naruto by sk89q

0 charmap ninja naruto 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

Naruto is a classic and for a reason. Naruto is a mainstay in anime because of its character development and progression over the series, the power system, emotional and happy moments that make your heart on a rollercoaster ride, compelling beautiful action, and fights that culminate in the best moments.

Classic Naruto vibes. Can’t go wrong with that now, can we?

  1. Complete Freeware
  2. More than 162,000 downloads
  3. Bold and easy to read
  4. All Caps font

13. One Piece by Phantom King Graphics

1 charmap one piece 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

One Piece is an iconic series that has everything. With characters, backstories, fights, world-building, conflict, suspense, mystery, and comedy, One Piece has excelled at almost everything that you can want or expect from an anime.

One Piece takes you on an adventure of pirating and friendship toward the ultimate prize!

  1. Based on the 1999 One Piece
  2. Fun and stands out
  3. Bold and Easy to read
  4. Complete Freeware

12. Saiyan by Ben Palmer

0 charmap saiyan sans 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

Dragon Ball Z is iconic. Goku almost laid the foundation of the entirety of anime that was popularized in the West.

From the hair colors to the epic screaming, the action to the comedy, Dragon Ball Z has it all!

  1. Based on Dragon Ball Z
  2. All Caps font
  3. Bold and easy to read
  4. Complete Freeware

11. GB Shinto by Golden Black

0 charmap gb shinto 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

What do you think of when you think of Japan?

Advanced technology?


Trains that are always on time? And of course samurai!

The samurai were known warriors that followed the bushido.

This font is perfect to showcase your samurai values and code of honor!

  1. Thick and bold
  2. Evokes Samurai feel
  3. Sharp edges for the most impact
  4. Adds substance and weight to your words

10. Hirakatana by Red Robin Arts

0 charmap red robin arts hirakatana 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

The Japanese writing system is kind of complicated it is divided into three separate writing systems native to Japan and another borrowed from China.

This font has English letters that are very reminiscent of hiragana and katakana which are the two primary native Japanese writing systems.

This font will bring your phone’s aesthetic closer to Japan.

  1. Close to Japanese writing systems
  2. The capital letter inspired by Katakana and the small ones are by hiragana
  3. Easy to read and understand
  4. Complete Freeware

9. Mitsuki by Måns Grebäck

0 charmap mistuki 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

There’s the reason this is the only cursive found that has been included in this list.

It is clearly and bold and has an impact on whatever you type.

  1. Cursive
  2. Bold and Easy to read
  3. Classy
  4. 400+ glyphs and 300+ characters

8. Samurai Cab Co by Blambot Comic Fonts

1 charmap samuraicabco.outline bb 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

This is another phone to get you closer to the native Japanese feel on your phone. With filled-in letters and only an outline, it is available in 2 styles that you can use whenever you want to depending on the tone that you wish to use.

It gives out a clean, classy vibe that adds a sort of importance to your texts.

  1. Evokes ancient samurai feels
  2. Available in 2 distinct styles
  3. All Caps Font
  4. Bold
  5. Futuristic and easily recognizable

7. Shoujomaru by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute

Shoujomaru by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

Shoujomaru Iams merges the famous Japanese art of calligraphy into a font that can be used easily in daily life.

Add one part boldness and two parts impact and voila! Here’s Shoujomaru!

  1. Classic Anime font
  2. Evokes a sort of calligraphic feel
  3. Reminiscent to brush strokes
  4. Bold and easy to read
  5. Completely free for commercial and personal use
  6. Come with more than 180 glyphs. So you can add accents as well

6. Almost Japanese Smooth by Galdino Otten

Almost Japanese Smooth by Galdino Otten 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

This font has caused a frenzy among Japanese people as it is very confusing for them. This font just picks hiragana, katakana, and kanji and assigns them to an English alphabet that looks fairly similar to it.

This gives the font an authentic Japanese look and feel but it causes a lot of confusion at the same time since the original Japanese characters placed next to each other make no sense to Japanese people.

  1. Evokes a very Japanese feel
  2. Free for Personal Use
  3. 180+ Glyphs

5. Manga Temple by Blambot Comic Fonts

font preview character map 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

This font is a popular translation font. A lot of manga official translations including famous manga like One Piece and Naruto use this font in their English versions.

It is a simple font that will make your phone more reminiscent of manga, especially when paired together with anime icons and wallpapers.

  1. Heavily used in English translations of popular manga series
  2. Free for personal use

4. Haikyuu!! Font

0 charmap dimitri swank 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

Haikyuu!! has a nice bold font just like its protagonist.

It is short and knows how to make its presence in any given situation.

How can you not make a statement with this one?

  1. Perfect for Haikyuu fans
  2. Bold and easy to read
  3. Complete Freeware

3. Death Note Font

Death Note Font View 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

The Death Note font will add an air of weight and fear to your words, especially to those who know what a Death Note can do.

  1. Must have for Death Note fans
  2. Complete Freeware
  3. Easy to read

2. LMS Pokemon Master by London’s Letters

lms poke mon master solid 6774 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

Pokémon are here again! This font has variability like no other. In 3 distinct styles, you can say what you want using 3 different tones. It also has the base and evolved forms, respectively, for small and capital letters.

Like for example, the letter ‘m’ (in its small form) has the assigned Pokémon Mew, but ‘M’ (in its capital form) is assigned the Pokémon Mew Two which is its evolved form.

The only problem is, it might get a little crowded while texting in a small space like texting on WhatsApp or Line. So, how much do you know about Pokémon?

  1. Available in 3 styles with regular letters, dingbat style with no letters and just the Pokemon, and solid letter style
  2. Evolved Pokemon for letters in capital and base form for small ones.
  3. Detailed and beautiful Pokemon art
  4. Free for non-commercial usage

1. Hangyaku by daredemotypo

25 charmap hangyaku 15 Best Anime Fonts For Every Fan

The most catchy thing about this font is the typeface. Sharp and methodical, this font is great to use for someone who always wants to make a statement or the parent friend of the group.

The best part is, it can be used in both Japanese and English, with very sleek and beautiful letters in English and stylized characters in Japanese. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Can be used with English and Japanese
  2. Based on Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Film
  3. 3 Opentype features
  4. Complete Freeware
  5. 60,000+ downloads

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