Rank 3 XYZ Monsters 1

15 Best Rank 3 XYZ Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Rank 3 XYZ Monsters are very easy to call.

With cards like Tour Guide to the Underworld and archetypes like Burning Abyss and Phantom Knights, which are full of level 3 monsters, it has never been easier to call rank 3 XYZ monsters.

If you have some level 3 monsters in your deck that you want to use to their full potential, you don’t need to look any further because we’re here to break down the best rank 3 XYZ monsters.

15. Black Ray Lancer

BlackRayLancer SP13 EN C 1E 1

Once per turn, you can remove one Xyz Material from this card and use it to target a face-up monster on the field.

Until the End Phase, that monster’s effects are cancelled.

14. Battlecruiser Dianthus

BattlecruiserDianthus NUMH EN SR 1E 1

You can remove one Xyz Material from this card.

For every card your opponent has in their hand, they take 200 damage.

The power of “Battlecruiser Dianthus” can only be used once per turn.

13. Ashura King

AshuraKing POTE EN ScR 1E 1

As long as this card has materials on it, it can attack up to the number of materials it has each Battle Phase.

If this card fights at the start of the Damage Step, it gets 200 ATK.

When the effect of another monster is triggered (Quick Effect), you can remove 1 material from this card to stop the activation and destroy the card.

This ability of “Ashura King” can only be used once per turn.

12. Number 34: Terror-Byte

Rank 3 XYZ Monsters

Number 34: Terrorbyte is a well-known card from the Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal anime, and it’s the first one on this list.

It costs three level 3 monsters to call, so it’s a pretty pricey monster.

But if you can do this, it’s well worth the monsters you’ll need!

You can remove a material from this card once per turn to take control of a monster your opponent controls that is level 4 or lower until the end phase.

This not only stops your opponent from XYZ summoning next turn, but you can also use these materials to call something yourself!

So, since the monster has been used as an XYZ material, you’ll never have to give it back.

11. Number 17: Leviathan Dragon

11 number 17 leviathan dragon card yugioh 1

In the Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal series, Number 17: Leviathan Dragon was the first time we saw a Number.

Here is where we saw the evil that Numbers cards brought with them. And what better way to show this than with one of the most powerful rank 3 monsters?

This person is pretty strong with 2000 strikes.

You can also remove an element from this card once per turn to give Number 17 500 attack. The problem is that Number 17 can’t directly attack your opponent once you’re out of XYZ materials.

Even so, this guy still beats most of your opponent’s monsters with 3000 attack. And you can let the rest of your monsters do the straight attacking.

10. D/D/D Stone King Darius

10 d d d stone king darius yugioh card 1

This card is pretty unique to D/D decks because it can only be used to special call fiend monsters.

But if you do play D&D monsters (or any other fiend plan), this guy should be in your extra deck.

Once per turn, you can remove an XYZ element from D/D/D Stone King Darius to destroy any “Dark Contract” card you control and then draw a card.

“Dark Contract” cards are spells and traps that give D/D decks their huge power.

They can fusion summon, search for monsters, bring back monsters, and do a lot more, but each spell costs you 1000 life points every turn.

You can see why it would be a very good idea to destroy them.

The second benefit of this card is just as good for the deck:

You can remove a material from this card to make sure that any monster it fights is killed but this card stays in play.

With this power, you can fight any monster your opponent sends your way, and they can do nothing to stop you.

9. Number 75: Bamboozling Gossip Shadow

09 number 75 bamboozling gossip shadow card 1

If your plan is based around numbers, Number 75 is a great rank 3 monster.

You can remove two XYZ materials from this card to change the effect of a monster your opponent controls when it comes into play.

Whatever the old effect was, it no longer happens. Instead, “each player draws a card” happens.

This is a great way to stop annoying monster effects and win a few cards at the same time.

Then, you can choose another Number’s XYZ monster you control and attach this card and all its materials to it.

This is great for giving your Number monsters more fuel to use their abilities.

For example, you could connect this card as materials to Number 17: Leviathan Dragon to make its attack stat go all the way up to 4000.

There are so many options!

8. Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction

08 number 30 acid golem of destruction ygo card 1

This rank 3 monster has a crazy high attack number, and Number 30: Acid Golem gives you a new way to burn your opponent for damage.

You can’t special summon monsters while you have this card in play.

