24 MHA Villains Characters Ranked!

The villains in My Hero Academia are armed with deadly quirks and formidable abilities But which ones are the most powerful and which ones are weakest?

My Hero Academia is now among the top loved pieces of superhero-related media of all time, with both the manga and the anime being outstanding instances of the style. 

One of the things that make My Hero Academia stand out from other pieces of the superhero genre is the amazing villains.

While you might think that MCU has a constant villain issue, My Hero Academia is the complete opposite. almost every villain is intriguing and captivating and comes with an amazing storyline. A few unique villains can be found with plenty of interest!

It’s enough to say that the show may be titled My Hero Academia however the villains are equally important because they are the mirror image of the hero character culture within the realm of animation. They also possess some of the most unique abilities and powers.

from the minion to biggest villains, we have a few formidable villains from My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia We made a decision to rank them in order from weakest to the strongest.

We’ll look at the most significant villains, both in the manga and anime, and evaluate their skills and quirks according to the strength of their character.

Therefore, if the villain is often featured in the media and their quirk has not been shown we’re not going to be considering the possibility of them.

We will also look at the possibility of the use of some of these villains’ quirks to determine what is the most powerful on a bigger scale. 

After getting these rules in place now, let us look at the main villains from My Hero Academia in order of weakest to most powerful.



The first character to be introduced at the bottom of the page is one of the villains that is not yet appeared in the show, one of the characters from the villain Overhaul’s “Eight Expendables,” Shin Nemoto. “

The eight Expendables represent villains that lost their determination to live, hence their name. They are collaborating with Overhaul for some purpose to live their lives.

In the midst of the other contenders, Shin Nemoto’s Quirk, Confession, seems to be the weakest among the bunch. 

We’re not saying that, but being capable of forcing the truth out of people can be helpful for reconnaissance but not when fighting this is the reason why Nemoto is in the lowest.



The next one comes another of the eight expendables: Toya Setsuno.

His Quirk is called Larceny A creative term for a talent that allows him to transport objects belonging to other people into his own hands. 

Larceny can be very beneficial, particularly in the field of stealth or other similar missions, However, in a fight, Toya might not be the most effective ally.

Toya is ranked slightly above Shin Nemoto, however, due to his ability to be utilized to steal support items from heroes who require them to activate their Quirk, making Toya a very dangerous character.



The next villain will be Big Sis Magne who’s Quirk is also known as Magnesis. 

We first encountered the villain during the arc of training camp, where she demonstrated her ability to use her Quirk.

This lets her magnetize individuals. Women are polarized north and males are the opposite.

Although this is an effective Quirk in large crowds or when she is facing multiple opponents, as she’s able to frighten two people, which causes them to fly off into opposite directions or hold a group of people together–it’s certainly not the greatest offensive of Quirks, which is why it’s in the bottom 5.



Twice is a mixed bag when it comes to the use of the Quirk called Double. 

By using this Quirk the villain is able to duplicate people after knowing their precise dimensions.

While the requirement for making a clone may be particular, Twice can be shown to not have any issues memorizing measurements.

Thus, the main problem is that clones are able to exercise their own individuality and cannot be controlled. 

They can be useful during a battle and during infiltration, however, they are the same person as the original.

This is where the problem becomes more complicated.



The next one next is Soramitsu Tabe one of the Eight Expendables, whose Quirk is called Food

Although this may not sound all as powerful, wait until you see what it can do Food permits Tabe to eat everything.

Tabe’s stomach and teeth can easily digest and process anything that comes into well, subject matter

With this ability, Tabe can basically eat to get from any circumstance, that’s why physical assaults against him could be unwise.

You wouldn’t wish to lose a hand, and there’s no way to stop Tabe since he is able to chew by putting restraints on him.



The next one is a character that has become a favorite of fans whose Quirk is ideal for espionage and infiltration, Himiko Toga. 

Himiko’s ability is called Transform which permits her to transform into anyone when she consumes the blood.

With this ability, Himiko successfully snuck into her way into the Hero License exam, posing as Camie Utsushimi. 

Although she isn’t able to recreate the Quirk of the person she’s impersonating, her power gives her a few points for its numerous applications, one of which is gathering information about heroes.



Imagine turning your most formidable foe into a marble. It’s as that, and a beast is an extremely small orb that can be destroyed easily. 

