Killing Stalking Ending, Everything Explained

Although it’s advertised as the”yaoi (boy’s desire to love) manhwa, “Killing Stalking’ is really of the psychological investigations of two very disturbed characters who are involved in an intimate relationship. 

This manhwa isn’t for the weakhearted because it’s not only filled with sexually inappropriate scenes but also depicts the brutal acts of violence that take place between the couple. 

However, the manner in which it investigates the internal workings of its characters is quite fascinating. 

If you’re not feeling at a high level of emotional response and you’re not sure, then you should take a look. In the meantime, for those looking for answers to its unclear final chapter, here’s all you should be aware of.

Killing Stalking Plot

The story is about a boy called Yoon Bum. There is a dark background, which leads him to be diagnosed with an illness of the mind. 

When Bum becomes a soldier an officer from the same unit is attempting to assault him. That’s that Oh Sangwoo comes to rescue him. 

Yoon Bum was set to be sexually assaulted and raped by an army officer, but Sangwoo arrives in time and stops the incident from occurring. 

The two boys form an unofficial friendship. Bum begins to stalk him and is jealous of his relationships with women.

Yoon Bum who was stunned by Sangwoo reached a point at which Yoon Bum decides to go into the house even though he’s not there. Then he goes into the basement area of the home. While there He finds an injured woman. 

The woman is stunned and he finds out about Sangwoo has a psychic connection to a serial murderer. However, before Bum can decide to do anything, Sangwoo reaches the scene and breaks his legs, and takes him hostage.

Sangwoo, as well as Yoon Bum, shared feelings for one another. However, Sangwoo discovers the fact that Yoon Bum knows about his secret. 

Sangwoo decides to make him suffer and retains Yoon Bum a vicious as well as manipulative love affair until the very end. 

As Bum is unable to let go of Sangwoo even though he knows Sangwoo is a psychotic serial killer Sangwoo cannot discern between his feelings towards Bum as well as his past dark history.

Killing Stalking is Full Of S*xual Abuse

Killing Stalking Ending

It is full of immoral sexual scenes that are not legitimate and depict brutal abuse scenes between the two couples. 

The way that it explores the internal workings of the characters is through the lens that comes from the manhwa. So, if you’re not overly sensitive, go through it.

Kogi is the one who invented the manhwa. He also contributed to the art. The manhwa won the prize of the Grand Prize at the Second Lezhin World Comics Contest. The manhwa was self-published by Lezhin Comics.

Main characters in the Manhwa

  1. The tragic character Yoon Bum, who had Borderline Personality Disorder.
  2. Sangwoo, there’s a psychotic opponent here for you.
  3. A previous investigator by the name of Yang Seungbae.

Killing Stalking Ending: What Happened at the end?

[Major Spoilers Warning

Even though there was a couple of reservations in the previous chapter, there was a valid relevant conclusion.

In the whole plot, the manhwa is a series of dull events in which Bum seeks to escape Sangwoo’s home in hopes of living a life of a higher standard. 

But, Sangwoo consistently front runs him and, in a way or another, leads him back to his love for manipulative reasons.

Then the police officer Seungbae learns about Sangwoo’s identity and is able to figure out how to catch Sangwoo. But, as the psychopath he is, Sangwoo becomes an innocent victim to hide his guilt. 

At that point, the man is released from the police, but his actions remain in the attention of the public. 

Then, Seungbae has no option but to kill Sangwoo himself. So, he sets his home on fire due to the fact that Sanwoo is a victim of extreme overeating and is sent to an in-house hospital.

Killing Stalking Ending

Is Sangwoo Alive? 

While visiting Sangwoo at the hospital Bum is struggling to keep a distance from his sexy sweetheart. He keeps trying to figure out ways to get to the hospital to be aware that he’s committed the same mistake again.

However, in the next few minutes, Bum appreciates every one of the positive experiences of his time during his time with Sangwoo and defends the abuse he endured.

Bum’s fight is a reminder that no matter how Sangwoo handles him, he’ll remain dependent on Sangwoo.

In the most dramatic scenes in the Manhwa, manhwa Bum is able to mentally fortitude in order to see Sangwoo at last. 

He seeks Sangwoo everywhere in the hospital until an employee informs Bum that Sangwoo died a few days before and burned his body. 

The staff member then hands over Sangwoo’s cinders-filled container to Bum. The truth is, Bum can’t accept that Sangwoo has passed away. 

However, when the reality comes to light, he’s regretting that he didn’t visit him earlier to say goodbye to his beloved.

When he is leaving the hospital Bum encounters a more mature woman who is claiming that she killed Sangwoo because Bum continued to scream Bum’s name all night. 

The report suggests that the cause of death for Sangwoo was not the result of his injuries caused by the fire. The preposterous old woman strangled the man.

Is Bum Dead? 

The manhwa concludes with the crosswalk signal changing to red, suggesting Bum was indeed dead. Bum was dead just moments after he began to pursue Sangwoo. 

The fact that Bum has died or is not is unanswered. However, the conclusion suggests that Bum’s weaknesses and problematic past are what have led to his demise. 

As a result, Bum will go further into his downward spiral until he seeks out help and gains an awareness of his current situation.

Where Can You Read Killing Stalking?

It is possible to read Killing Stalking on various platforms like Anime-Planet and Mangaowl. 

The book is also available to read in the Mangago app.

Is there any renewal of the series? 

No, there’s been no confirmed renewal of the show. The manhwa concluded in 2019, and it’s not clear whether there will be a sequel or prequel. 

Because both the main characters walked away in the end, it’s difficult for the creators to come up with something fresh. So, we’re assuming there’s no future for the show.

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