When Will Kaze no Stigma Season 2 Release?

Kaze no Stigma is also one of the anime that come under action in which every character and art style of the anime is the same as others and that is the reason the show faced the downhill when it was premiered screened. But apart from the same genre that was always present in other anime.

But if you are interested in the action genre the anime is one that you should try, although the series has lots of kick-ass moments that generate many interesting things that include the interest of every fan toward the show.

Although the story has many fun facts that would become an easy choice for fans to enjoy and to broke the fact that it has few similar things that involve apparent in the many action anime.

The anime consists of 24 episodes where each character shows their role separately, in which they stand out very well and with one more amazing thing that the individuality of the main characters and also the relationships between others are highly commendable.

Kaze no Stigma is also based on the Japanese light novel series, which was written by Takahiro Yamato and illustrated by Hanamaru Nanto.

Kaze no Stigma Season 2 Release Date

Kaze no Stigma is based on the light novel, which was later adopted in the anime version and was premiered on April 13, 2007, and run till September 21, 2007, with a total countdown of 24 episodes.

And soon after the show was released many fans filed a petition for the second season and now it’s been so many years, nobody gets any information about the show and the second season of the show.

Kaze no Stigma When Will Kaze no Stigma Season 2 Release?

And without any doubt, the novel has lots of volumes and material on which the show might get the bond and string to continue the second season of the series.

So what we can do was just wait for the official announcement by the studio any time soon or later this year so let not predict anything for the next season of the show and just get your hope high and wait.

We will connect with you if we anyhow come to know about anything new about the new season.

Kaze no Stigma Main Characters

Let’s disuss kaze no stigma main characters…

Ren Kannagi

Kazuma Yagami

Kazuma is the main protagonist of the show and the whole of the story was revolving around him start without any ability he faced banishment from his father from his own family and later on came back after learning Fujustu.

And there was a time when he was so weak after mastering Futjutsu powers after coming into a contract with the Wind Spirit Lord, but later he becomes egoistic and he is stronger now.

Ren Kannagi

Ren is the youngest son of the Kannagi family. Apart from his power, he is very popular in his school and also one of the most mature characters in the entire series.

His special fire ability, known as the golden flame, allows him to purify demons and evil spirits with ease.

Ayano Kannagi

Ayano is the female main protagonist of the show and she is the second cousin of Ren and Kazuma. Ayano later in the series gets to be the next head of the Kannagi family and she takes this role very seriously.

The only problem with her was she never think twice before using her power very brutality on others.

Kaze no Stigma Plot

Kaze no Stigma is the story which is also fascinating because it also allows the magical world where everyone has the different magical power to fight against each other and their enemy.

The story of the show revolves around the character named Kazuma Yagami who was the eldest son of the family and the family name was the Kannagi family.

But his life was not smooth and, on the way, because he has no power and ability to you ‘Enjutsu’ the power to control flame that was the specialty of his family.

Even after knowing his inability to use power his father asks him to fight his younger cousin who defeated him easily in the fight and after that his father banishes him from the family.

But although he never accepts his defeat and later on in the show he came back after learning ‘Fujutsu’ the power to control the wind and return to his family after mastering the magical ability on his own but again someone else with a similar ability like Kazuma starts killing his family.

Though he was innocent in this act, everyone judges him wrong and starts pointing at him that he came back again to seek revenge for his banishment act that was done by his own father.

And later in the show, he faced each member of his own family, including his father, but his never-given-up attitude changed him, and now he has to fight with and against them and also find out the true identity of this mysterious killer who is attacking his family.

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