18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Over the years, the Yu-Gi-Oh card game has changed a lot. Now, there are synchro, xyz, pendulum, and link monsters to add to the mix.

One thing that stays the same all year is how important the monsters in your deck are. What will make or break your fight is their ATK/DEF and, especially, their effects.

Still, many people forget to protect themselves when things don’t go as planned. The best duelists always keep an ace up their sleeve, which gives them time to get ready for their next move.

So, let’s take a look at the ten best Yu-Gi-Oh monsters for defense.

If you need monsters with a lot of defense points for your deck, you don’t need to look any further. Here is a list of High Defense Monsters in the game.

Important note: Many strong cards with 4000-5000 ATK/DEF are not on the list because they are not on the list.

Cards that can make it must have more DEF than ATK. If not, the list would be full of monsters with ATK/DEF values of 5000 or 4000.

18. Tierra, Source of Destruction

High Defense Monsters

What a nice card! Great attack, great defense, and a fantastic result.

The Raging Tempest starter set has this card as a Super Rare.

It looks like this card can be used in a lot of different decks, tactics, and synergies.

17. Grandopolis, The Eternal Golden City

grandopolis the eternal golden city.png 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

This card can’t be used in a fight because it has an effect that can’t be used in a duel.

Even so, it’s added because it’s such an interesting card.

Since there isn’t an English version out yet, you’ll never get one.

It’s a shame, though, because this monster is very interesting and so much great art was lost.

16. Ironhammer the Giant

ironhammerthegiant.png 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

This monster is hard to call, but it is very strong. If you can get it on the field, it can change the game.

This card comes in the Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars starter pack set as a Super Rare foil.

The artwork is pretty cool, and the card would be great if it had more to do with general monsters with the Rock trait.

15. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

15 blue eyes ultimate dragon ygo card 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

One of the most famous monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! is a powerhouse that can also help you protect.

Because it’s easy to summon with cards like Fists of the Unrivaled Tenyi, the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon makes the list instead of its more powerful versions.

Even though 3800DEF doesn’t do anything, it will be enough to hide behind in most scenarios.

When you’re ready, you can use this card’s huge 4500ATK to crush your opponent.

14. Five-Headed Dragon

14 five headed dragon card yugioh 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

If sky-high ATK/DEF is what you want, this is as good as it gets.

In order to create the Five-Headed Dragon, you need to fuse together 5 Dragon-Type monsters. But it’s ridiculously bad at 5000ATK/5000DEF.

The funny thing about this card is that it can’t be killed in battle by certain types of monsters. as if monsters with 5000ATK were the norm.

Even though you are weak to card effects, 5000DEF should be more than enough to keep you safe. If it isn’t, you probably already lost the fight.

13. Hamon Lord Of Striking Thunder

13 hamon lord of striking thunder card 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Having a great defense is a good thing. But the best ones are the ones that also guard your other monsters.

Hamon The only way to special summon Lord Of Striking Thunder is to send 3 continuous trap cards you control to the graveyard, which can be hard to do.

But it’s worth it. Because 4000ATK/4000DEF is no joke, and neither is the 1000 burn damage you can do when Hamon kills a monster.

This card is on our list because your opponent can’t fight any other monsters as long as this one is face-up defense.

Either they attack into 4000DEF, or they don’t attack at all.

12. Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Juggernaut Liebe

12 superdreadnought rail cannon juggernaut liebe card 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Only the name of this card is more ridiculous than its attack and defense values.

Juggernaut Liebe’s Superdreadnought Rail Cannon has 4000ATK/4000DEF.

This can be boosted to an amazing 6000ATK/6000DEF by removing 1 material.

This card can attack as many times as it has material +1, which means you can defend yourself from almost anything or just attack to win.

The results of cards can still hurt Superdreadnought.

But nothing can beat it when it comes to attacking and defensive power.

11. Number XX: Utopic Dark Infinity

11 number xx utopic dark infinity card yugioh 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

If you need a high ATK/DEF, a way to bring back monsters you’ve killed, and a way to heal your life points… Well, it’s hard to believe, but there is a monster that can do all of those things!

Number XX: To XYZ summon Utopic Dark Infinity, you need to use 2 monsters with a level of 10. It has 4000ATK and 4000DEF, so not many monsters can beat it.

If a fight kills one of your monsters, you can detach a material to bring it back right away.

And if you need more life points, you can choose one of your special summoned monsters once per turn and get a number of life points equal to its damage.

10. Cloudcastle

10 cloudcastle yugioh card 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

This flying castle could be just what you need if you want a defense-only card that can also stop your opponent’s monsters from moving.

Cloudcastle is still played in tournaments, and it’s the only card on this list that doesn’t have an attack value.

But it has a good 3000DEF, and when this card is Synchro Summoned, you can Special Summon a monster from your Graveyard with LVL 9 or lower from your hand.

When Cloudcastle is on the field, monsters with a level of 8 or lower can’t attack the turn they are called.

So this card can completely slow down the game, giving you time to attack with the LVL9 you just called up.

9. Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon

09 azure eyes silver dragon card 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

If you play a Dragon deck and need a card to protect your life points and monsters, this could be it.

At 2500ATK/3000DEF, the Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon has slightly worse numbers than most of the other cards on this list.

