15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

These amazing cosplays show that Demon Slayer outfits has one of the most passionate fanbases in anime, which is a testament to how good the show is.

The hit new anime Demon Slayer (also called Kimetsu no Yaiba) on Crunchyroll is a rising star in the world of anime.

This anime feels like a cross between InuYasha and Bleach. It’s about Tanjiro, a mountain boy who became a master swordsman, and his journey to turn his demon sister Nezuko back into a human.

Tanjiro lives in a very different world. He goes from the snowy mountains to Tokyo in the early 1900s and beyond. At the same time, Japan is slowly becoming more modern as the new century begins.

But even though there are now telephone poles and a train, demons and other evils from the past are still around.

Now it’s time to play dress-up! Cosplayers will dress up as characters from any popular anime, and some costumes, wigs, and contact lenses look so real that they could be used on a movie set.

Let’s look at some of the best cosplays of the Demon Slayer character.

15. A Well-Deserved Rest

Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

Demon slayers don’t have an easy job, and Tanjiro’s group has been traveling for a long time. As if that wasn’t enough, they also carry around Nezuko, a demon.

But it’s worth the effort to help Nezuko get back to being human.

In this beautiful cosplay picture, Zenitsu and Nezuko are taking a rest, and Zenitsu doesn’t look scared or worried for once.

He really likes Nezuko, and having her nearby makes him feel better. The cosplayers added a glowing firefly effect to the bottom left of the screen to make it look a little more interesting.

14. Butterfly Squad

cosplay 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

Some of the demon slayers have a strong base of operations at the Butterfly Estate. It is also where Shinobu’s friends taught Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu important skills.

Not only are butterflies beautiful, but they can also be very strong.

These cosplayers did a great job bringing the Butterfly Estate girls to life, from their beautiful and anime-accurate robes to the lighting effects that hinted at the supernatural powers that all demon slayers have.

13. On A Mission

HD wallpaper tomioka giyuu with sword waves demon hunter kimetsu no yaiba manga tomioka giyuu samurai tomioka giyu cosplay 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

Some cosplay shots are more than just the character posing; they create a scene, which can change the tone and mood of the whole shot.

This Giyu cosplayer decided to show his character on a mission to kill demons, and it turned out really well.

The robe looks like it was made well and would be comfortable to wear. Even better, the cosplayer has a serious, focused face that is very Giyu-like.

His sword is at the ready, so he must have smelled a demon.

12. Tengen Uzui, The Mighty

cosplay g 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

This is the Tengen Uzui Sound Hashira. He is a master swordsman who can fight anyone in the Upper Moons, and his personality is just as strange and loud as his skills.

Everyone will know when he gets on the battlefield.

This cosplayer got every detail of this flashy character right, from his well-muscled body to the markings on his face to the intricate details of his armband and headband, not to mention his battle-ready stance.

11. Shinobu

cosplay f 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

This young woman is one of the nine Hashira, which are the best demon-killers. But you wouldn’t know it from the way she looks and talks, which is sweet and shy.

Plus, she had a butterfly theme. Still, there’s a reason she’s a Hashira: Shinobu is beautiful and deadly, and she’s also a perfect professional. Demons beware!

This cosplayer got every little thing about this character right, starting with the black outfit that all demon slayers wear.

Next, the cosplayer put on Shinobu’s signature pink butterfly-themed robe. This eye-catching cosplay is finished off with a great wig and a wisteria setting.

10. Muzan Kibutsuji

cosplay gh 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

Some fans have joked that the main bad guy in Demon Slayer looks a lot like Michael Jackson from the 1980s and 1990s, since he has long hair and wears his hat on its side.

In any case, Muzan has an air of quiet power about him. Most of the time, he’s not loud or aggressive, and Tanjiro met him on the street, where he fit right in with people.

When it comes to cosplay, this outfit is simple but effective, and it looks like Muzan. Not only the great hat and confident sneer, but also those contacts, are the things that stand out the most.

This shade of red and the fact that the pupils are vertical make a very good case. Demons don’t really exist, right?

9. Lovely Tanjiro

cosplay gf 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

Tanjiro Kamado is a tough fighter and a good brother. In just one season, he has already been through many hard times and fierce battles.

But none of that ever made him sad, and he still thinks the world is beautiful. He is strong in his mind.

This cosplayer looks on the bright side by posing for the camera in what looks like a well-lit antique store while holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Tanjiro also changed out of his usual clothes and put on a series of beautiful robes, such as a green coat with flower designs.