This is the exact ability of Compress, whose Quirk is called Compress.

With this Quirk, Compress is Mr. Compress is not only capable of capturing and trapping almost any opponent.

However, he also has the ability to choose an individual body part that he can compress, potentially harming his opponents. Overall it’s a formidable form of incapacitation.

However, it isn’t without its limitations and isn’t the most effective in an encounter.



We’ll follow up with the other Eight Expendables member, Kendo Rappa.

His Quirk is often referred to as ‘Strong Shoulder.’ 

This isn’t anything more than a joint that is healthy however the manner way it’s applied makes him one of the most powerful hand-to-hand combatants in the series.

With his incredible physical stature and superb physicality, Kendo Rappa’s shoulders, which can move at superhuman speed, provide his arms with superhuman strength as greater force is able to be applied, without the normal limitations of shoulder movements.



The Emitter Quirks are the kind of powers that could be affecting a large area or even a vast number of people therefore, they’re a little larger than most kinds of Quirks. 

Consider for instance the Quirk from the Eight Expendables member Deidoro Sakaki as an example.

The quirk is also known as Sloshed Sakaki’s Quirk makes the people close to him feel drunk which causes them to fall off their feet and suffer from dizziness. 

It is a potent ability that can be used against the most formidable adversaries, and that’s the reason it is close to being among the top 15.



Sakaki’s Quirk is fantastic for all it is. But more powerful than the ability to throw off the balance of other people is the ability to take their stamina that’s exactly Rikiya Katsukame’s Quirk. 

It is known as vitality stealing. this Quirk actually allows Katsukame to absorb the stamina and strength of any person he meets to make use of to boost the size and strength of his opponent.

While it’s not functioning exactly the same way as Sakaki’s emitter-styled Quirk capable of absorbing the energy of other people via contact far is superior to creating dizziness, which is the reason Katsukame is our top 16.



Making the top 15 is, without a doubt, the grossest entry on our list. the villain’s name is Moonfish. 

Moonfish is able to transform his teeth into razor-sharp blades that can expand to any size or shape and allow him to strike or defend himself, as well as travel without a mouth.

It’s extremely ugly but it’s also very impressive since Moonfish was able to take on several people at the same time without the use of his hands. 

Moonfish’s blades appear strong and capable of regenerating and regenerating, making him extremely risky in fights.



Then, we’ll have Mustard, an evil villain whose name is an allusion to mustard gas, since his Quirk permits him to release powerful sleep gas out of his body. 

While the gas isn’t as poisonous as mustard gas but his Quirk is extremely powerful due to a myriad of reasons.

In addition to being able of destroying an entire area, Mustard is also very adept at identifying people in the gas cloud since it can detect the movement by the fluctuation of the gas. 

The only issue with this potent Quirk is that it can influence the villain.



Next up we will have an entire group of villains whose ability makes them among the best 15 villains in the series. Gentle as well as La Brava. 

Gentle’s strength lets him make elastic characteristics of everything even the air and allows him to leap into the air.

The Quirk gets stronger when it is coupled together with the Quirk of La Brava of Love, which lets her increase the power of the person she is in love with who happens to be Gentle. 

With his upgraded Quirk, Gentle had a fierce fight against Deku and showed how powerful the power of both villains was.



Number 11 is another of the 8 expendables the villain who is known as Hekiji Tengai. 

Tengai’s Quirk has no known name however, we know that it permits him to make barriers.

It might not sound as much at first glance however when you take a look at the amount of power his barriers have stood up to, Tengai seems like a significantly more powerful antagonist at least, in terms of defense. 

The pro-hero Fat Gum even stated that it was like hitting an iron wall and it shows how tough Tengai truly is.



The most popular 10 are the last member of the Eight Expendables of Overhaul, Yu Hojo. Yu’s strength is referred to as crystallization.

It lets him grow solid and durable crystals out of his body. This gives him incredible offensive and defensive skills.

In addition to being able to defend himself by using crystals, Yu can also make simple weapons, such as the giant sword, to fight his enemies. 

While we don’t know much about this Quirk, however, what we’ve read in the manga has shown the strength of Yu Hojo. is.



The next one is the main antagonist of the series, Tomura Shigaraki, who is one of the most powerful Quirks of the series. 

Also known as Decay Tomura’s Quirk, it causes anything he touches using all five fingers to degrade and then turn into dust.