You must remove one XYZ material from this card during each rest phase or take 2000 points of damage.

When you run out of XYZ materials, this guy can’t attack either, so not only will you take a lot of damage, but this monster will be totally useless.

Doesn’t that sound awful?

The best way to use this card is to call it, use all of its XYZ materials, and then give it to your opponent with a card like Creature Swap.

2000 damage Every single turn is an insane amount, and your opponent will have to do something special to beat this burn approach.

7. Grenosaurus

07 grenosaurus card yugioh 1

Since it came in the very first XYZ starter deck, this card was one of the first XYZ monsters that many players ever called.

And it can do the following:

When this fire dinosaur kills a monster in battle, you can take an XYZ material off of it to do 1000 damage to your opponent.

This is a great way to do more damage to your opponent than you are already doing in fight.

6. Phantom Knights of Break Sword

06 phantom knights of break sword card 1

This card is the best way to destroy multiple cards in a Phantom Knights deck.

You can remove an XYZ material from this card to destroy two cards: one you control and one your opponent controls.

If you destroy this card, you can special summon two Phantom Knights monsters with the same level from your graveyard, then raise their level by 1.

Even though you can’t call any monsters that aren’t dark for the rest of the turn, this doesn’t matter for Phantom Knights decks that only use dark monsters.

This effect makes it easy for you to play rank 4 XYZ plays. And there are a lot of good choices for Phantom Knights at Rank 4!

5. Leviair the Sea Dragon

05 leviair the sea dragon card yugioh 1

Leviair the Sea Dragon is a must-have for your extra deck if your game plan involves getting rid of monsters.

This is why:

You can remove an XYZ element from this card to target and special summon one of your banished monsters with a level of 4 or lower.

Most cards that let you get monsters back from the banished pile have been banned (for good reason!)

4. Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss

04 dante traveler of the burning abyss card 1

Dante is a great card for Burning Abyss decks, but it also works great in any deck that likes to mill cards.

Basically, this is where you send the top card of your deck to the dead.

This might sound like a bad thing, but some cards do something when they go to the graveyard, so in the right deck, this can be a big advantage.

Choose a number between 1 and 3 to mill that many cards with Dante.

Dante gets 500 attack for each card you send. At full power, he has a huge 2500 attack.

Dante moves to the defense position after he strikes. And with a decent 2500 defense, that’s a much better place to be in fight.

3. Salamangreat Miragestallio

03 salamangreat miragestallio yugioh card 1

I never thought I’d see this person taken off the list of people who can’t do something.

But I’m so happy that we can all play Salamangreat Miragestallio again.

You can take an XYZ element from this card and use it to special summon a Salamangreat monster from your deck.

There are a lot of Salamangreat monsters whose effects are activated when they are special summoned, so Miragestallio is a great way to start a long chain of combos with this deck.

Salamangreat decks are mostly about Link Summoning monsters, so it’s only natural that this card will be used as a link material at some point.

And when Miragestallio is sent to the graveyard for a link summon, you can choose any monster on the field and return it to your hand.

This is a great way to get rid of strong monsters in your extra deck or to use monsters on your side of the field again.

2. Number 47: Nightmare Shark

02 number 47 nightmare shark ygo card 1

No matter what number it is, 47 is one of the best Numbers cards.

It’s a great way to end the game, so even if your opponent has few life points but a lot of monsters to fight with, you can still use Number 47 to win.

You can remove an XYZ element from this card to have any water monster you control attack your opponent directly.

If you play a “pure water” approach, this will give you a lot of ways to beat your opponent.

But in non-water decks, you can always target Number 47: Nightmare Shark to hit your opponent for 2000 damage with its own ability.

1. Wind-Up Zenmaines

01 wind up zenmaines card yugioh 1

If you were playing Yu-Gi-Oh when Wind-Ups came out, you already know how strong they can be.

Wind-Up Zenmaines is the best rank 3 XYZ monster in all of Yu-Gi-Oh because it is very useful in any deck with level 3 monsters.

If this card would be killed, you can take an XYZ material off of it to keep it from being destroyed.

And if you used this effect during the end phase, you can then destroy any other card on the field that you chose.

This is a great way to turn the deadly power of your opponent back on them:

The more they try to get rid of Wind-Up Zenmaines, the more of their own cards Zenmaines gets rid of.

It’s a great way to boost your defense, so this card should be in every extra deck.