20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

As midnight approaches on Halloween, people start to dress up as witches with pointed hats, broomsticks, and scary face paint.

There will be a brewing of potions, stirring of cauldrons, and reciting of spells to summon the forces of the supernatural.

However, before “good witches” like Sabrina Spellman and Hermione Granger, historical depictions of witches tended to be of warty-nosed malevolent monsters that like cackling at night.

They’ve evolved beyond the stereotyped cackling and oppressive patriarchy to become ordinary kickass women.

Do you plan to use some of this inspiration in your future Sims 4 game?

Then go on to learn about some of these CCs that will turn your Sim into the most nasty witch in the country.

20. Witchcraft Choker

20 witchcraft choker sims 4 cc 1 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

It’s a good idea to settle on a signature witchy appearance before you go around cursing and enchanting anything that moves.

Young witches, to begin with, are expected to openly display their interest in and practice of the occult.

If you want to protect yourself against muggles and other lowlifes, all you need is a choker with a pentagram charm on it.

Although Pralinesims’ Witchcraft Choker is available in pink and yellow, I would recommend sticking with a darker, more ominous color.

19. Witchcraft Tattoo + Witch Pentagram Back Tattoo

19 witch pentagram back tattoo sims 4 cc 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

Any tattoo artist who has the misfortune to ink a witch should be paid more for their work.

The Witchcraft Tattoo marks fresh flesh with intriguing symbols all the way from the collarbone to the arms and even the individual fingers.

A pentacle tattoo on your Sim’s back is the icing on the cake.

One of the most recognizable signs of modern witchcraft is this.

If your Sim had these markings, no nefarious cult would ever suspect that you weren’t truly devoted to them.

18. Witching Hour Headpiece

18 witching hour headpiece sims 4 cc 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

The Suicide Squad film from 2016 was a shambles.

However, Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress outfit is truly spellbinding.

The Witching Hour Headpiece has no magical effects on your Sims.

However, it will undoubtedly have a more demonic appearance than the crown worn by Enchantress.

Put on a crown of darkness, which comes in 10 different shades, and pretend you’re royalty without a throne.

17. Cowberry Hat

17 cowberry hat sims 4 cc screenshot 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

Every self-respecting witch has at least two pointed caps in her broom closet.

A million trick-or-treaters wear pointed hats every year since they are seen as a necessary part of any witch’s costume.

It lacks the unsettling quality of, say, a Purge mask or clown make-up.

However, this Cowberry Hat may help you seem glamorous while still maintaining your wickedly appealing persona.

This CC by Saurus is gender-neutral, offering 30 different combinations of solid colors and outer space-inspired designs.

16. Sage Dress + Thyme Dress

16 sage dress sims 4 cc 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

Once upon a time, witches frequently wore long, dark robes.

These days, a witch’s wardrobe may be found in any high school yearbook among the outfits of more conventional teenage girls.

However, there is still a lot to like about the classic style, even if feminine magical creatures in media are typically shown in modern clothing such as jeans and plaid wrap skirts.

These Sage and Thyme dresses are a far cry from the fishnets and corsets of the present day with their layers upon layers of frills and lace.

However, it stands out from the crowd of Harry Potter cosplayers thanks to its distinctive vintage witchy style.

15. Bad Witch

15 bad witch sims 4 cc screenshot 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

You see, not every witch has the ability to be attracted to the sun.

It’s human nature to act nefariously at times, especially when we’re trying to give in to our baser impulses.

Similar to donning a fishnet bodysuit and long gloves with a corset and a skirt.

On your next spree of hexing your Sim neighbors for laughs, do it in style and show off your evil witch CC attire.

14. Jadis Dress

14 jadis dress sims 4 cc 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

Adding a long black cloak is a really conventional witchy touch.

You wouldn’t be smart to overlook a black dress covered in esoteric symbols.

In spite of the fact that the Jadis Dress is not white like the White Witch of Narnia’s regular attire, it nonetheless manages to seem just as menacing.

This CC, with its full-length skirt and plunging neckline, is fit for a Sorceress Supreme.

Choose from 22 different colors to transform your Sim into a wicked witch.

13. MMSIMS’ Halo 1 & 2

13 mmsims halo 1 and 2 sims 4 cc 1 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

In the past, witches did not enjoy widespread respect or adulation from the general public.

Rather than praise, well, you all know what occurred in Salem in the 17th century.

Even after all these years, people still find it fascinating to see witches age backwards and curse infants.

This change in perspective is eerie.

However, this just demonstrates that witches have the ability to overcome whatever challenge they face and achieve immortality in the eyes of many.

Why not honor these nocturnal deities with a halo?

12. Witch’s Mark

12 witchs mark sims 4 cc screenshot 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

In the past, when the legal system often failed women, those with a “witches’ mark” or “devil’s mark” were easily detected and swiftly punished.

That was an excellent strategy that didn’t pan out.

If only they wouldn’t blame the devil for things like moles and birthmarks.

Comparatively, it’s more plausible to think the supernatural is real if you encounter someone who has MarySims’ tattoo set.

This CC adds a variety of cryptic symbols and birthmarks to the game that would be at home in the Once Upon a Time universe.

To finish off the (clearly) magical cosmetic touches, you may go for black, white, and gold.

11. Witch War Poses Pack

11 witch war poses pack sims 4 cc 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

Duels of magic are quite similar to the “fighting” shown in the Harry Potter films, as those who own the Realm of Magic Game Pack would attest.

To be honest, I didn’t anticipate such epicness from the developers.

However, more polished and engaging duel animations would have been appreciated.

This Witch War Poses Pack by Mr. Analot is perfect for showcasing your Sim’s abilities as a powerful sorceress.