The main drawback to this quirk is that it’s involuntary which means that Tomura must be cautious not to touch anything using all his fingers. 

The Quirk may also spread with just one touch, which can cause a limb to need an amputation. If you think about it, Tomura is indeed one of the most formidable villains from My Hero Academia.



Being able to destroy any object you come in contact with is cool as well, however, it’s not enough to outdo pure power, which Muscular is awash with. 

The term is simply Muscle Augmentation Muscular’s Quirk allows him to boost his strength by adding increasing the muscle fibers, which results in muscles that manifest outside the body.

By watching his Quirk in the action, you can observe how powerful Muscular is. This is the reason why it took all Deku’s strength to defeat the villain. Absolutely, Muscular is among the top 10.


DABI mha

There’s a possibility that Dabi is part of the Todoroki family which is the long-lost sister of Shoto who turned villain. 

This could explain why Dabi’s Quirk is a type of fire similar to Endeavor and also why it’s so effective. 

Often referred to as cremation, Dabi’s Quirk can be described as the ability to release flames so hot that they can turn blue, which is more intense than Endeavor’s flames.

It’s not the only thing, however, because Dabi has also demonstrated precise control over his flames, as well as an incredible distance that he is able to cover by fire, making Dabi an extremely adept and powerful villain.



Sixth on the list is Shigaraki’s right-hand man, Kurogiri, whose Quirk is called Warp Gate. Warp Gate allows the villain to control a black fog which can be used to transport any person or thing over small distances.

This ability can be used for a multitude of applications ranging from hiding his identity to fleeing from a fight and even protecting against attack by teleporting the adversaries away. 

With such a broad range and a variety of uses for his, Quirk Kurogiri is a definite contender for his place at the sixth spot on our list.



Then we’ll get to the top five villains from My Hero Academia The number five villain is the only one who is Stain The Hero Killer. 

Stain’s Quirk is powerful however, it’s not super powerful, and what makes Stain one of the best villains is the knowledge gained to enhance his Quirk as effectively as is possible.

Stain’s Quirk is also known in the popular term ‘Blood Curdle’, which allows him to incapacitate a person after drinking their blood. 

This Quirk together with Stain’s specialized blade abilities makes him the perfect person to stop every hero for long enough to be worthy of the reputation as Hero Killer.



It’s a bit of an oddity on our list because it’s an artificially constructed group of human beings that are infused with numerous superpowers rather than a specific villain. 

However, the Nomus are Nomus have proven to be extremely strong in every version that we’ve seen them in.

Although these artificial humanoids are brain dead, and yet, they are exceptionally strong, with a few being able to regenerate. 

One of the first Nomus we saw was one of the most powerful since they gave it Quirks intended to combat All-Might’s one for All Quirk.



There’s one Nomu that we needed to differentiate from the others A human-made artificial known as High-End. 

This Nomu has not yet appeared as a character in the animated series, however within the comic, he fights with Endeavor is among the toughest battles of the heroes ever.

High-End is an extremely intelligent Nomu with six Quirks that are implanted into his body. They include the muscle-augmentation Quirk and a regeneration Quirk.

jets that are mounted on the shoulder, arms that are able to change shape and a power-enhancing Quirk, and the capacity to store other low-level Nomus within. 

If that’s not one of the strongest Nomu in the world, then we do not know what else does.



Even though this character has been making his debut anime appearance in the conclusion in the 3rd season this is by far the second most powerful villain of the series. 

Also known as Overhaul the power of this villain is almost godlike and he has control over the issue on a massive scale.

Overhaul’s Quirk which is often referred to as Overhaul lets him disassemble and reassemble whatever it touches. This allows him to repair injuries, dismantle people, change the environment, and more. 

Although the fact that he’s able to be able to touch anything he manipulates can be an obstacle overhaul, he’s actually the second-strongest villain in the series.

1. ALL for One

ALL for One mha

Don’t be a fool and pretend you didn’t know about this at all! For One could be imprisoned and in a state of incapacitation however, he’s the most powerful enemy in My Hero Academia. 

The Quirk lets him obtain Quirks from other characters and then give the Quirks to him or any other person that he wants.

With this ability, All for One has built up a vast array of Quirks.

These include various endurance, strength, and healing powers which he can use to create amazing attacks. 

Although he may be in blindness, All For One more than compensates by his immense strength.

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