Not at all too low… but the way it works makes up for that!

When this card is brought into play, none of your Dragons can be attacked or killed by card effects until the end of your next turn.

You can also special summon a normal monster from your Graveyard during each of your standby stages.

So, if you have it, that could be a free Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

8. D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga

08 d d d duo dawn king kali yuga card 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Spells and traps can still hurt monsters, no matter how much ATK or DEF they have.

This monster can destroy your opponent’s back row and break any lockdowns they’ve set up with their cards.

The D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga has 3500ATK and 3000DEF.

To XYZ summon it, you need two LVL8 D/D monsters, and for the rest of the turn, card effects on the field can’t be used and effects that were already there are cancelled.

You can also remove a piece from D/D/D once per turn to destroy all Spells and Traps on the field.

If your opponent counts on their back row, they would have a hard time playing against this monster.

7. Invoked Elysium

07 invoked elysium card yugioh 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Invoked cards are used in a lot of competitive games because they can be used in many different ways and are also very strong.

One of these cards is Invoked Elysium. It has 3200ATK and 4000DEF, and it’s not too hard to call it up, given how powerful it is.

Aside from the 4000DEF wall, this monster can also remove one of your Invoked monsters from the Field or Graveyard and any of your opponent’s monsters with the same attribute.

You can banish Invoked Elysium along with any monster you want because it has every quality except Divine.

6. Cyber Eternity Dragon

06 cyber eternity dragon ygo card 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh! has some great boss monsters. They normally have high ATK/DEF and strong effects to go with it.

This monster belongs to the Cyber Dragon class, and its effects are so bad that it’s probably never going to leave the field.

Cyber Eternity Dragon is a 2800ATK/4000DEF fusion monster. So it’s not going to be beat up quickly!

And if you have a Machine Fusion monster in your Graveyard, you can’t target this card or use card effects to kill it. So it’s almost impossible to get rid of.

Even if Cyber Eternity Dragon leaves the field, you can send it to the Graveyard to prevent effects from targeting or destroying any of your Fusion monsters for a turn.

5. Shooting Quasar Dragon

05 shooting quasar dragon card 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Many of the monsters on this list have high ATK and DEF numbers, but they are easy to kill by card effects.

This monster not only has good stats, but it also has a once-per-turn effect that is so bad that if you call it, your opponent may just lose the game.

Shooting Quasar Dragon has 4000ATK/4000DEF. So it’s not likely that it will be destroyed in battle, period.

But what makes this card so dangerous is that when a card or effect is used, you can stop it from working and destroy it.

On each player’s turn, this affect can be used once.

So, unless your opponent has a lot of denial tricks, you can crush them however you want.

4. Ultimate Conductor Tyranno

04 ultimate conductor tyranno card 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Dinosaurs have done well in tournaments and have been a Yu-Gi-Oh! player choice for a long time.

And one of the reasons is this amazing boss monster!

Ultimate Conductor Tyranno is much more dangerous when it is in attack position. This is possibly because of its sharp teeth.

But it has 3500ATK/3200DEF, so it’s good to go if you ever need a place to hide.

Tyranno also has a great effect that lets you flip all of your opponent’s monsters into face-down defense position by discarding a card once per turn.

Then, when it’s your turn to attack, this monster can attack every creature your opponent controls and do burn damage to them as well.

3. Divine Arsenal AA Zeus – Sky Thunder

03 divine arsenal aa zeus sky thunder card 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

You might think this card isn’t worth using at all since it costs two LVL12 monsters to call it.

But at the time this was written, this card was played a lot in tournaments and was a threat to the best decks.

Divine Arsenal AA Zeus – Sky Thunder is an XYZ monster with 3000ATK and 3000DEF.

Most of the cards on this list have better stats than these.

But what makes it so good is that you can remove two materials to send all other cards on the field to the graveyard.

When there’s nothing to protect against, 3000DEF is enough.

2. Stardust Sifr Divine Dragon

02 stardust sifr divine dragon ygo card 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Even though it looks like an incredibly cool monster (I mean, look at it! Stardust Sifr Divine Dragon is a monster that will make your opponent think twice about using effects.

This Synchro monster is a powerhouse with 4000ATK/4000DEF and some amazing protection powers.

When a card you control would be destroyed for the first time, it isn’t.

Then, once per turn, you can cancel a monster’s effect, which lets you destroy a card on the field.

Even when you’re not fighting, this monster can be a real problem.

And if it ends up in the graveyard, you can banish it to get a free Stardust monster of level 8 or lower.

1. Quintet Magician

01 quintet magician card yugioh 1 18 Best High Defense Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

The best way to get rid of a card that is causing trouble is to sacrifice it with a Kaiju or Super Polymerization.

This way, you can get around cards that you can’t remove or target.

This monster is one of the few that can’t be hurt by it.

Quintet Magician needs a gift of 5 Spellcasters, which is a lot. But it will be hard for your opponent to get rid of it!

With 4500ATK and 4500DEF, this monster is very hard to kill in fight.

It also can’t be used as Fusion Material or as a gift. And you won’t see that result very often in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Also, you can destroy all of your opponent’s cards if each of the fusion materials you used to summon the Quintet Magician has a different name.

Which is likely to win a fight right away.

But if you use this card to defend, your opponent can’t do much to stop you.

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