Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge & How To Start it?

The Sims 4 Not So Berry challenge has been in existence for over five years at this point. 

There have been many famous simmers who have taken on this challenge and had a lot of fun doing it. 

In my opinion, the Not So Berry challenge indeed is one of the best adventures you can get within Sims 4! 

What does this Not So Berry challenge? What is its significance of it?

It is the Sims 4 Not So Berry challenge that is focused on colors and generations. 

The goal is to play through 10 generations of Sims with each one of them focused on one color. 

It is possible to use cheats for real estate or money however, you must finish your Sims’ goals and increase their abilities as well.

It’s a challenge that’s not so easy. The Not So Berry Challenge is designed to make amusement at the concept of “Berry Sims.” 

If you don’t know what a Berry Sim can be, then it’s a Sim with brightly colored hair, skin eyes, clothing, and eyes. 

We’re talking about a pink-colored Sim, for instance, sporting light-green hair and a bright blue gown.

The person who came up with the Not So Berry Challenge, Lisimsie, has revealed that the idea behind this challenge is to play with bright colors and things that you wouldn’t normally use. 

There’s an amazing consistency to the whole thing, and you’ll find more details on the blog of lilsimsie‘s blog.

If you’re interested in starting The Not So Berry Challenge, we’ll review the primary guidelines you must follow.

The Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge-The Rules

not so berry challenge sims 4 Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge & How To Start it?

Although Lisimsie has done a fantastic job of explaining the basic guidelines of the challenge, I’ll try my best to clarify a few aspects in this article

Then, here are the rules to be followed when you play the Not So Berry Challenge:

  1. Every generation in the Sims must match the color of the age group. For example, the third generation of this contest is yellow. Therefore, your Sim should be, in some way, yellow. It could be in her hair, clothes, or anything else.
  2. The hue of the spouses’ skin isn’t a factor. The spouse of your Sim can be any person or anything.
  3. Cheats are available. The most acceptable cheats for this game are money cheats and real estate cheats for free.
  4. You can live anywhere, provided it’s in line with the colors of the generation. This can be any home or apartment that is within the world of the game. However, ensure it’s bright and colorful.
  5. You have to complete your Sim’s aspirations and career. Certain generations let you avoid this step.
  6. The duration should be normal.
  7. Be sure to make use of the hashtag #notsoberry hashtag to show us your progress. people.

This is The Sims 4 Not So Berry challenge in the simplest terms. Let’s look at the way each generation is played.

The Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge: The Generations

not so berry challenge looks Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge & How To Start it?

This table can guide you through the various types of challenges.

1MintThe Scientist’s career is completed and earns the chief mischief goal.
2RoseFinalize the Politician career as well as complete the Serial romantic aspirations.
3YellowFinalize the Astronaut’s career as well as the chief mischief goal.
4GreyFinish the Athlete and bodybuilder goal.
5PlumFinish complete Fast Food, Doctor, and Entertainer and also the Renaissance Sim aspiration.
6OrangeFinalize the Criminal career and achieve the Public Enemy aspiration.
7PinkFinish the Business and achieve the Best-Seller Author aspiration.
8PeachFind the detective career that you want to pursue as well as the Joke Star aspiration.
9GreenFinish the Tech Guru career and also the Computer Dreams of a Computer.
10BlueFinish the Critic career and also the super parent aspiration.

Remember that every generation is governed by its own distinct rules. 

You can read about this on Lisimsie‘s blog (the link is above).

Popular Questions


sims 4 spouses Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge & How To Start it?

Your spouse is allowed to dress however they’d like! 

They don’t have to be in line with your color scheme. But, there could be rules that say that they don’t!


Because of what is involved in the game, you are permitted to make use of cheats from time to time. 

However, you shouldn’t use them to comply with certain bizarre rules. For instance, to be part of what is known as the Orange generation, you’ll need to have two children. 

The children must be twins. You cannot accomplish this. If you’re lucky or have cheated.

Are you not keen on this challenge? 

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What’s The Recommended Lifespan For The Not So Berry Challenge?

As per regulations, you are required to ensure that you have the Sims’ life span to be normal. 

This way you won’t gain any advantage over other players. 

Sims who stay longer are more likely to succeed.

Where Can I Find The Whole Set Of Rules For The Challenge?

In the beginning, we must say a huge thank you to the organizers of the challenge: Lisimsie and Never Stop! 

You can read the entire set of guidelines on the blog of lilsimsie on Tumblr.

We wish you all the best in this endeavor!

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