15 Series With Greatest Anime Plot Twist

Surprise is one of the best feelings am I right? and also in anime world, feeling that we get when a character appears and story pace got u-turn on its own that really surprise and sometimes gives us a shock.

We can also say that the time when you left with your jaw to the floor! your whole facial expression gets into the dilemma zone.

So here I prepared a list of the anime with the greatest plot twist you have ever seen and give you surprise and shock at the same time.

Without any further ado let’s just jump into the anime that have such huge twists Get ready for it now.

15. Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan

One of the most popular and controversial series that is popular in the western mainstream with the amazing visuals, sound, and whole scenario of the anime.

This series is like a gore anime for me because living on mankind’s planet and eating them is the worst.

Here the story is based on Titans or we can say them human eaters and the most amazing twist was, when the main character Eren being eaten was a major point in showing just how brutal this show could get.

Of course, Eren lived, but the way he survived, transforming into a Titan, was another big hit for the show.

14. From The New World

From The New World

Here in this series there are lots of twist and turn from beginning to end although they are little everything changed in the end when the biggest plot twist comes near the end of this series.

Furthermore, with some puzzles the time you are going to solve them they already show you the result in advance and they keep going in that mysterious zone till the end of the series. So just sit and get your answer and enjoy it.

13. Erased


Now the most interesting and exciting thing is to watch the main character struggling and I assure you this creates so much fun, so here the MC of the anime struggles to change his past and erase some of his regrets.

Although Erased is one big game of guess the killer and the anime adaptation is far amazing yet, even if you think you know the killer, their actual identity is probably something different that you didn’t expect in your dream also.

12. Monster


There are many times where Monster is more like a western TV show than an anime.

The mystery in this series takes the characters all over the world on a compelling hunt for answers. However, for every answer, there are ten more question

A cult classic, Monster is a captivating story with a lot of great plot twists that will keep you at the edge of your seat. If you love thriller anime.

11. Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate is one of the most critically acclaimed anime shows ever made and for good reason. Action, suspense, plot twists, and even romance; this one has it all.

And also, you can’t travel time without any twist and that was also clear after watching this anime.

This series is built on cause and results, which creates more unpredictable results as they mess with their timeline trying to get the right results.

10. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo Bizarre have lots and lots of twist with every new part they have a new way of fighting and that turns out something different and that made the way of the series towards success and made them well known in western mainstream to. 

In the first two parts, characters fought using Hamon, magic harnessed from solar energy.

After that, the new fighting system involves Stands, invisible creatures connected to the souls of the apes, animals, etc that control them.

But with the final time-warping battle between Jotaro and Dio in particular gets stands out.

9. Acca 13

Acca 13

Jean Otus is the lead character of ACCA: 13 he is almost laughable as a main character in the first few episodes but when you begin to see the series you got to see the bigger and bigger picture and becomes a legendary character.

After all, it’s not the most action devoted spy story but yeah it gives your time worth but the biggest twist of the story was Jean’s shocking reveal makes the whole show feel different.

8. Angel Beats

Angel Beats

With the original storyline, I know this anime series is quite interesting to watch like a group of students stuck in the afterlife because they still have unfinished work in the world they live in before, and the main character of this anime is a boy who lost his memories and can only remember his last name: Otonashi.

But wait now it’s the time for the twist by the end of the anime when everyone except Kanade and Otonashi has already moved on, it’s revealed that Otonashi’s heart is inside of Kanade and she wanted to say thanks.

7. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

In this series, pretty much every episode after the first got into some sort of twist the best might be episode 10’s reveal of Homura’s.

It was the third episode, however, which for better or worse has defined the whole show. When Charlotte turned Mami’s head into a snack, everyone knew this wasn’t Sailor Moon.

With the inspiring story of dark magical girl, shows were the success and with loads of creative effects.

6. Persona 4: The Animation

Persona 4: The Animation

Yuri Narukami is a transfer student who came to the quiet town of Naraba and in the series where mysterious death is happening after that the dead body found hanging around the TV antennas and telephone poles.

However at the same time, the midnight Channel gaining its popularities among the high school and the story trolled around that you watched it your soulmate is revealed on the screen. 

Also, throughout the movie, we have a character named Tohru who was clumsy and a new cop in the town of his inexperienced keeps messing things and at that point, he becomes a suspect of the murder.

5. Your Name

Your Name

With the proper theme of Japanese mainstream, this series got many hits from several places. The whole story turns out with the amazing twist of the main characters. 

The series starts with comedy and swapping of both main characters’ bodies. Taki, a boy from Tokyo, and Mitsuha, a country girl, find themselves in each other’s bodies after waking up.

And after that, the main story of the series gets a big blow and it turns out Mitsuha’s whole town was destroyed three years ago.

The two have to work across the boundaries of time to save the day, and everyone ends up on an emotional note.

4. Land Of The Lustrous

Land Of The Lustrous

Yet this series has some slow start all their plot and twist simple solve at the starting of the series although there is no much curiosity in the end.

And from starting after going on the smooth pace this anime made me think that it’s also good to not to be in the suspense till the end.

And this anime worth a lot because of its absolutely beautiful animation.

3. Psycho-Pass


The whole series revolves around this intricate network called the Siybl System. The Siybl System is a powerful invention that does an assessment called “the psycho pass”.

The assessment can tell when a person is going to commit a crime before they even do it.

And as normal many people believe that system and do rely on that but later on, with the plot twist, the whole system was revealed to be corrupted after everything turns and got anime got the new path.

2. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

The story of the class 3-E, the End Class of Kunugigaoka, although this class was like no other class and they have an octopus-like homeroom teacher named Koro-sensei, they also were competing to kill this said octopus-teacher to save the world.

But Koro was not a monster, he doesn’t have anything to save the world and he did not blow up the moon.

A rat that was tested with the same results as Koro-sensei was put on the moon as an experiment that ended in the explosion.       

1. Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

By watching this anime, I felt the plot twist that blows my mind every time because the girl character named Ryuko Matori also the main character of the anime came to Honnouji Academy to find about his fathers’ killer but she got nothing from anyone.

So, this leads her to not only declare Satsuki the school council president her nemesis, but it also leads her to challenge every elite fighter at the academy.

So, it came as a surprise to many when it was revealed these archenemies were long-lost sisters.

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