This enormous assortment of witchy positions will make you feel less like Harry and more like Yennefer of Vengerberg.

10. Magic Casting Poses + Casting Group Pose

10 magic casting poses and casting group pose sims 4 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

Sims tend to break character unless explicitly told to do so.

Because of this, it’s challenging to project a convincing witchy demeanor.

Thankfully, witchcraft and scary dolls aren’t required to for Sims to act naturally.

The Spooky Pose Pack by Mamalovesnuts features several different positions that are meant to convey the (somewhat) over-the-top antics of a witch from a fantastical world.

The second pair appears to have been plucked from a scenario during a Midsommar dancing competition.

This pose set has enough poses for an entire coven of theatrical witches.

9. Simblreen 2019 Treats

09 upd simblreen 2019 treats ts4 cc girl face 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

Creating a convincing witchy appearance might feel like an impossible undertaking.

That is especially true if your knowledge of witch cosmetics extends no farther than green face paint.

We have the Wicked Witch of the West to thank for popularizing a certain style.

However, not everyone aspires to be The Mask in the presence of attractive warlocks.

Let your imagination run wild with Pralinesims’ exotic cosmetic concoctions instead.

Monster face paint, ritual face paint, ghoul kiss marks, vapor eyes, tattoos, scars, and more eerie cosmetics fit for a demon’s bride can be found in Simblreen 2019’s CC, which has a vast array of things.

This act of kindness, consisting of 427 free CCs in a single pack, can only be described as wizardry.

8. Apothecary Cabinet

08 apothecary cabinet sims 4 cc 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

A witch’s supply chest includes more than brooms and cauldrons.

Storing the body of Occult knowledge is a powerful yet solemn duty.

And for a witch, demonstrating the supernatural in a methodical way is the best way to honor its enormous capabilities.

There is no more eerie collection of witchy knick knacks than that found in Bramblefinch’s Apothecary Cabinet.

This CC is a standard presentation of items typically seen in haunted houses, such as old books, oversized candles, and odd jars.

7. Pagan Game Table

07 pagan game table sims 4 cc 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

It’s a popular misunderstanding that witches spend all their time killing young women with poisoned apples and cursing helpless infants for the rest of their lives.

When there are no regular Sims around for them to torment, witches will inevitably seek out other witches to engage in a power struggle with at the satanic card game.

Isn’t it just like every other Tuesday?

Try organizing a girls’ night in with some fun board games.

6. Practical Magic

06 practical magic sims 4 cc screenshot 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

Some witches need extravagant ingredients and tools to perform their evil spells, while others want to blend in with society.

You should absolutely buy this CC if your Sim is a pointy-hatted kween who identifies with the latter.

This CC by Magnolianfarewell is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of clutter consisting of the bare minimum of items necessary for any sane witch to function.

5. Valentines Stuff

05 valentines stuff sims 4 cc 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

Unreliable remedies?


Chicken-legged table?


Who knows why they busted in?


A mysterious magic circle that appears to be a gateway to the underworld?

Everything seems good, and everything is in order.

Although Cupid has come to symbolize Valentine’s Day, the truth is that every twisted love story involves a witch and her love potions.

If you set up a room in your Sim’s home for the fine art of seduction, you’ll have everything you need to win over many hearts.

4. Drifter’s Wonders

04 drifters wonders sims 4 cc screenshot 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

From your vantage point, the sight of a brilliant crystal ball in the center of a weird chamber surrounded by voodoo dolls and chained frogs is a warning to get the hell out of there.

But then you come across tarot cards, and you start to question if that tiny glimpse into the future is worth the potential downside of becoming a toad.

It is quite foolish to venture inside the witch’s den.

But if your Sim’s pals are interested in visiting a little museum of horrors, this CC includes all the necessary artifacts to make it look authentic.

3. Forbidden Spells

03 forbidden spells sims 4 cc 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

The role of the antagonist is universally acknowledged as being more exciting than that of the hero.

Thankfully, Sims have a hard time dealing with the normal craziness of everyday life.

This CC by Kuttoe provides all the tools necessary to inflict unimaginable suffering on any and all poor Sims who cross your path.

You may learn hilariously random spells like draining the life force from other Sims or even conjuring an army of bees to attack them.

Have fun letting off some steam, but be smart about how you apply your own brand of mayhem.

2. Witch Home

02 witch home sims 4 cc screenshot 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

It’s impossible not to be nomadic when your toolkit includes a broom that can take you anywhere.

To just follow the wind’s direction wherever it may go seems like the desire of every wanderlust-filled individual.

However, there’s nothing like coming home to a stunning dwelling to remind you that you’re on on solid ground.

Invest in beautiful real estate in Glimmerbrook for your witchy Sims so that they may live in comfort and enchantment.

This is one of the most ideal places a witch could call home.

Despite being prefabricated, this home improvement hack is nothing short of enchanted.

1. Witches and Warlocks Mod Pack

01 witches and warlocks mod pack sims 4 20 Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

If you’re annoyed by having to pay for the Realm of Magic game pack, you’ll be happy to know that neilsimming has provided a free alternative.

This massive mod bundle is basically its own game, and it’s all because to the hard work of the CC community, which has once again defeated EA.

New CAS items, skills, clutter, and a strange quest involving a golden statue—this pack has it all, and more, for those who enjoy witchcraft and wizardry.

A devoted witchy cauldron, a magical campfire, and (of course) a magic broom closet are among the unique occult items on sale.

The icing on the cake is a brand new set of spells designed to put the Sims through hell.

You wouldn’t want to be anything but a witch with this massive mod bundle.

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