The Ere-Mika shippers got an unsettling surprise during Attack On Titan when Eren Yeager admitted to Mikasa that she had always been a sexy person when he was just a kid. 

Although her character is going downhill the dialogue appeared out of thin air and was extremely harsh on the two of them, Mikasa as well as Armin.

Then why did Eren claim that he was a hater of Mikasa? Because she was akin to cattle that were tamed and waiting to obey the orders of their masters. 

He had a strong dislike for Mikasa for the reason that she was not free.

Why did Eren declare that he hated Mikasa?

According to Eren, Mikasa was only attracted to him due to the Ackerman blood. Ackerman’s bloodline, the Ackerman family was an unintentional result of Eldia’s Titan experiment on the people of Ymir

The results of these experiments led to the creation of the Ackerman bloodline, which could partially demonstrate the power in Titans when they were in the human body.

The downside is that the Ackerman clan had an instinctual tendency to protect the Eldian king, or more precisely, guard a specific “host”. This host is that they seek to awaken their powers.

In Mikasa’s story, Eren is the host she’s trying to safeguard. Eren says that he is just the host for her and nothing else. In the end, she’s not protecting him based on her own free will. 

She did it in the name of the Ackerman instincts. The migraines Mikasa is suffering from stem from her inner self trying to fight the urge to shield the host.

In the sense that Eren was concerned, this was a sign of the fact that Mikasa was never truly free. She was like the slave that was made to be a slave to the orders of. And Eren was adamant about disliking anyone who did not behave according to their free will.

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But do you really think he hates Mikasa?

Is Eren really dislike Mikasa?

To answer in short, no; Eren does not hate Mikasa. Indeed, he is concerned very about her. There are numerous scenes in the show that show this.

To begin with, Eren has saved Mikasa when she got into trouble. Eren rescued her from thieves who had taken her. Eren was also prepared to risk his own life in danger to defend Mikasa even as Titans would soon devour them at the end of Season 2.

Eren has taken great attention to ensuring that his close friends, especially Mikasa, remain in good standing. There are many other instances in which Eren has stood by Mikasa’s side, and showed his concern for her.

While he was on trial as a commander Eren was able to defend Mikasa from his people who were accusing him in court without hesitation. Eren was concerned when Mikasa was admitted to his Survey Corps. 

Eren actually encouraged Mikasa to be a part of the Military police so she would be secure.

If you find it difficult to believe then look no further than the question Eren asks her on the night they had a meeting with Ramzi.

It’s the truth that Eren was unable to comprehend the reason Mikasa would place her life at risk for someone similar to him. or why she’d choose to follow him to the very end of the earth. 

Selecting the Survey Corps, not letting him down even in the most difficult times, why did she be so willing to go to be with him? What was he to Mikasa?

Eren’s honest attempt to figure out the way Mikasa was really thinking about his feelings towards him. If Mikasa’s answers were any different in the evening what would have changed?

It’s true that there aren’t many Ere-Mika scenes in the series in all. Eren has never expressed any romantic interest in her. Actually, Isayama has. 

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There are some subtle scenes, that prove that Eren does care about Mikasa. Therefore, we can state without any hesitation that Eren certainly does not dislike Mikasa.

One could argue that this is the scenario prior to when Eren was able to discover the real story about the Ackerman family; prior to the time meeting with Zeke. 

Here’s a pleasant surprise for you: that’s not an option either. The reason Eren stated that he disliked Mikasa was a completely different reason.

Attention: The following section of this article contains spoilers for the Attack on Titan manga. Go through the article with discretion! 

The truth behind Eren’s assertions:

If you think Eren started to hate Mikasa due to the secrets about The Ackerman clan as well as their host’s instincts then you’re completely wrong.

It’s the true fact that Eren and Zeke discussed the Ackerman family when they met during Marley. 

Zeke explained how the experiments led them to acquire extraordinary physical powers. But, the whole idea of being drawn to a person and suffering headaches was a concept Eren invented. Eren came up with.

When Eren inquires Zeke whether Ackerman’s are drawn to a host or whether they were compelled to safeguard a particular individual, the latter disbelieves this idea. There is no evidence to support Ackerman being forced to follow a host’s instructions nor concerning the headaches exclusive to their particular situation.

The reason Mikasa was a follower of Eren was that she was in love with Eren. She loved him. She even snapped the neck of a Titan in two to help Eren. It wasn’t due to an Ackerman instinct. In fact, there was never any Ackerman instinct in the first place.

If Eren was aware that Mikasa took him in from her own choice, what was the reason he said Eren hated her? The answer is easy. It’s because he didn’t wish for Mikasa to take her. This was his method of removing her as he was heading down a road of destruction and death.

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Eren’s choice of actions

It’s pretty obvious in Attack on Titan Season 4 that Eren has decided to follow the dark side. He resisted the command chain and came face-to-face with Zeke in order to create a secret plan for the rescue of India. He sacrificed innocent children and women while he worked to accomplish his objectives.

It is possible to claim that Eren was forced into a corner, the fact that he has to make these decisions for the sake of the Eldians living on Paradis Island. From a moral perspective his actions were not right (just check out his sad face).

He’s aware that there’s no turning back from this moment. This is one of the primary reasons he’s trying to get rid of those he loves most.

Additionally, Eren knows that he’s got only four years for him to enjoy because of the curse of Ymir. Eren knows that the moment that Mikasa was to fall in love with him, she would not be content. 

He would like her to have an extended and joyful life and wants her to be able to do this by forgetting him.

In telling Mikasa that he disliked her, he was hoping to make her feel the same way. This was his method to drive her away. In the knowledge of how devoted Mikasa had been to him, she would have cried for him for the entire time.

It is our belief that Eren was not looking for her to spend her life doing the way she did. Eren wanted Mikasa to lead a blissful life, one where she could be awed by the things she had, and not grieve over what she had lost.

Do you believe Eren has done the right thing in taking Mikasa away? 

Do you think he truly hates her? 

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