Who Will Boruto Marry?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the follow-up anime after the events of Naruto Shippuden. Boruto, Naruto, and Hinata’s eldest son is the main character of the anime and we are gonna talk about his love interests in the anime!

Boruto is his own man, he is quite different from Naruto when he was a genin. Naruto was determined but he was a social pariah he was not accepted due to his history, he was a failure at school and tried hard to get everyone’s attention by goofing around.

Boruto, on the other hand, was quite popular, he was the son of the Hokage and quite good at Ninjutsu and other battle techniques.

Boruto is a great guy but he did not seem to like his father a lot. He saw that Naruto was always busy with office work and rarely paid attention to his son and his family.

There are a lot of canon couples in Boruto but all of them are old couples from Naruto Shippuden. Well, obviously they cannot make Boruto’s generation have canon couples because of the Shonen tag.

But, we are going to make an educated guess about Boruto’s love life and the type of person he’d decide to marry or will form a relationship with.

Boruto and Who?

To start analyzing and finally answer the question at hand we first have some preliminary questions to answer! Boruto and who?

Out of all the possible characters on the show who is a perfect match for Boruto and who is the one that Boruto likes or might like, develop affection for in the future?

Well, according to the fans of Boruto there are only two candidates that can and have shown some interest in our main character and at the same time are well respected and admired by Boruto as well.

Sumire and Sarada!

I bet you want to know how exactly their relationship with each other is and how they treat each other but before that let us find out more about Sumire and Sarada!

Sumire, The Class Representative

Who Will Boruto Marry

Sumire Kakei, a kunoichi of the Hidden Leaf and classmates with Boruto is a softspoken, lovely girl that loves to be friends with her classmates and have fun with them.

She is mostly quiet but at the same time very obedient and dutiful of her responsibilities. She likes to avoid conflicts at all times and would do her best to resolve them and try to meditate.

Because of her personality, she was chosen to be the Class Representative.

She has this dark greyish eye that somehow gives away a sliver of her past and it seems that she has had a dark and troubling one.

Sumire Kakei was once Sumire Shigaraki, the daughter of Tanuki Shigaraki. Tanuki was a devoted follower of Danzo Shimura and after his idol’s death, he swore that he would exact the Root’s revenge on the village.

Although she did try to destroy the village using Nue, her beast pet or she summons but Boruto made her realize and helped her let go of the anger thus weakening the Gozu Tenou place on her by her maniac father.

After this small mishap, Sumire started respecting and admiring Boruto even more!

Sarada Uchiha

Who Will Boruto Marry

Sarada and Boruto have known each other and been friends with each other since they were much younger on account of their parents, Naruto and Hinata, and Sarada and Sasuke being friends with each other.

Sarada has always been a loner, being raised by her single mother Sakura, she is curious about her clan, her father, about a lot of things.

She is shown to be sullen and wistful but that changes when she starts enjoying her time at the academy with Sumire, Boruto, Shikadai, and all her friends.

She is an adept Ninjutsu user and is a strict observer of the rules, unlike Boruto, she obeys and respects the rules and boundaries.

Her hair resembles that of Sasuke but her attitude and her personality are very much like Sakura’s. Naruto says she’s like her mother, scary when she gets angry!

She wears a red sleeveless top much like her mother’s and red glasses. She wears the headband on her forehead, exactly where it’s supposed to go.

Boruto and Sumire

BoruSumi has been quite a popular ship since the beginning of the show. The fans love it and often compare it to the ship between Naruto and Hinata when they were in the academy.

If you think about it, the two couples do have a lot of similarities. Sumire is very concerned about Boruto, like when he challenges to fight Iwabe. She cares about Boruto in a similar way Hinata used to when she was with Naruto in the academy.

Sumire is shy and timid but Boruto likes that about her, they both have such unique personalities that it makes you think, opposites do attract each other!

As a couple, BoruSumi seems like a possible choice and a very a

Boruto and Sarada

Unlike BoruSumi, the ship, BoruSara is more popular and is supposedly the only way things are gonna go for Boruto in the anime.

Boruto and Sarada are somewhat similar, they have always been friends are kind of like partners in crime. Both of them have a similar relationship with their parents.

Boruto thinks that Sasuke is really cool and wants to be like him, a Shadow Hokage of the Leaf Village whereas Sarada thinks that Naruto is the real cool one, He is always there for his village, handling all the important issues and she would like to become the Hokage someday.

BoruSara is a really cute and power-packed couple. Let’s see if they ever become canon!

Final Words

I think both the possible couples are quite great!

In my opinion, I like BoruSumi more than BoruSara. Boruto and Sumire just suit each other perfectly. They have unique ideas and together they can do something really amazing.

Boruto and Sarada are just much better as friends, but that is just my opinion.

Comment down below, What do you think about BoruSumi and BoruSara?

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