8. Kanao Tsuyuri

demon slayer 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

Even though she is not one of the nine Hashiras, this young woman is a very important part of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Kanae’s past was sad because she was a child slave, but Shinobu saved her soon after. Now, she is not very friendly, but she is a good trainer, and she quickly showed Tanjiro that he had a long way to go with his skills.

This cosplayer is wearing high-quality robes, and she has a fake butterfly to complete the look. Not to mention that her hair is combed perfectly and that her flirty smile is very attractive. What does she have on her mind?

7. Giyu Tomioka

demon slayer df 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

Giyu Tomioka, who is known as a “Demon Slayer,” is different in a few ways. He is the first person Tanjiro ever met who was a slayer, and it was because of him that Tanjiro decided to become one himself.

Not only that, but he is the only one of the nine Hashira who can use water. This makes him a top-tier warrior.

He is also known for his unique robes, which are red on the right and have patterns of gold and blue on the left.

This cosplayer got it all right, right down to the smallest details on his katana and the silver buttons on his uniform. The natural background reminds us of the fight in the forest where we met him for the first time.

6. Nezuko

cosplay nb 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

And now, Nezuko, the star of Demon Slayer! Everyone on the Internet loves her, from her fighting skills to the fact that she is so small (or “smol”) that she can fit in Tanjiro’s backpack-box.

But poor Nezuko is a sad story because another demon ate her family and turned her into a demon (and Tanjiro was in town).

Nezuko is turned away by both demons and humans, so she moves around Japan in the early 1900s in the shadows until she can get her humanity back.

This cosplay is top-notch, and Nezuko gets a break as she poses inside in a lush Japanese setting. Her robes are beautiful, and the bamboo snout matches them well.

This cosplay shows how innocent Nezuko is, which is what makes her different from other demons.

5. Zenitsu is prepared to fight

cosplay 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

“Fight or flight” are the two usual ways to deal with danger, and Zenitsu does a lot of both! Even though Zenitsu joined the Demon Slayer Corps, he has a tendency to avoid battle, leaving Tanjiro to fight on his own.

But when it comes down to it, Zenitsu is able to do surprising things on the battlefield.

Now, this cosplayer got both sides of Zenitsu, with a high-quality robe and uniform and a sword that’s almost all the way out.

4. Be My Valentine

ESNQ32vW4AAt8ZW cosplay 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

Nezuko is such a sweetheart that she is back on this list! This time, we get a cosplay in which Nezuko thinks about Zenitsu, her suitor.

In the anime, Zenitsu is usually a coward, but if he’s in a tight spot, he can use lightning to unleash a powerful fighting style.

And when he’s not fighting, he really likes Nezuko!

The cosplayers here did a great job of showing that, from Zenitsu’s shyly offered flower (with a blushing effect) to Nezuko’s question mark-shaped face and expression of curiosity. It’s like the manga came to life!

3. Spider Demon Mom

cosplay 1 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

Even demons can have something like a family if they try, and the dangerous spider demons in the forest have gotten together to form a rather dysfunctional one. One of the lower demons, a spider boy named Rui, is actually one of the best Moons demons.

This cosplayer did a great job of recreating the “mother” demon with the right makeup and wig.

She had spiderweb-like hair, pale skin that looked scary, and all the red spots and lines that make up her face. And the looks in the eyes! Those aren’t eyes like ours… Those are a spider’s eyes.

2. Tanjiro

cosplay nh 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

Demon Slayer cosplay wouldn’t be the same without the hero himself! Even among all these colorful characters, Tanjiro stands out because of his green and black striped robe, solid black sword, slicked-back red hair, and, of course, his burn scar on his forehead.

The cosplayer got all of those details right, and his pose says “hero ready to go.” His earrings look good, too, and the blue background makes this look mysterious. What exciting things lie ahead?

1. Inosuke Unmasked

cosplay bh 15 Best Demon Slayer Outfits Cosplay

Now, let’s talk about the last member of Tanjiro’s group of demon-killers. Inosuke is a wild young man who makes his own rules and loves nothing more than to fight.

But he hates losing and can’t stand the thought of looking weak. His boar head mask, which hides his strangely feminine face, is what makes him stand out.

This cosplayer shows both sides of the character. His boar mask is a high-quality copy that looks just like the real thing, and his hair is the right color and style. Even the contact lenses look pretty real.

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